Top 11 Twitter Competitors and Alternatives of 2023 (Updated List)

Twitter is a safe space for passionate info dumpers. However, with the recent fiasco with Musk’s application, people were deprived of their only source of solace. In that case, I have curated a list of the top 11 Twitter Competitors and Alternatives. 

So, whenever your bird app is troubling you, you can access either one of these alternatives. 

That being said, when I say competitor, I don’t mean platforms that are Twitter’s carbon copy. 

In fact, just overall social media sites that help you in networking. 

11 Best Twitter Competitors and Alternatives In Nutshell (2023)

In the table below, I have mentioned the top eleven competitors and alternatives for Twitter. Additionally, I have also mentioned their ratings out of 5.

RankPlatformRatings (Out of 5)
2Diligent Boards4.5
3Instagram for Business4.4
8LinkedIn Premium4.0
9Meetup Pro4.0
10Tumblr 3.8

I have mentioned Twitter’s top 11 competitors and alternatives in the list below. Along with that, I have also mentioned each platform’s basic functioning and ratings out of five. 

1. Pinterest (4.5 Stars)

Founded in 2010, Pinterest is a visual search engine. You can create/save different boards for your interests, like tattoos, affirmations, music, outfits, etc. 


You can even browse your interests in the search bar, watch video clips (like TikTok or Reels), direct message people, and even receive updates in the notification section. 

2. Diligent Boards (4.5 Stars)

Diligent Boards are a portal for gathering documents, annotations, discussions, and so on. 

Diligent Boards

You can organize offline meetings with this book-like interface. Overall Diligent Boards are used by over 19k companies and 700k companies. Professionals should keep all of their work organized and in one place. 

3. Instagram for Business (4.4 Stars)

Just like the name suggests, you can create an Instagram account specifically for your business. It can range from a marketing profile to a workout page. And just like normal Instagram, you can post stories, reels, and regular pictures. 

 Instagram for Business

Additionally, the prime goal of this platform is to increase viewership. 

4. Slideshare (4.3 Stars)

Hosting service, Slideshare is primarily used for sharing presentations, videos, documents, infographics, etc. And you can upload these files in any format, including PDFs, Word documents, and Powerpoint. 


After that, users can even rate, comment, and further share these pieces of content, which is available for viewing both publicly and privately. 

5. Reddit (4.2 Stars)

Reddit is the best place for shared interests. Users create or join communities depending on their interests, such as music, specific TV shows, making new friends, ghost stories, and artists, and the list is endless. 


Some of the popular subreddits are explainlikeimfive, Ask Reddit, Make new friends, etc.

6. Snapchat (4.2 Stars)

Snapchat is a popular platform where you can share snaps with your friends. Along with that, you can integrate texts into it. These snaps can be both pictures and videos. 

Snapchat ....

Additionally, if you manage to share snaps with the same person for more than three days, then streaks begin. And depending on the regularity of your conversations, you will locate a small emoticon beside your friend’s name. 

7. Facebook (4.2 Stars)

One of Meta’s social networking sites, Facebook, is primarily curated for making friends while sitting in the comfort of your house. You can send and receive friend requests from people (even strangers) and become online friends. 


You can even post pictures and videos on your timeline. Additionally, you can tag people in it. Moreover, your friends can view these posts and further like, comment, and share them. 

8. LinkedIn Premium (4.0 Stars)

LinkedIn Premium is the best place to put you and your skills out there. All you need to do is create a profile and state your basic details, like education, work experience, and skill sets you have built over the years. 

 LinkedIn Premium

Then your colleagues can testify whatever you are stating is indeed true. And the more the network you build, the higher your chance to be recommended to the right people. 

Additionally, the premium account notifies you in case someone is checking out your profile. 

9. Meetup Pro (4.0 Stars)

Meetup Pro

Meetup Pro is a direct medium between brand deals and their target audience. Here, as a businessman, you can directly trace customer engagement, direct growth in the community, and overall awareness of the brand. 

10. Tumblr (3.8 Stars)

Tumblr is almost a blogging site where you can curate text-based posts, images, gifs, and videos. Again, you can choose to keep your profile private or public, and depending on that, users can either reblog or comment. 


In case of commenting, your post will keep increasing in length.

11. TikTok (3.4 Stars)

TikTok is a Chinese-based social media platform that lets you create 15 seconds short videos with added effects like music, filters, stickers, etc. You can even collaborate with your fellow TikTokkers. 


Additionally, TikTok’s highly personalized algorithm makes the platform immensely addictive.

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Final Word: Who Is Twitter Number One Competitor?

I bet you clicked on this article thinking Threads will be number one on Twitter. However, despite the Instagram-based Meta launch being most similar to Twitter’s interface, there are quite a few differences that make Threads not that strong of a competition.

Having said that, as of 2023, Pinterest is the number one Twitter competitor. 

And why wouldn’t it? Pinterest’s visual board and saving of different pins make the platform immensely unique and easy to use. 

However, keep in mind this list is curated by considering the latest data and ratings. So, in case the information changes, so will the list. In that case, I will keep the page updated!

FAQs: Twitter Competitors and Alternatives

What is the closest thing to Twitter?

Meta’s latest launch, Threads, is the closest thing to Twitter. 
However, despite that, Threads failed to deliver the direct messages for your page and the overall fiery zest that you see with Twitter users. There is an internal joke that Threads is a Twitter-like platform for Instagram-minded people.

What are the top 3 competitors to Twitter?

As of 2023, Twitter’s top three social media competitors are Pinterest, Diligent Boards, and Instagram for Business. All of these platforms have ratings between 4.5 to 4.4.

What is Twitter’s weakness?

Currently, Twitter’s top weakness is the lack of monetization. And since the user’s revenue primarily depends on advertisements, other platforms seem to give the text-based platform good competition. 

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