Megan Fox Plastic Surgery: From 2009 To 2022 (Photo Revealed)

Over the years, Megan Fox’s appearance has changed dramatically.  In this article, we will discuss all the speculations around Megan Fox Plastic Surgery by collecting resources from various data online. 

While she was always breathtaking, teenage Megan’s freckles and imperfect teeth gave her more of a girl-next-door vibe. However, as the years pass by, fans have started speculating about the flecks of surgical practices on her face. 

The internet has been questioning her cosmetic procedures. To what extent are these true? 

Has Megan accepted to undergo plastic surgery? 

Well, you are not alone if these questions are ringing in your head. 

With that, let’s dig into the details and uncover the truth!

What Plastic Surgery Megan Fox Undergone? 

Megan Fox has not accepted the surgical practices that have accentuated her already godly features. 

However, that didn’t stop fans from speculating about different kinds of procedures that she may have undergone. So, let’s go through some of their speculations:-

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

1. 2009 (Rhinoplasty & Lip filler)

Megan Fox’s nose has undergone quite a bit of a change: For starters, her nostrils are a lot more open than before. Then the tip of her cleft, which is situated between the lower lateral cartilages, has disappeared as well. And all of these are signs of Rhinoplasty. 

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery 2009 (Rhinoplasty & Lip filler)

Other than that, you can even notice the change in her lips too. Not only have her lips grown in size, but the white roll (which is basically the outer line of the lip) is accentuated as well. So, that implies injection of Lip Fillers too. 

2. 2010 (Brow Lift & Lip Filler & Veneers & Cheeks Implants)

The suspicions of Megan Fox having brow lift is due to her lifted hairline. If you don’t know, the most common type of brow lift is Endoscopic, and while undergoing this practice, oftentimes the hairline is elevated. 

Other than that, Megan Fox has also seemingly undergone Veneer, Cheeks Implants, and more Lip Fillers. 

2010 (Brow Lift & Lip Filler & Veneers & Cheeks Implants)

So talking about Veneer, it is a dental practice that is used to correct crooked, chipped, or damaged teeth. What the dentist does is put a thin portion of covering on the front of your teeth, which looks quite similar to the natural teeth. 

Other than that, Megan Fox’s cheeks and lips look a lot fuller. While some may think the cheek definition can be attained by makeup, the lifted effect is clearly giving cheek implants. 

3. 2019 (Lip Filler, Nasolabial Fold Filler, & Botox Injections)

If you compare 2017 and 2019 Megan Fox, you can spot a few facial surgeries. For starters, the distance between her cupid’s bow and the tip of her nose has slightly increased.

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery  2019 (Lip Filler, Nasolabial Fold Filler, & Botox Injections)

In fact, her upper lip is comparatively more defined and fuller. Along with that, the lines around her jaw have almost disappeared, which points toward the Nasolabial fold filler. It is a surgical practice that fills up the creases between your mouth and nose. 

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery  2019 (Lip Filler, Nasolabial Fold Filler)

In addition to that, Megan Fox’s forehead is free of frown lines which indicates Botox injections. 

4. 2021 (Alarplasty, Fat Transfer To Face, & Face Lift)

The base of Megan Fox’s nose is narrower than before, which can be a result of Aylar reduction and Cill reduction. The whole practice comes under Alarplasty and is carried out to lessen the distance between nostril ends. 

2021 (Alarplasty, Fat Transfer To Face, & Face Lift)

Other than that, her face looks fuller than before, which can be the result of weight gain. 

But since the rest of her body is the same, speculations have it that Megan Fox has undergone fat transfer around her jaw. Moreover, comparing her former natural yet slightly slouched jaw to her present tight and uplifted one, there is evidence of a facelift. 

Megan Fox’s Transformation Throughout The Years

Now that we have seen Megan Fox’s journey with Plastic Surgery let’s go through her overall transformation over the years!

1. 2003 (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre World Premiere)

At age 16, Megan appeared on the red carpet for the first time, and it was obvious that she had already dyed her naturally brown hair black. She doesn’t appear to be in her teens, but rather could be in her 20s thanks to the matching black eyeliner.

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery  2003 (The Texas Chainsaw Massacr’s World Premiere)

Keep an eye on her nose and front teeth, which look to be slightly protruding; they both seem to change shortly after this.

2. 2004 (Rock The Vote Awards)

The following year, she continued with the same look, and I believe her eyebrows may have become even more sparse. This is not a spray tan because, according to her, over plucking her brows and sunbathing were her two biggest cosmetic regrets in 2014.

Even though she has a rather “harsh” appearance by today’s beauty standards, she is nevertheless incredibly attractive.

3. 2005 (Celebration of Cosmopolitan’s 40th Birthday)

She stopped wearing black hair in 2005, and it’s strange because you hardly recognize her now because it was so closely associated with her image in the beginning.


In the middle of the 2000s, super-arched brows, tanned complexion, flat-ironed hair, and iridescent lip gloss were all the rage.

4. 2006 (The DVD Launch Party for Belrose Place and Beverly Hills)

At age 20, when she resembled the Megan we know today, she went back to her characteristic hue after experimenting with lighter hair.

2006 (The DVD Launch Party for Belrose Place and Beverly Hills)

According to reports, her agency advised her, “Don’t ever dye your hair blonde.” Look at her nose once again. The bridge appears to have a hump, but later it inexplicably vanishes.

5. 2007 (Transformers’ LA Premiere)

She shot to popularity as the newest and hottest actress in Hollywood in 2007.

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

She quickly upgraded her appearance with glossier hair and more upscale cosmetics because blockbuster films are known to have a budget for the best styling teams. For the time being, her lips and teeth were as they normally were.

6. 2008 (GQ Awards)

Megan had become well-known and a global sex icon by 2008, when FHM readers named her the “Sexiest Woman in the World.” She was frequently likened to Angelina Jolie at this time, but other than having black hair and tattoos, there aren’t many similarities.

2008 (GQ Awards)

Megan’s lips appear to be enlarged in this picture, especially the upper one, unlike Angelina’s.

7. 2009 (Comic-Con Party For Jennifer’s Body)

We first saw her wearing gothic fashion the next year, which she would eventually adopt again. The Barbie pink blush and lipstick with smokey eyes and a tan are no longer in style.

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery  2009 (Comic-Con Party For Jennifer’s Body)

She is now rocking her naturally pale skin with a vampy berry lip colour as the main accessory. She was 23 at the time, so the baby weight has since disappeared and her face is now more angular.

8. 2010 (Jonah Hex’s LA Premiere)

The accusations started to flow when Megan appeared on the red carpet looking remarkably sexy.

2010 (Jonah Hex’s LA Premiere)

Although it’s possible that she used too much Botox at the time, the inflated appearance of her lips and cheeks could be attributed to fillers like Restylane.

9. 2011 (Friends with Kids’s Toronto Premiere)

The injections seemed to have “settled” a year later, or she may have had some of them disintegrate.

2011 (Friends with Kids’s Toronto Premiere)

Her cheeks appear to still have filler in them, but her lips now have a more natural appearance. She is currently beginning to tone her hair colour and let her overplucked brows grow.

10. 2012 (This Is 40’s LA Premiere)

In 2012, Megan gave birth to the first of her three children, and just two months later, she was back on the red carpet.

2012 (This Is 40’s LA Premiere)

Unlike other new mothers, she doesn’t appear to be lacking sleep; in fact, she appears more beautiful than ever. Her hair is long and lustrous, and her skin is flawless and free of wrinkles.

11. 2013 (Away From Spotlight- Golden Globes)

A month later, she ventured out once more, but after that, she made fewer and fewer public appearances. (Honestly, having kids “sort of saved me. I needed to get away,” she admitted later.4) This is my fave appearance she’s had over the years because it’s the most natural-looking.

2013 (Away From Spotlight- Golden Globes)

12. 2014 (USA Gala In Honor Of Ferrari 60th Anniversary)

Megan attended one more function after welcoming baby number two before taking a protracted break to concentrate on parenthood.

2014 (USA Gala In Honor Of Ferrari 60th Anniversary)

She had returned to having the same black hair that she had as a teen at the age of 28. Her face looks paler than ever, though, since she stopped sunbathing.

13. 2021 (Via Instagram Account)

It was noticeable by the end of the year that Megan Fox and the Kardashian family had similar choices when we were talking about style. She even reported seeing Dr. Jason Diamond, a plastic surgeon whose patients include Chrissy Teigen and Kim kardashian. It is understandable why, at first look, I assumed this was Kim with blonde hair You can tell it was a wig if you look at the section.

Instagram Post of megan

14. 2022 (LA’s Daily Front Row Fashion Awards)

Now we’re in the year 2022, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you informed me that Kim Kardashian was wearing blue contacts at that time. Even though they didn’t look anything alike when they first began out, the likeness is remarkable.

2022 (LA’s Daily Front Row Fashion Awards)

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Conclusion: Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

In the article above, we have discussed fans’ and surgeons’ speculation about Megan Fox’s Plastic Surgery! 

Although she has denied having any surgical practices, there are tons of speculations around the following ones:-

  1. Rhinoplasty
  2. Brow Lift
  3. Veneers
  4. Lip Filler
  5. Cheeks Implant
  6. Nasolabial Fold Filler
  7. Botox Injections
  8. Alarplasty
  9. Fat Transfer to Face
  10. Face Lift

In case of any new information, we will keep our page updated. Till then, you can reach out to us in the comment section below in case of any additional queries. 


What plastic surgeries did Megan Fox do?

Megan Fox has undergone plastic surgeries like Bottox Fillers, Brow Lift, Lip Fillers, Cheek Implants, Rhinoplasty, Fat Transfer to Face, Face Lift, Veneers, Nasolabial Fold Filler, etc. 

What does Megan Fox do to her skin?

Megan Fox’s regular face routine is double cleansing and moisturising. She makes sure she washes her face at least twice a day and further gently moisturises her face with Bulgarian Rose Otto.  

Who is Megan Fox’s Plastic Surgeon?

Jason Diamond is Megan Fox’s Plastic Surgeon. She was also linked to another Plastic Surgeon called Fiorillo. 

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