Alita Battle Angel 2: Is This Going To Happen?

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Robert Rodriguez is considering bringing the sequel of one of his most highly profitable action movies Alita Battle Angel. After a huge success in 2019, fans are eagerly waiting for the Alita Battle Angel. 

Alita Battle Angel 2- is it rumor or truth? Let us discuss them in this article.

Alita Battle Angel 2 Release date

In 2019, the movie was released on the 6th of February by the hand of 20 Century Fox. In several other countries, the movie was released in the month of February. 

The director Robert Rodriguez has already hinted about the upcoming sequel in a talk over to Forbes. He is quite hopeful about the movie release as Disney plus will present Alita Battle Angel2. 

However, no official Alita Battle Angel release date has been declared yet, but fans can expect the sequel in the latter part of 2022.

Alita Battle Angel 2 Official Trailer 

If you look for the official trailer of Alita Battle Angel, you might get disappointed as the movie trailer is not released yet. 

Alita Battle Angel 2 Official Trailer 

We will update them as soon as the Alita Battle Angel 2 trailer is released so stay tuned with us.

Alita Battle Angel 2 Casts you can expect

Though any official cast list has not been released yet, we can not provide the names of the official casts. However, keeping the movie’s ending in mind, we can expect some casts in the new season. 

  • Rosa Salazar
  • Keenan johnson
  • Jennifer Connelly 
  • Jackie Early Harley
  • Christoph Waltz
  • Ed Skrien
  • Mahershala Ali

Alita Battle Angel 2 Plot 

Yukito Kishiro, the mastermind behind the story of Alita Battle Angel and Robert, crafted the story on the screen. Though the first movie ended satisfactorily, fans were eager to have the next part.

The director claimed that delving into Jim’s mind and creating the whole reality according to this character’s mind is truly challenging. However, watching the movie, it is quite understandable that some mysteries are yet to be unfolded; you can expect Alita Battle Angel -2.

You can expect twists and turns in this sequel because you never know what is in the writer’s mind. If you watch the movie carefully, you can feel so many subplots can be played in the next sequels. 

Is Alita Real?

In the movie, whoever you have seen as Alita is played by Rosa Salazar. She acted in this movie, but somehow, you found her appearance a bit different. According to the plot’s demand, the character is crafted with many special effects. It made Rosa a bit animated facie. In Alita Battle Angel -2, we will hopefully see Rosa because, in an interview, Rosa stated that she would love to play Alita for the rest of her life. 

Why is Alita Battle Angel taking time to release?

 The reason why the second part is late is unknown to anyone as there is no official notice. However, we can expect the reason is the vanishing of Fox studio and new tie-ups with Disney plus.

In this article, we have tried to cover almost every queries you were searching for. We hope this article helps to mitigate your excitement a bit. However, we will keep updating once we get the official news, so stay tuned.

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