Lori Anne Allison – All About Johnny Depp’s first wife

Lori Anne Allison

Who is she?

Lori Anne Allison was born on 6 September, 1957 in the United States. She is the ex-wife of popular Hollywood star Johnny Depp, the Pirates of Caribbean star. She was Johnny’s first wife . She was five years elder to him and the couple married when Johnny was just 20 years old. Their fairytale however couldn’t last long and the couple divorced after two years in 1986. It is said that the couple was holding each other’s hand since they were children. 

Lori Anne Allison’s Broken Dream

Anne’ dream was to become a record music producer but God has written something else in her destiny. Her hopes of becoming a record producer were broken when she lost her hearing senses in her left ear. Broken and shattered Anne dropped her hopes.

Allison’s never-ending love for Depp

Allison and Depp put a sad end to their love story soon after their marriage but the love she had for Johnny didn’t.  Even after parting their ways they still had respect for each other in their hearts. Allison in her interviews was often seen praising  Johnny as a talented and gifted actor. Interestingly she also saved Johnny from false abuse allegations that his ex wife Amber Heard put on him. She supported Johnny in that case and defended in his favor.

Allison : As a successful makeup artist

Allison was interested in selecting make-up as a profession since her childhood. She used to spend a lot of time dressing her dolls and doing their makeup. Lori Anne Allison emerged as a successful makeup artist after her divorce with Johnny Depp. Not broken by shackles of divorce, she regained all her strength and channelized it into her passion of makeup profession. She collaborated with many prominent makeup artists till date.Some of her best works as a Makeup Artist were through collaborations with famous Hollywood movie projects. Cyber Bandits and Matters of Consequence were a couple of them to name. She gained a lot of name and fame via her work in all these movies thereby emerging as a popular makeup artist.

Other sectors of her work

Not only as a successful makeup artist she gained a lot of success in other fields also. She became a successful entrepreneur, successful producer, successful social media influencer also. She launched her own brand by the name of serendipity lip glosses in 2015. Her career took a very sharp turn after her divorce with Johnny Depp.

Current status

She led her life in her own way. Lori Anne Allison indeed made her own roads in the tough journey of her life. She became unstoppable after her divorce with Johnny Depp. Collaborating with the most prestigious stars of the industry in her make-up profession , she is leading this line.

 Many people follow her on Instagram all over the world making her a prominent social media tycoon.

She lives a life of her own conditions 

With such a successful career its not at all a big deal for her to live a lavish life. Johnny Depp, we can say is the one who lost and suffered while Anne won the battle in her own way.

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