Too Hot To Handle Season 4 – Are Couples Together?

Too Hot To Handle Season 4

Recently, Season Four of Too Hot To Handle was wrapped, and fans couldn’t help but be curious about the Couples’ how about! So in this article, we will talk about Too Hot To Handle Season 4 – Are Couples Together?

With that in mind, let’s quickly go through famous couples and their current relationship status with each other:

  • Nick Kici and Jawahir Khalife: Not Together
  • Seb Melrose and Kayla Richart: Still Together
  • James Pendergrass and Britan Bryd: Still Together
  • Creed McKinnon and Flavia Laos Urbina: Not Together

Now that we have briefly talked about which couples are still together and which are not, let’s go through their respective journeys in detail:

Are Nick Kici And Jawahir Khalifa From Too Hot To Handle Still Together?

Nick and Jawahir began their relationship at the very beginning of the show! 

Nick Kici And Jawahir Khalifa

Sure, it took them a few trials and errors, and in Jawahir’s case, a dinner date with oh-so-mesmerizing Shawn: But you know what they say? You know when you know!

Jahawir had this inner knowing when it came to Nick. 

So regardless of immense attraction towards Shawn, Jawahir chose Nick!

Not only she chose Nick, but she also showed him all of her cards: According to Jawahir, the feeling she feels for Nick is something she has never felt before. 

Although she tried to keep her distance from him (hence, exploring other options), the pull was too strong to neglect. Jawahir talked about her abandonment issues and how it subconsciously restricts her from intimacy. 

Luckily, Nick was on the same page regarding his feelings towards her too, so the vulnerable talk only brought them closer. Eventually, making them the winner.

Too Hot To Handle Season 4

While shooting the reunion, the couple opened up about being obsessed with each other. Nick and Jahawir were so serious about each other that they even moved in together. However, after traveling around a few places and experiencing blissful few months, they parted ways.

Regardless of splitting ways and breaking our hearts, Nick and Jawahir have kind words for each other. They reflected on their relationship, calling it a “special place” and learning a few important lessons: like patience, a new perspective on life, etc.

Are Seb Melrose And Kayla Richart From Too Hot To Handle Still Together?

Seb and Kayla were into each other from the get-go! 

They were the only couple who made things official (as in declared being girlfriend/ boyfriend) by the end of the show. Sure, their relationship went through a few bumps, but eventually, Seb and Kayla were all heart eyes for each other.

Seb Melrose And Kayla Richart

Hence, violating Lana’s no hanky panky rule: and losing loads of money.

After the show, the couple spent time together: first in Seb’s homeland (Scottland) and then in London. However, the later hangout was with Nick and a few more contestants from the show. 

Too Hot To Handle Season 4

In the reunion video, Seb and Kayla revealed: how maintaining a long-distance relationship was too difficult for them. Because of this, they split briefly.

However, since the couple was still in love, they decided to give their relationship one more chance, mainly because they had enough memories for this time things to work out.

Are James Pendergrass And Brittan Bryd From Too Hot To Handle Still Together?

James and Brittan are yet another couples who have been into one another from the get-go!

James Pendergrass And Brittan Bryd

However, things were not that smooth for the pair, as James was too focused on winning the prize money than deepening his bond with Brittan. But as they say, all ends well: things certainly took a good turn for the pair. 

Towards the end, Brittan expresses her honest intentions: she is genuinely interested in James and wants to see him after the show. On the other hand, James expressed how Brittan was the only woman he had his eyes on! 

One may think that’s such a nice thing. It is! But then again, their journey, much like other couples on the list, was bumpy too. 

After the show, James and Brittan were on a break for quite a bit. 

However, they had reportedly reconciled in Los Angeles and now happily enjoying their dating phase. We are rooting for this pair! 

Creed McKinnon (aka. Wannabe Casanova)

Throughout the show, Creed McKinnon’s name was linked with multiple women:

  • Sophie Stonehouse
  • Flavia Laos Urbina
  • Imogen Ewan

In the beginning, Creed was forming a connection with Sophie: Things seemed to be going well. However, when Flavia joins the show, Creed breaks off the connection and starts pursuing Flavia. 

Of course, Sophie is unhappy and even warns Flavia about Creed leaving her for a new entry if that ever happens. As Sophie had predicted, Imogen joined the show, and Creed went on to develop a connection with her. 

If it weren’t for Lana disclosing Creed’s two-timing, Flavia would have never discovered about Imogen. Flavia was hurt and couldn’t believe Creed would play with her feelings like that. Shortly after the disclosure, Lana eliminated Creed.

However, looking at Creed and Flavia’s social media engagement, the pair have resolved their differences and are on good terms now. In fact, Creed seems way happier with the bros he found than any other romantic connection. 

Creed McKinnon

Conclusion: Too Hot To Handle Season 4 – Are Couples Together?

People participate in Too Hot To Handle just for fun! Every year, new contestants arrive, fall in love, and separate right after the show. It’s nothing new. Yet the audience can’t help but wonder which couple is still together every season.
So in this article, we have talked about Too Hot To Handle Season 4 – Which Couples Are Still Together. We hope our article was helpful! Please let us know in the comment section below in case of any additional queries. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Is anyone from Too Hot To Handle still together?

Yes, two couples from Too Hot To Handle are still together: 
Seb Melrose and Kayla Richart
Creed McKinnon and Brittan Byrd

Who won the Too Hot To Handle Season 4?

Nick and Jawahir won the Too Hot To Handle Season Four and received the prize fund of $89,000.

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