Top 11 Strongest Woman In The World of All Time (2023)

Strongest Woman In The World

Out of all adjectives, women are rarely defined as strong. Maybe emotionally in some cases, but physically, it’s rarely been the case. However, that seems to be changing now. 

More women are interested in traditionally men-derived activities like working out, heavy lifting, and so on. Therefore, this article will discuss the strongest women in the World who are not staying behind and breaking gender stereotypes!

Worldwide Top 10 Strongest Women (2023)

In the table given below, I have mentioned the Worldwide Top 10 Strongest Women. Along with that, I have also added their nationality and their accomplishments.

1Rebecca RobertsWinner of World’s Strongest Woman Competition (2021)Welsh
2Katrin DavidsdottirWinner of Crossfit Games in 2015, 2016, and 2018Icelandic
3Tia-Clair ToomeyWinner of Crossfit Games in 2017 to 2020Australian
4Kristin HolteWinner of World’s Strongest Woman Competition (2019)Norwegian
5Monica AbbottHeaviest bench press record by a female (330 Ibs)American 
6Andrea ThomsonWinner of Britain’s Strongest Women in 2016 to 2019. British
7Nataliya KuznetsovaWinner of Arnold Strongwoman Classic Competition in 2014 and 2016Russian 
8Jen ThompsonWinner of the USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals in 2017 (148 Ib)American
9Kristy HawkinsWinner of Arnold Strongwoman in 2021 (Lightweight)American
10Sonya Thomas “The Black Widow”American

Top 10+ Strongest Women In The World

I have mentioned the top 10+ Strongest Women In The Word in the list below. In addition to that, I have briefly discussed their background and achievements. 

1. Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca Roberts
Source: Instagram

Rebecca Roberts is currently known as the United Kingdom’s Strongest Woman as of 2023. 

The Welsh origin also won the title of the World’s Strongest Woman In The World in 2021, which took place in Daytona Beach. Needless to say, ever since her career began in 2016, Roberts has hardly been defeated, except when she was injured. 

2. Katrin Davidsdottir

strongest woman in the world- Katrin Davidsdottir
Source: Instagram

Katrin Davidsdottir has appeared in the CrossFit Games about eight times. In fact, she won the Champion title in 2015 and 2016. Moreover, Davidsdottir is the second female athlete who has repeated as a Champion. 

3. Tia-Clair Toomey

Tia-Clair Toomey
Source: Instagram

Tia-Clair Toomey is a CrossFit Games Athlete and Weightlifter who has won the CrossFit title in 2022 for the sixth time consecutively. Additionally, no other Athlete has had as many titles as her in the Sport’s history. 

4. Kristin Holte

strongest woman in the world- Kristin Holte
Source: Instagram

Another CrossFit veteran has appeared in the competition about eight times. 

She began her journey with CrossFit in 2012, where she first appeared in Regional Europe and even took seventh place. Ever since her path crossed with CrossFit, Holte has always qualified in competitions, with her highest rank being 2nd in 2019. 

5. Monica Abbott

strongest woman in the world Monica Abbott
Source: Instagram

Monica Abbott won Silver Medal at the Summer Olympics for her National Softball Team USA in 2008 and 2020. Moreover, she is immensely recognized for being NCAA Division I Leader in Innings, Strikeouts, Wins, Shutouts, etc. 

Primarily, Abbott has also set the record for lifting the heaviest raw bench press record up to 330 Ibs. 

6. Andrea Thomson

Andrea Thomson
Source: Daily Express

Andrea Thomson has consecutively won Britain’s Strongest Woman title between 2016 and 2019. She also holds the record of Log press and has broken her record multiple times. Moreover, Thomson also holds the deadlift record.  

7. Nataliya Kuznetsova

strongest woman in the world-Nataliya Kuznetsova
Source: Instagram

Russian powerlifter and bodybuilder Nataliya Kuznetsova has set several records, including World Champion and Record in Armlifting in Crimpea, World Champion and Record in Ben press Nap, Powerlifting at the Cup of Eurasia, and so on. 

That being said, Kuznetsova has openly admitted to consuming Estrogen blockers and Steroids. And without the help of these biotics, she probably won’t be able to gain the steady muscles she has. 

8. Jen Thompson

strongest woman in the world-Jen Thompson
Source: Instagram

Jen Thomson made headlines when she unofficially set the new American record by bench pressing 67.5 kg class with a press of 148.5 kilograms. She shared this clip on her official Instagram account and received a lot of praise for it. 

9. Kristy Hawkins

strongest woman in the world- Kristy Hawkins
Source: Instagram

Former Bodybuilder and Powerlifter Kristy Michelle Hawkins is best known for winning the Arnold Strongwoman in 2021 (Lightweight). 

Other than that, she has broken quite a few records, including All Squats (with and without wraps), All Total (with and without wraps), Total (no wraps), and Squats (no wraps), and four of these records were broken in 2017 and 2016 respectively!

10. Sonya Thomas

Sonya Thomas
Source: Washingtonian

Famously known as “The Black Widow,” Sonya Thomson is a Korean-American-born competitive eater. In 2003, she entered the International Federation of Competitive Eating and has quickly garnered popularity ever since. 

Moreover, she has set several records, including eating 65 hard-boiled eggs within the span of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Overall, she has received her nickname for regularly defeating men who are four or five times bigger than her size. 

11. Abbye Stockton

strongest woman in the world- Abbye Stockton
Source: Muscle and Fitness

Also known as Pudgy, Abby Stockton has a routine of holding her husband in adjoining headstands straight above her head. And to say that Abbye is 5’2 with 115 Pounds speaks volumes about her muscle strength. 

And due to this, she has also earned the Queen of Muscle Beach nickname. 

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Wrapping Up: Who Is The Strongest Woman In The World?

As of 2023, Rebecca Roberts is considered the Strongest Woman in the WorldWorld! 

The Welsh native made the UK proud when she won the title of Worldwide Strongest Woman in 2021. Not only that but ever since Roberts began her career in 20216, she has won almost all titles she has competed in. 

The only title she could not win was because of her injuries. So, that is justified.

Remember, this article is based on the current data. So, in case the list of Strongest Women In The World shuffles, I will keep the page updated!


Who is currently the strongest woman in the World?

As of 2023, Rebecca Roberts is the strongest woman in the World.

Who will be the strongest woman in the World in 2023?

The strongest woman in the WorldWorld as of 2023 is Rebecca Roberts. 

How much can the strongest woman on earth lift?

Each woman’s capacity to lift weights differs irrespective of them being the strongest woman in the WorldWorld. For instance, Becca Swanson can lift up to 854.3-pound squats, 683.4 deadlifts, and a 600.8-pound bench.

Who is physically the strongest woman?

Aneta Florczyk is the physically strongest woman of all time.

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