Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery: Before & After Compared

If you have followed the Nickelodeon star from the beginning, then you can spot some obvious changes in her features. With rumors going around the internet about Ariana Grande plastic surgery allegations, Ariana recently posted a video on TikTok addressing the concern indirectly. 

While the 7 Rings pop star didn’t directly speak on plastic surgery rumors, she definitely put people in place by addressing people commenting on her body. 

The star also revealed her body previously (to which people are comparing her) was the “unhealthiest version” of her. 

So, what are these rumors about and how far are they true?

Let’s find out! 

Has Ariana Grande Undergone Plastic Surgery?

The 29-year-old pop singer is suspected of plenty of plastic surgery rumors. Of course, she has not confirmed any of those, but people still believe some of her features look like they have gotten some Botox injections. 

For instance, her forehead looks smooth like butter, with no signs of wrinkles. Now, before anyone contradicts that she is just 29 and no 29-year-olds have wrinkles, then we would object. When you raise your brows, there are fine tiny lines that appear. 

Well, Ariana doesn’t have those fine lines as, well. Other than that, her former thin lips look like it has some lip fillers injected for them to look fuller. 

Moreover, her top and bottom lips are not in even proportion, which confirms some people’s suspicion. 

Regardless, we would emphasize again: Ariana Grande has not confirmed any of these speculations. And even if she does someday, she has enough resources to do so. We would suggest not judging her or getting influenced by her actions. 

On that note following are some of the surgeries people are speculating about:

1. Nose Job

If you compare the first, second, and third pictures, Ariana Grande’s nose shows a significant difference. It was not only wider but also a lot closer to her lips. However, now her nose has elongated but is still somehow smaller. 

Ariana Grande Nose Plastic Surgery

Moreover, it makes her face look small too. It is speculated that Ariana Grande has undergone Rhinoplastic surgery, which is a type of nose surgery that many celebrities go through to give their nose a sophisticated structure. 

In fact, Rhinoplasty is popular for its slimming effect as it makes celebrities look youthful. 

Other than that, reports have it that Ariana Grande may have gone through another surgery in the last few years to make her nose look more snatched. 

One Twitter user expressed this, and Ariana Grande shunned the surgery rumors by retweeting, “ Hayyy. That’s my birth nose. What the heck did I log into? Let me have a cute nose, damn.”

2. Chin Lift

Ariana Grande always had a prominent chin, and that’s why rumors about her chin lift have followed her since the beginning. 

Chin Lift Plastic Surgery

However, Ariana Grande has expressed her discomfort with her looks. 

Regardless, at that age as well, she didn’t feel plastic surgery was a way to go. Well, that’s what Ariana Grande said. Who knows what’s true or false? People believe what they want to believe, and most media outlets push the narratives of Ariana Grande having a chin implant.

3. Brow & Eye Lift

Initially, Ariana Grande’s brow and eyes distance was a lot less than what it is now. So, people are suspicious about her having a brow and eye lift. 

Eye Surgery

Generally, this surgery is done to cure the saggy under eyes and further give a person a much more youthful and woke to look. Otherwise, it gives off an angry or tired look. 

4. Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are used to improve someone’s natural lip shape. And by looking at Ariana Grande’s lip transformation over the years, especially in 2017, it has a dramatic shift. 

Ariana Grande Plastic lip Surgery

Some people call it trout-pout, which is a term coined for addressing dramatic lip fillers. Regardless, we don’t know what lip surgery is performed on Ariana Grande or whether it’s just magic lipstick. Either way, those lips look stunning on the 7 Rings hit-maker. 

She is the true definition of “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it!”

5. Breast Implants

Wearing an outfit that may or may not be a perfect match for your body can dramatically shift the way you look. For instance, Ariana Grande has a habit of wearing oversized clothes that somehow drowns out her chest area. 

 breast Surgery

So when she wears V-neck tight-fitted tops, it gives off an illusion of breast implants. However, when Ariana wears high-neck tops, her breast doesn’t draw too much attention. It’s just her outfit’s way of playing with the neck silhouette. 

6. Butt Injections

Fans’ eagle eyes are always scrutinizing Ariana Grande’s butt. In fact, they believe she has had Brazillian Butt Lift, which is a surgical technique that takes excessive fats from your body and further fills up the butt area. 

 butt injection

Moreover, after the BBL surgery, there is a process of Liposuction that makes sure your body has enough fat left.

7. Face Surgery

In the before picture, Grande’s cheeks look a lot wider, the chin area is pointy, and the jaw is farther than her lips. Whereas, in the after picture, everything looks so snatched and petite. 

 Face Surgery

It’s clear Ariana Grande has done some form of facial surgery. 

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Conclusion: Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is such a taboo topic, and yet half of the entertainment industry has done it. 

In fact, Melanie Martinez’s Mrs Potato Head touches upon the subject of how young talent gets brainwashed with, “… don’t be dramatic, it’s only some plastic”, as no one will love them if they are unattractive. 

Trollers and some big names in the industry make young people feel inferior, and the desperate need to fit in this glamorous world makes them do unfortunate things. 

On that note, we hope our article on Ariana Grande’s Plastic Surgery was helpful! Do let us know your views on Plastic Surgery in the comment section below. 


What eye surgery did Ariana Grande do?

The Plastic Surgery Which Ariana Grande did is also known as canthoplasty. After the surgery, Alina’s Eyes seemed lifted at the corner & Look like an Almond shape.

Does Ariana Grande have kids?

 Ariana And Dalton are not parents yet, but they may have plans to become a parent in future 

How rich is Ariana Grande?

According to research, Ariana Grande has a net worth of $ 220 As of Jan 2023.

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