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The celebratory schedule wrap of Virgin River Season 5 has driven fans crazy!

They cannot help but wonder: When is the release date? What can we expect from the upcoming season? Is there any recurring cast or new faces? And so much more.

So, we have answered all your queries in this article! 

With that in mind, let’s tackle each question:

Is There Going to be a Season 5 of Virgin River?

Yes, Virgin River is renewed for Season 5! However, this isn’t brand new information, as, by the end of Season 3, the creators had mentioned the renewal of two more seasons. 

Moreover, the shooting for Season 5 has wrapped already (November 2022), so you can relax, as the premiere is just around the corner!

Do We Have A Release Date Yet?

There is no official release date as of now. However, judging from the last few season releases, we can expect Virgin Season 5 by July 2023!

Scene From Virgin River Season 4

Where Can I Watch Virgin River Season 5?

Like the previous seasons, Virgin River Season 5 will premiere on Netflix too.

Virgin River Season 5

Potential Cast: Who Can We Expect?

The official Instagram handle of Virgin River posted a snapshot of a zoom call. It featured known and unknown faces who had gathered for an official table read!

Virgin River Season 5 Cast


So, you can most definitely expect the following cast to reprise their roles:

Sr.NoCharacter NameActor/Actress
1Mel MonroeAlexandra Breckenridge
2Jack SheridanMartin Henderson
3Hope McCreaAnnette O’Toole
4Dr Vernon MullinsTim Matheson
5Dan BradyBenjamin Hollingsworth
6Brie SheridanZibby Allen
7Jo EllenGwynyth Walsh
8John ‘Preacher’ MiddletonColin Lawrence
9LizzieSarah Dugdale
10Joey BarnesJenny Cooper
11ConnieNicola Cavendish
12ChristopherChase Petriw
13Denny CutlerKai Bradbury
14Dr Cameron HayekMark Ghanime
15Mike ValenzuelaMarco Grazzini
16MurielTeryl Rothery
17VinceSteve Bacic
18Bert GordonTrevor Lerner
19JuliaLucia Walters
20NickKeith MacKechnie
21Young MelEmma Oliver

There are also new additions to the family. While we don’t know what their roles are going to be, you can expect the following cast as well:

New Additions To Cast Of Virgin River
  • Kandyse McClure
  • Susan Hogan 
  • Elise Gatien 
  • Paolo Maiolo 

You may have seen the above names in V-Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supernatural. 

In addition to that, we have a new showrunner (Patrick Sean Smith) as well.

Is the Trailer for Virgin River Season 5 Out?

No, the trailer for Virgin River Season 5 is not out yet. However, you can expect it sometime around July 2023, as the premiere of the season is also around that time.

What Can You Expect In The Upcoming Season? (Spoilers)

Toward the end of Season 4, we see Charmaine in severe pain, plus she is even scared of losing her babies (twins). Because of this, she confesses to Jack and Mel that the twins aren’t really Jack’s children. 

Hence, the early episodes of Season 5 will likely explore the aftermath of the confession. In fact, while talking to Glamour Magazine, Breckenridge and Henderson spilled some beans about the twins’ paternity. 

This clearly implies we will get to see a paternity test, for starters. 

Then you can expect a heck of emotional turmoil! 

Speaking of emotional turmoil, in the season finale, Brie opened up about her sexual assault and how Brady further helped Brie put a case against Don (ex-boyfriend). 

This season will likely focus on the court trials and Brie’s healing. Other than that, Season 5 might also explore Mel and Jack’s relationship (and upcoming baby).

Further, we would like to get an update on the town’s mayor (Hope). We hope to watch her recover and run around fulfilling her mayoral responsibilities.

Another recovery we are hoping for is for Danny to be free from Huntington’s disease. 

However, next would realistically explore Lizzie and Danny’s complicated feelings towards each other through his sickness. Maybe they will come out stronger? Or will she process her unresolved feelings towards Ricky and seek stability there?

Regardless, this season has so many tropes to unpack. Hopefully, it will please the viewers!

Background: Virgin River 

The book series of the same name inspired the American television series Virgin River. 

The show primarily focuses on Mel (Melinda Monroe), who moves to the Virgin River town of Nothern-California from Los Angeles. She had accepted the job profile as a nurse practitioner and midwife, wanting to leave her haunting past behind and start fresh. 

However, she soon realized that small-town life is not as easy to adapt to as she expected! 

The next four seasons explore Mel’s happy and challenging moments through life alongside other characters and their respective journeys. 

  • Genre: Romantic Drama
  • Based on: Robyn Carr’s book series Virgin River
  • Original Network: Netflix
  • Total seasons: Five (for now)
  • Official Language: English

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Conclusion: Virgin River Season 5

With Virgin River Season 5 all set to (potentially) be released around July 2023, fans couldn’t help but be all curious about the upcoming season. 

So in this article, we have covered where you can watch the show (Netflix), what and who you can expect to see in the upcoming season, and so much more. 

With that being said, we hope our article on Virgin River Season 5 was helpful! 

In case of any additional queries, don’t hesitate to contact us in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Is season 5 of Virgin River on Netflix?

Virgin Season 5 is currently not available on Netflix. (Because it’s not released yet, duh!) However, you can stream the season on Netflix once it’s out!

How many Virgin River seasons will there be?

Virgin River Season 4 is based on A Virgin River Christmas (fourth volume). And since the book series has 22 books, you can expect the seasons to go up to 22.

Who is Mel’s baby daddy?

After the paternity test, Mel discovered through an email that Jack is indeed her baby daddy.

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