Mr Beast Net Worth 2023 – Salary, Income Sources, Early Life

Mr. Beast Net Worth

Mr. Beast is one of the most influential people at this point! In fact, if you Google Mr Beast Net Worth, you’ll be surprised to know that he is richer than mainstream celebrities like Selena Gomez. 

With that being said, in this article, we will cover Mr. Beast Net Worth, Estimated Salary, Income Sources, and some other queries. So without further ado, let’s begin!

Before we get into the details, here is a quick overview of Mr. Beast and his Net Worth. 

NameJimmy Donaldson
Date of Birth7th May 1998
Place of BirthGreenville, North Carolina, US
OccupationYouTuber, Businessman, and Philanthropist
Net Worth$500 million (as of 2023)
LanguagesNative English Speaker
Dubs videos in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, etc. 
Height1.91 meter

Mr. Beast Net Worth & Estimated Salary

Mr Beast Net Worth

As of 2023, Mr. Beast’s Net Worth is $500 million .

However, his Monthly and Yearly Estimated Salary are given below:

  • Monthly Income: $3 Million to $5 Million (On average)
  • Annual Income: $54 Million (On average)

Mr. Beast Income Sources

How does Mr. Beast make money? Mr. Beast has several income sources, including his 13 YouTube channels, brand deals, business ventures, etc. With that being said, let’s discuss them in detail:-

YouTube Channels

Mrbeast YouTube Channel

Mr. Beast has 13 YouTube channels where he uploads different types of content, including reaction videos, live gaming streams, etc. Besides that, he has uploaded over 54 videos that have reached 283 Million views. 

Moreover, his estimated YouTube income is around $26 Million. Having said that, Social Blade has declared that Mr Beast makes $126,000 to $2 Million on average. 

Business Ventures

Mr. Beast has started several business ventures, where two of which are food chains and one is a clothing brand. Having said that, the following are his ventures:


MrBeastBurgers is a first-delivery restaurant chain with over 1600 delivery locations.

Other than that, Feastables and ShopMrBeast are only available on Shopify: where the former is a snacking chain, and the latter is merchandise that includes hoodies, beanies, t-shirts, etc. Moreover, half of Mr Beast Net Worth comes from selling merch. 


Brand Deals

Ever since his channel started growing, several brands have approached Mr. Beast to promote their products. In fact, Mr. Beast reportedly charges $2 Million on average for promotional videos.  

Having said that, Mr. Beast has so far partnered with Brands like CSGO Lotto, Honey, Quidd, TikTok, etc. Moreover, the philanthropist qualities within Mr. Beast attract these brands more, as they like to be associated with such figures. 

Mr. Beast Net Worth Throughout The Years

Mr. Beast’s Net Worth has shown a steady growth from 2018 to 2022 (with an increase of 10 USD Million annually). However, in the last year, Mr. Beast’s Net Worth has increased by 35 USD Million. 

With that being said, let’s skim through Mr. Beast Net Worth throughout the years!

YearNet worth
2023$500 million (as of 2023)
202270 USD Million
202165 USD Million
202055 USD Million
201944 USD Million
201835 USD Million

Mr. Beast Life Before Fame

At the age of 13, Mr. Beast uploaded his first YouTube video under the name MrBeast6000. His content mostly ranged from Call Of Duty and Minecraft’s live streaming and commentary. 

Moreover, Mr. Beast also advised budding YouTubers who were exploring similar niches. However, these videos were not that consistent. 

Between 2015 and 2016, Mr. Beast started gaining recognition as his series “worst intros on YouTube” was gaining traction. As the name suggests, the series includes fun roasting videos of creators who make terrible intros. 

Because of this, by May 2016, Mr. Beast had gained nearly 30,000 subscribers. Later on, he dropped out of East Carolina University to pursue YouTube as a full-time career. 

However, his mother disapproved of him dropping out, and because of this, he moved out of their family home. 

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Conclusion: Mr. Beast Net Worth

As of 2023, Mr. Beast’s Net Worth is $500 million . He has several income sources, including a list of Brand deals (who pays him nearly $2 Million for each promotional video), ad revenues from 13 YouTube channels, and business ventures:

  • MrBeastBurgers
  • Feastables
  • ShopMrBeast

Having said that, we hope our article on Mr. Beast Net Worth was helpful! However, we will keep our page updated in case of new information.


How rich is MrBeast 2023?

As of 2023, Mr. Beast’s Net Worth is $500 million.

What is Mr. Beast’s Monthly Income?

Mr. Beast’s monthly Income is $3 Million to $5 Million on average. 

How does Mr. Beast make money?

Mr. Beast makes money through several income sources, including a list of Brand deals, ad revenues, business ventures, etc.

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