10 Youngest Female Billionaire In The World In 2023

According to most websites, Rihanna is the youngest female billionaire. 

However, that is outdated information. Rihanna has been dethroned by a much less popular face. In fact, she is not from the entertainment industry at all!

Now that we have garnered your attention, welcome to our article: 

Here, we will discuss the Norwegian Businesswoman and how she has established herself as the youngest female billionaire. 

We will also discuss her net worth, active income source, a brief overview, and finally, a table of the top 10 youngest female billionaires. 

Who Is The Youngest Female Billionaire?

Caroline Hagen Kjos is a 34 years old Norwegian Businesswoman who’s currently the chairman of Canica Holdings. Moreover, she holds a large chunk of shares of the company and even manages the private project of the company. 

Caroline Hagen Kjos

However, if you have never heard of Canica Holdings, then it is a RIMI grocery store chain. She inherited the company from her father, Stein Hagen. 

Before Caroline Hagen Kjos, Elizabeth Holmes held the title of the youngest female billionaire, with a net worth of 4.5 Billion USD. However, in 2014 she was sentenced to jail for about 11 years for having frauded investors through her Silicon Valley startup. 

Youngest Female Billionaire: Overview

Before we discuss the financial where and whereabouts of Caroline Hagen Kjos, let’s quickly go through her bio-data just to get you familiar with her:-

NameCaroline Hagen Kjos
Net Worth2 Billion USD (As of 2023)
EducationParson School of Design, New York City
Birth Year1984
Place of BirthNorway
Relationship StatusMarried to Christer Kjos

Caroline Hagen Kjos’ Net Worth 2023

Switzerland-based Caroline Hagen Kjos’ net worth as of 2023 is 2 Billion USD. 

Other than that, the complete data of Caroline Hagen Kjos’ net worth throughout the year is missing. However, if we track the evolution from the rest of it, then: 

Her net worth from 2018 to 2022 has shown a massive drop of 0.9 Billion. And in the last year, her net worth increased by 0.1 Billion. 

YearNet Worth
20232 Billion USD
20221.9 Billion USD
20182.8 Billion USD

Caroline Hagen Kjos’ Active Income Source

Caroline Hagen Kjos actively earns from her family business. She moved to Canton of Schwyz (Switzerland) sometime in 2009, where she had to promote wealth taxes and low income that she had inherited from Canica Holdings. 

Caroline Hagen Kjos family

The company’s stakes had increased up to 99.75% in 2015. Now, Caroline Hagen Kjos shares a 0.25% nominal value. However, she also shares 70% of voting rights in the company’s affairs. 

Other than that, Hagen has several food companies situated in Finland. Moreover, she is Chairman of Orkla’s Canica Holding. 

Top 10 Youngest Female Billionaires

Following is a table of the top ten youngest female billionaires in the world! Here, we have added their name, occupation, net worth, and age. So, on that note, let’s skim the following:

RankFemaleOccupationNet Worth
1Caroline Hagen KjosBusinesswoman2 Billion USD
2Lisa DraexlmaierBusinesswoman1.7 Billion USD
3Whitney Wolfe HerdBusinesswoman1.5 Billion USD
4RihannaMusician and Businesswoman1.4 Billion USD
5Alexandra AndresenEsquetrian1.5 Billion USD
6Katharina AndresenBusinesswoman1.5 Billion USD
7Anna KasprzakEsquetrian1.4 Billion USD
8Eva Maria Braun-LuedickeBusinesswoman1.3 Billion USD
9Friederike Braun-LuedickeBusinesswoman1.3 Billion USD
10Elisabeth FurtwaenglerBiographer1.2 Billion USD

Following is a list of the world’s top ten youngest female billionaires! We have also added their Net Worth and background on their active income source. With that in mind, let’s begin:-

1. Lisa Draexlmaier

Lisa Draexlmaier owns Fritz Draexlmaier Holdings, an auto-parts maker company with famous customers, including Mercedes Benz, Audi, Maserati, Porsche, Cadillac, Tesla, BMW, Land Rover, etc. Moreover, it has subsidiaries all around the world. 

Lisa Draexlmaier

In 2019, Fritz Draexlmaier resigned from the CEO position and handed it over to his daughter. Currently, Lisa Drawexlmaier’s Net Worth is 1.6 Billion USD. 

2. Whitney Wolfe Herd

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the CEO and Founder of an online dating platform called Bumble. She has also co-founded another online dating platform called Tinder and is the former Vice President of the Marketing department. 

Whitney Wolfe Herd

Forbes had listed her in their list of 30 under in the years 2017 and 2018. Moreover, she is also a self-made billionaire with a Net Worth of 1.5 Billion USD.  

3. Alexandra Andresen

Alexandra Andresen has held the title of Youngest Female Billionaire on the list of Forbes from 2016 to 2018. If you don’t know, she is the Heiress of Norway, and workwise, she has participated in and won several horse riding competitions. 

Alexandra Andresen

She is also a 42.2% owner of the Ferd AS, a Holding Company set up in Norway. Other than that, Alexandra Andresen has done several modeling projects as well. And the collection of all these things adds up to her Net Worth which is 1.5 Billion USD.

4. Katharina Andresen

Another Norwegian Heiress, Katharina Andressen, was listed as the third youngest billionaire according to Forbes’ 2020 list. She is a 42.2% owner of the Ferd AS, a Holding Company set up in Norway. 

Katharina Andresen
Katharina G. Andresen

Other than that, she also lost quite a bit of money when she was drunk driving in November 2017, where she was fined about 270,000 USD. So that makes her current Net Worth 1.5 Billion USD.

5. Anna Kasprzak

Anna Kasprzak is an Olympic dressage rider from Denmark. She participated in a team competition in 2012 and came in fourth position, whereas when she participated in a solo competition in 2016, she came in fourteenth position. 

Youngest Female Billionaire Anna Kasprzak

She further participated in two more competitions of Dressage World Cups in 2013 and 2015 and finished at positions Eighth and Fifth, respectively. Other than that, she won several medals, including Silver and Bronze. Currently, her Net Worth is 1.4 Billion USD. 

6. Rihanna

Rihanna is a Barbadian musician and a businesswoman who has founded several businesses. She first founded a not-for-profit organization called Claire Lionel Foundation, which raises funds for education and emergency response programs worldwide. 

 Youngest Female Billionaire Rihanna

Along with that, she has founded a makeup line (Fenty Beauty), a Lingerie line (Savage X Fenty), and a fashion house (Fenty). And if you consider her successful music and acting career as well, then Riri has a Net Worth of a total of 1.4 Billion USD. 

7. Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke

Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke is a 6th generation supervisory member of B. Braun Melsungen, which is the Medical Company. She owns about 12% shares and currently works in that company in the position of Communications Manager. 

Youngest Female Billionaire Eva Maria Braun

Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke Net Worth as of 2023 is 1.3 Billion USD. 

8. Friederike Braun-Luedicke

Just like Eva Maria, Friederike Braun-Luedicke is a 6th generation supervisory member of B. Braun Melsungen. Moreover, she owns about 12% shares of the Medical company. Whose annual revenue is worth 8 Billion USD. 

Youngest Female Billionaire Friederike Braun-Luedicke

Currently, she works in the position of Personnel and Organisational Development Manager. 

So that makes her Net Worth 1.3 Billion USD as of 2023. 

9. Elisabeth Furtwaengler

Elisabeth Furtwaengler is Burda Media Group’s shareholder. She is also the daughter of famous personalities like Hubert Burda (an influential figure in the publishing industry) and Maria Furtwaengler (Actress and Doctor.)

Youngest Female Billionaire Elisabeth Furtwaengler

Besides that, along with her mother, she founded an anti-violence organization called MaLisa that caters to women. Moreover, it helps them come out of the endured trauma. As of 2023, Elisabeth Furtwaengler’s Net Worth is 1.2 Billion USD. 

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Conclusion: Youngest Female Billionaire

Caroline Hagen Kjos is the youngest female billionaire with a net worth of 2 Billion USD. 

She is a Norwegian Businesswoman who currently works at Canica Holdings in the position of Chairman. Moreover, she is also the project manager of her company (which is a RIMI grocery store chain). 

On that note, we hope our article on the youngest female billionaire was helpful! 

However, know that the statistics are always changing so in case of any latest information, we will keep our page updated!


Who was the first female billionaire?

Martha Stewart was the first female billionaire.

Who is the youngest child billionaire in the world?

Kim-Jung Youn was the first child (or teen) billionaire who became rich after she founded the online gaming company.

Is Rihanna a billionaire?

Yes, Rihanna is a billionaire with a net worth of 1.4 Billion as of 2023. 

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