Lincoln Lawyer Season 3: Renewed Or Cancelled?

Lincoln Lawyer is renewed for a new season. However, while most speculations have been about Lincoln Lawyer Season 3, the show has taken a different route. So, if you are curious about it, too, then keep reading. 

In this article, I will discuss the release of Lincoln Lawyer’s upcoming season, trailer, cast, and potential plot line. On that note, let’s dive in:-

Is Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 On Its Way?

Lincoln Lawyer is indeed on its way. However, instead of Season 3, Lincoln Season 2 (part 2) would be released soon. Additionally, sometime in June 2023, Netflix disclosed releasing Season 2 in two parts. 

Lincoln Lawyer Season 3
Source: Netflix life

While the first part was released on 6th July 2023, the second part will be released on 3rd August 2023. And just like the first half, part two would have ten episodes too. 

Is The Official Trailer of Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Out Yet?

The official trailer of Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 2 is indeed out. You can check it out here. 

Who Can You Expect In The Upcoming Part of Lincoln Lawyer Season 2?

In an official tweet, showrunner Ted Humphrey mentioned bringing back plenty of familiar faces. Likewise, one person who for sure will not be appearing in the upcoming part is Christopher Gorham, who portrayed the character of Trevor Elliot. 

Lincoln Lawyer Season
Source: Daily Research Plot

That being said, the following is the recurring cast list for the upcoming part:-

Sr NoActors Name Character Name 
1Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Mickey Haller
2Neve Campbell Maggie McPherson
3Becki Newton Lorna
4Jazz RaycoleIzzy
5Angus Sampson Cisco
6Yaya DacostaLisa Tramell
7Lana Parrilla Andrea Freeman
8Angelica MariaHenry Dahl

What Can You Expect From The Upcoming Part?

For starters, Lincoln Lawyer would have ten episodes and additional nine episodes. And since the second season was adapted from the fourth volume called The Fifth Witness, you can expect the book’s events to be covered. 

Expect From Lincoln Lawyer
Source: Netflix life

That being said, if I were to sum up the plot briefly, Lisa has been Mickey’s client for about eight months, and somehow he has stopped the bank from taking away her house. 

However, now that he is dead, Lisa is convicted of the murder. 

Though isn’t that weird for Lisa to be speculated? Given the fact, Mickey has been saving her all this time? Stay tuned to find out! 

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Conclusion: Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 2

Most people have been searching for Lincoln Lawyer Season 3. However, instead of Season 3, Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 2 is on the way. 

You can stream the part on Netflix on 3rd August 2023. So, that’s it for my article. In case of any additional information, I will keep the page updated. 


How many seasons are there of The Lincoln Lawyer series?

Currently, only two seasons of the Lincoln Lawyer series are there. Additionally, season two is divided into two parts. 

Did Lincoln’s lawyer get picked up?

Lincoln Lawyer is indeed picked up for Season 2, whose part two will be released on 3rd August 2023. 

Has season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer started?

The first half of Season 2 has indeed started on 6th July 2023. 

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