35 Most Populated Countries In The World In 2023

Most populated countries

With the data changing every year, you must be curious to know which are the most populated countries in 2023. 

The 2023 list of the most populated countries is out, and surprisingly, you can find countries from some major regions to small islands with mostly dense populations.

In this article, we have compiled data from the last two years- 2022 and 2023. 

Additionally, we have referred to the United Nations Population Division’s data collection for some countries with outdated data.

Okay, let’s not beat around the bush anymore! 

Recently India overtakes China to become world’s most populated country

Let’s get into the details below to check the complete list. 

10 Most Populated Countries In 2023: Overview

The list below has changed over the years and will change again in the upcoming few years. 

Notably, the most populated countries are Asian and European, followed by some African countries.

Having said that, the table below provides an overview of the world’s top 10 most populated countries.

Rank Most Populated Countries Population
3.United States339,682,543

List of Top 35 Most Populated Countries

Here is a list of the top 35 most populated countries, including some facts and figures respectively.

1. India


Population: 1,426,366,271

India is the second country with the most population in the world. With the increasing population rate, India will soon overtake China. There are multiple ethnicities in the country, and the ancient caste system is still followed.

Also, the state with the largest population is Uttar Pradesh, with a number of 200 Million People.

2. China


Population: 1,425,732,427

China has been holding the title of the most populated country in the world for many years. The population was rising on such a scale that the country implemented a one-child policy. 

However, it only lasted till 2015 and started in 1980. 

Moreover, a large part of China’s population is located in the country’s eastern half.

3. United States

United States

Population:  339,682,543

The United States population doubled from the year 1950 to the year 2010 and reached 309 Million Inhabitants.

Moreover, the most populated states are Texas and California. These two states have about one-quarter part of the total population covered. Furthermore, the rise in the middle-class group has rapidly slowed the birthrate.

4. Indonesia


Population: 277,141,193

The Indonesian Island of Java is the most populated part of the country. This population has about 56% of the total population inhabited.  

Also, it is among the most highly populated regions in the world. Moreover, Indonesia is known for having the youngest population, with an age of 30 years.

5. Pakistan


Population: 239,677,647

Pakistan is home to Big-cities like Lahore and Karachi, where both rural and urban areas are settled equally. However, Pakistan’s part of Punjab has the highest population.

Also, Pakistan is in the process of becoming one of the top rapidly growing countries in the world.

6. Nigeria


Population: 222,896,636

In the African continent, Nigeria is the most populated country. The total population is equally divided into rural and urban areas.

However, the urban population will soon overtake the rural population with new job opportunities in the cities. Moreover, Nigeria is set to become the third most populated country in the world.

7. Brazil


Population: 215,784,291

Brazil is set on a declining rate of population in the near future. However, it has been home to a huge part of the population of South America.

Besides, Brazil had rapid growth in population in the mid-20th century, which later slowed down and retook the rise. 

It is also home to the second-highest population of the Christian community. Their Christian community includes Roman Catholics plus protestants.

8. Bangladesh


Population: 172,653,286

Bangladesh’s large population surpasses the size of the country. That’s why Bangladesh comes under one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

The growth rate of female education and birth control campaigns provided by the government helped the country positively. It helped in decreasing the fertility rate in the last few decades.

9. Russia


Population: 144,695,090

Russia is one of the most populated countries and still remains the least densely populated region. Its extensive size gives the population the freedom to spread out.

However, the population rate declined for a few decades until 2010. In 2010, the population rate increased due to a lower number of deaths.

10. Mexico


Population: 128,293,973

Mexico is one of the most highly populated Spanish regions in Central America. 

There was not much growth in the country’s birth rate in the initial years of the 20th century. However, the death rate overtook the population because of the revolutionary war.

11. Ethiopia


Population: 125,982,292

Ethiopia has one of the youngest populations in the world, with a median of 18 years of age. In addition to that, Ethiopia is a country with a diverse ethnic population with more than 80 ethnic groups. 

Moreover, Ethiopia is in the top ten countries with a high population growth rate.

12. Japan


Population: 123,407,465

The coastal areas of the country have most of the population located. This is due to the distribution of the arable land and the mountains. 

Although the population of Japan is high, the immigration rate is low compared to other countries. Furthermore, about 92% of the population is situated in urban cities, with most of them in Tokyo.

13.  Philippines


Population: 117,034,182

The Philippines had fast growth in population from the year 1990 to the year 2008 of about 45%.

Additionally, one-third of the Phillippines’ population is situated in the urban area of Manila, and you can observe that 51% of the country’s population are actually residents.

14. Egypt


Population: 112,418,818

Egypt holds the title of the most populated Arab country and the third most populated country in Africa. 

Also, most of the population is situated in the Nile River area as it is fertile land. The population near the Nile River gets easy access to the trading routes.

15. The Democratic Republic Of The Congo

The Democratic Republic Of The Congo

Population: 101,695,352

The Democratic Republic Of The Congo also has one of the youngest populations in the world—about 46% of the population is below the age of 14 years. 

Moreover, the country’s life expectancy and job opportunities are showing a rise in the country’s population.

The DRC also hosts the French language as one of its local languages. 

16. Vietnam


Population: 98,746,540

Most of its population is in rural areas, and most of them work in agriculture.

However, the situation is changing due to the rising urbanization in areas like Ho Chi Minh.

Furthermore, about 85% of the population are Kinhs(Ethnic Vietnamese People).

17. Iran


Population: 89,060,357

Iran had a rapid rise in population during the 80s and 90s as the fertility rate was big at that time. However, it dropped majorly and led to a decrease in population growth.

Iran’s population is constituted of Azerbaijanis ethnicity. Also, The country’s huge population is situated in the north, west, and northwest.

18. Turkey


Population: 85,738,918

Turkey’s young population is situated in big urban areas. Also, Turkey has been home to many migrants for a few decades. With the wars happening in the middle east areas, there has been a rise in the population of about 4 million people.

The population density is huge in Istanbul, though a huge part of the population is situated on the south coast.

19. Germany


Population: 83,301,118

Germany’s huge population is around the region Rhine. Also, it is the most populated country in the European Union. The fertility rate in Germany was lower than two. However, there has been a bit of a rise in the past few years.

Furthermore, Immigration has helped population growth by supporting small and continued population growth.

20. Thailand


Population: 71,785,066

Thailand depends on rice paddies; hence most of the population is primarily rural. There is a campaign on family planning offered by the Thai government along with incentives and free condoms. 

Furthermore, the country faced a drastic fall in the population growth rate.

21. France


Population: 67,101,421

The southeast and north sides of France have the highest population. Moreover, they are situated around some of the historic cities in the country. 

Other than that, France is the only country to have a large population coming only from natural childbirth.

22. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Population: 67,619,800

The United Kingdom is in a phase of population stagnation as many people prefer life without children.

Also, the United Kingdom has the highest number of immigrants, which has been increasing for decades.

Moreover, London is the most densely populated city in the United Kingdom as it is the central capital of the region.

23. Tanzania


Population: 66,419 591

The population of Tanzania has become twice the number since the year 2012. This only indicates that the population will lead towards growth in the upcoming few years.

The highest population is situated in the country’s rural areas of the country along the coastal side.

The falling child mortality is the real reason behind the increment in population growth.

24. South Africa

South Africa

Population: 60,132,319

This country is Widely known for the jungles and animals that make it place close to nature. 

However, South Africa is a country with a lower number of originally south african people. 

Also, a huge part of South Africa has risen with the help of Immigration itself. The immigrants are mostly from the surrounding African countries.

26. Italy 


Population: 58,958,502

The population of Italy has been changing recently. Furthermore, most of the population is part of urban and coastal areas. 

Moreover, the urban and coastal area’s economy depends on sectors like tourism and fishing.

Italy is a historic place recognized by its old emigration to countries like the USA, Australia, etc.

27. Myanmar


Population: 55,227,00

Myanmar (also named Burma) is an Asian country based in the southeast of the continent. Also, it is situated by the Andaman Sea’s coastline and by the Bay Of Bengal.

The native people mostly speak the Bamar language, also the country’s dominant ethnicity. Also, there is about 68% of the Buddhist population in Myanmar.

Myanmar also has a low fertility rate and fewer people seeking to get married.

28. Kenya

Population: 54,534,729

Kenya’s population has grown dramatically in the span of about 100 years. However, Kenya was not among the world’s highest populated countries until 1970.

Also, Kenya is a diversely populated country with about 40 ethnicities. 

Furthermore, it became an independent country in the year 1963. However, the concentrated religion in the country is Christianity.

29. Columbia


Population: 51,956,033

The main part of the Colombian population is situated around the country’s northern coastal and western regions.

About 76% of the population are urban residents who are people with a rural past.

Furthermore, you can expect a notable increase of up to 55 million by the year 2050 in Colombia.

30. South Korea

Population: 51,803,660

South Korea’s population went downhill in the year 2020 due to many critical reasons. That was the first time South Korea faced a decrease in population. 

Specifically, the low growth rate was due to the low fertility rate and the old-aged population.

Also, being the third most dense country in the world, South Korea will see a population increase by 2035.

31. Spain


Population: 46,754,778

In the 1960s and 70s, Spain faced a rising population. Since then, the fertility rate has significantly decreased. 

Also, immigrants from South America and Spanish (returned) immigrants make up the majority.

Moreover, the highest urban populations are found around the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines.

32. Sudan


Population: 46,380,455

Sudan is situated on the northeast side of the African continent and also to the south of Egypt. 

Sudan’s population is dispersed throughout the country, excluding the north. The largest city, Khartoum, is expanding quickly. 

Sudan is a country that produces refugees, yet Immigration and a high fertility rate make up for these losses.

33. Argentina


Population: 45,625,738

In Buenos Aires, almost one-third of the country’s people are situated.  

A demographic imbalance is being created by the change from a young to an aged population. This is caused by the rising life expectancy in the country.

Plus, despite being the third most populated country on the continent, its population density is low.

34. Algeria


Population: 45,249,486

With a very low population in the desert south, the majority of people live around the northern coast. 

Moreover, 90% of Algerians live in the country’s northern coastal regions due to the highly inhabitable southern Sahara Desert. 

However, there are over 1.5 million tribal people that reside in the nation’s desert areas.

35. Iraq


Population: 42,452,546

Before the Iraq War, the population of Iraq was constantly increasing.  

Plus, the war temporarily reduced fertility rates and also caused about two million people to move abroad.

Moreover, as Iraq resumed some sort of life after the war, the country’s population increased.

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Lastly, remember that the most populated countries won’t continue to be so. The population has changed over time according to trends in lifestyle. 

Even though once, America and Europe had the biggest population, China now has the highest population, followed by India.

Soon, African countries will take the lead and become the highest populated countries. However, this change seems to have taken place if you notice.

Nonetheless, this was all the essential information on the most populated countries. If you found this article helpful, leave feedback in the comments below.


Which is the most populated country in the world?

China holds the title of the most populated country in the world.

Which country is the least populated country in the world?

Vatican City is the world’s least populated and smallest country, with just 510 inhabitants.

Which country is the largest ethnicity in the whole wide world?

Due to mandarin being the most spoken language in the world, China is the largest ethnicity in the world.

Which country is the oldest among all the others?

Iran is the oldest country among all the countries on this planet which dates back to 3200 BCE.

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