You Season 4 Part 2 Release Date, Plot, And News (2023)

You Season 4 Part 2

Hello, You! Your favorite Joe Goldberg is back with a new location (London), a new part (You Season 4 Part 2), yet the same old haunting ways! 

No matter how much he washes his hands, the stain somehow prevails: and as they say, you pay all your debts in this life only. So, it looks like Joe’s Karma returned in the form of his dead ex-wife (Love), who is alive and of course, sociopath Rhy.

With that being said, hi, welcome to our article: You Season 4 Part 2! 

Here, we will discuss the upcoming part’s release date (9th March 2023), potential plot, cast, trailer, streaming platform (Netflix), etc. With that being said, let’s begin!

Do We Have A Release Date For you season 4 part 2?

 You Season 4 Part 2

Yes, we do have an official release date: You Season 4 Part 2 is arriving on 9th March 2023. Moreover, the official Netflix handle had even Tweeted about the schedule wrap, as shown in the screenshot below. 

Release Date You Season 4 Part 2

Is The Trailer Out For You Season 4 Part 2?

Yes, the official trailer of part 2 is out! In that, we see Joe’s desperate pleas to prove to Rhy that he (no longer) is not a cold-hearted psychopath. 

Moreover, throughout the trailer, there is an eerie feeling (well, obviously, because it’s YOU), but regardless, Rhy’s “I care for you, Joe” didn’t sit well with us. On top of that, we are really stoked about Love Quinn’s iconic comeback (or maybe, Joe’s hallucination?)!

What Can You Expect In The New Part?

For starters, you can expect the upcoming part to contain five episodes: since the previous one had the same. Other than that, the first shows Joe genuinely trying to be good or, let’s say, an average person (after moving to London). 

However, he keeps stumbling into dead bodies somehow. Later on, he realized that the murderer was Rhy, who had been trying to frame Joe. Moreover, since Rhy is running to be a Mayor, unfortunately, he would have the upper hand. 

Regardless, we can expect a serial-killer showdown in the second part. 

Other than that, there is a love interest (Kate) who is slowly breaking down his walls. How else did he share about his son (Henry) if he didn’t feel safe with her at least a little bit? 

So we also expect this arc to be explored. Plus, we are hoping to see more of Henry. In fact, the showrunner has clearly hinted that Joe abandoning Henry was a big deal, and it would play out in some way in the second part. 

Moreover, he has also talked about how Season was just grief, loss, and a defeated heart for Joe, so the second part should at least give him something back. 

So, we expect Joe’s years-long baggage to unpack finally, and hopefully, he will reflect and heal in a healthy way. However, on the flip side, Joe might even die. If so, that will be the end of You too. (Fingers crossed.)

With that being said, how can we forget Love’s iconic book-reading-in-cage moment from the trailer? Like Joe, we all are equally stunned! Wasn’t she dead? Yes, we understand, nobody, no crime. But did she really survive? Or is Joe hallucinating? 

Regardless, this part has tons of arcs to explore! We are hoping for the best ones to be picked.  

Where Can You Stream You Season 4 Part 2

You can stream You Season 4 Part 2 on its home platform: Netflix. 

Stream Release Date You on Netflix
Source: Netflix

Can We Expect The Old Cast To Return?

Although the cast list of this Season started off on an overwhelming note, by the end of part one, so many of them died. So, if we jot down the names who made it out alive, then we get a list of (expected) names for part 2! With that being said, let’s begin:

Joe GoldbergPenn Badgley 
KateCharlotte Ritchie
AdamLukas Gage
Lady Phoebe Tilly Keeper 
NadiaAmy Leigh-Hickman
RoaldBen Wiggins
Rhys Ed Speleers
MarianneTati Gabrielle
Love QuinnVictoria Pedretti

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Conclusion: You Season 4 Part 2

The second half of You Season 4 is releasing on 9th March 2023 on Netflix worldwide. 

Moreover, just like the previous part (or seasons), the upcoming part will consist of 5 episodes, making Season 4 a total of 10 episodes. 

Other than that, you can expect most of the cast from part one to return, especially Penn Badgley (Joe) and Victoria Pedratti (Love). However, if we consider the trailer, we are still unsure whether Love is genuinely alive or just Joe’s hallucination. 

Regardless, fans are stoked to see their favorite character return, even if it is just a cameo. With that being said, we hope our article on You Season 4 Part 2 was helpful! 


Do You Season 4 Part 2 have a release date?

Yes, You Season 4 Part 2 is releasing on 9th March 2023.

Is Love in Season 4 Part 2 of You?

The official trailer of You Season 4 Part 2 featured Victoria Pedretti, so yes, Love Quinn will be there. 

Are there more episodes of You Season 4?

Like the previous seasons, Season 4 will have ten episodes too. Part 1 has already wrapped up with its five episodes, Part 2 will have five episodes too. 

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