Legacies Season 5: Is It Cancelled or Not? (Latest Update)

Although Legacies Season 5 has ended, not many people are aware of its pre-planned arcs. 

So in this article, I will talk about some plots that creators had lined up for the scrapped Season. Moreover, you’ll also see fans’ not-so-impressed reactions. 

Other than that, I will discuss whether Legacies’ universe has space for any spin-off. If so, who can you expect to star in it? What could it revolve around? And so much more. 

With that, let’s get into the details below!

Looks Like Fans Didn’t Take The News Well!

Fans didn’t hesitate to express their disappointment once no more Legacies were out!

One Twitter user wrote, For people who decided to cancel Legacies and take away from me the only thing that makes me happy. I hope you get attached to a show and it gets canceled!”

Another user wrote, I’m not gonna lie and say Legacies is the best show ever. However, it didn’t deserve to be canceled!”

user tweet 1

Then another fan expressed their dedication towards the show by tweeting,Literally canceled all my plans tonight to watch #Legacies. This is more important!”

user tweet 2

To conclude, I can say that Legacies may not have been on their A-Game regarding viewerships. Regardless, it meant a lot to some fans. 

Hopefully, creators will consider these pleas and be back with a stunning spin-off!

Reason(s) Behind Legacies 5 End

If you think that just fans were affected by the end of Legacies, then you are wrong! Even creators’ are equally affected, if not more. 

While talking to Entertainment Weekly, the Executive Producer and Co-Creator of Legacies, Julie Plec, expressed how she was unhappy that so many people lost their jobs just because Legacies ended. 

Legacies Season 5

Moreover, she elaborated how the crew they worked with on The Vampire Diaries Season 1 was the same crew that worked on Legacies Season 4, so it was much more challenging to let go of this beautiful family. 

Regardless, the end of Legacies wasn’t much of a surprise either. 

And that is because the ratings of the show were continuously dropping, which left the creators no choice but to wrap up the show. 

So, overall you can say the cast and crew had a pretty good idea about the impending end. Especially Russel, who was especially informed by the Producer. 

Before Canceling Legacies Season 5, Was The Official Trailer Release?

Before canceling the Legacies Season 5, the official Trailer wasn’t released. 

Before Canceling Legacies Season 5

What Were Plotlines Expected For Season 5?

The three main plotlines that were expected for Legacies Season 5 are mentioned below:-

1. Leap

According to the show’s creator, Brett Mathews, Legacies Season 5 would have been more fun if they included Leap. 

I mean, imagine your favorite school-going characters who struggled with school-level problems. But then cut to the same characters finding their way up in the adult world: with far more different responsibilities up their sleeves. 

Of course, the new Season would pick up the arc from where Legacies Season 4 has ended. 

And by considering Kaylee Bryant’s exit and, likewise, other characters’ impending exit too, it was only natural for creators to shift the timeline to showcase how the rest of the characters are doing!

2. Dalena’s Love Child

We all know the fans go absolutely crazy for Damon and Elena. 

So imagine introducing their love child in Legacies Season 5. Moreover, will Stephanie be the perfect mixture of Damon’s sass and Elena’s compassion? 

Dalena's Love Child

It was likely she was considered to be in her mid-teens, so that would make her attend Salvatore School. Another creator, Julie Plec, had revealed that if a Legacies spin-off happens, then it would likely be based on the majority of plotlines from the canceled Season.

3. Season 4’s Epilogue Serving Legacies Season 5 Arc

At the end of Legacies Season 4, Ben and Jed broke free from their respective curses. 

So that creates a new arc for their characters: In Season 5, they could be seen struggling without their powers and, further, get hit with the realization that what they thought was a “curse” was indeed a blessing. 

Along with that, Legacies Season 5 would also focus on Cleo and Kaleb’s arc. The end of Season 4 has hinted at Cleo’s new Clairvoyant powers. Moreover, it also helped her in seeing her and Kaleb’s future, which unfortunately ended tragically. 

Besides that, Ferryman of Limbo returns with a new face (Landon) who trades his human emotions to rescue his friends further. 

Moreover, since we know that Caroline Forbes-Salvotore had replaced Alaric Saltzman’s headmaster position at Salvatore School, then we could have expected the vibe to be much calmer in Legacies Season 5. 

If Legacies Season 5 Wasn’t Canceled, Who Would Have Starred In It?

Apart from Kaylee Bryant, you can bet most of the Legacy’s original characters would have returned. I have mentioned all the expected cast in the table below:-

Sr. No. CharacterCast
1Professor VardemusAlexis Denisof
2Landon Kirby
Aria Shahghasemi 
3NecromancerBen Geurens
4JedBen Levin
5Sheriff MacBianca Kajlich
6ChadCharles Jazz Terrier 
7KalebChris Lee 
8Kai ParkerChris Wood 
9Rebekah MikaelsonClaire Holt 
10FinchCourtney Bandeko
11Hope MikaelsonDanielle Rose Russell 
12Dorian WilliamsDemetrius Bridges 
13KymEbboney Wilson
14WadeElijah B. Moore
15JadeGiorgia Whigham
16Lizzie SaltzmanJenny Boyd
17Emma TigKaren David 
18Josie SaltzmanKaylee Bryant
19EthanLeo Howard
20Penelope ParkLulu Antariksa 
21Alaric SaltzmanMatt Davis 
22Ryan ClarkeNick Fink 
23Alyssa ChangOlivia Liang
24CleoOmono Okojie
25RafaelPeyton Alex Smith 
26MGQuincy Fouse
27Aurora de MartelRebecca Breeds
28SebastianThomas Doherty

Can We Expect A Spin-Off / Movie In Place Of Legacies Season 5?

I know Legacies loyalists all over the world are disheartened. But don’t worry, Plec has assured all of us in an interview about the brewing ideas in their minds. 

None of the creators were expecting Legacies to end before Season 6. So despite the ideas not being officially on paper, you can expect some type of spin-offs to come out sooner or later. 

Besides, if not a proper Legacies spin-off in form of film or series then maybe you can expect it in some other medium. Do you remember the Buffy comic series? 

Well, you can keep an eye out for Legacies comics as well!

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Conclusion: Is Legacies Season 5 Bidding Adieu?

Legacies Season 5 is, unfortunately, bidding adieu. 

However, don’t be disappointed, as the show’s creators are hell-bent to keep the franchise alive. Regardless, the sad news devastated the fans, and most of them expressed their sorrow through longing tweets. 

Hopefully, the creators will hear the pleas and come back with an even more immersive show as soon as possible. So, that’s about it for my article.

If there is any new information, I will keep the page updated. 


Will there be a Season 5 of Legacies?

Legacies Season 5 is no longer going to happen since the producers canceled the show. However, in case of any new information, I will keep you updated. 

Did Netflix pick up Legacies for Season 5?

Netflix did pick up Legacies in the US, and the last season was added to their palette in June 2022. However, since Legacies Season 5 is canceled, it’s not available on Netflix. 

Where can I watch season five of Legacies?

There is no platform to watch Legacies Season 5 on because the show’s producers have wrapped the show for time being. 
However, if there’s any additional information, I will keep you updated. 

How old is Hope Mikaelson?

Hope Mikaelson is seventeen years old. 

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