Is Chat GPT Down Right Now? Live Status And Problems

Ever since AI became public knowledge, many people have opted for the “work smart, not hard” road. And without realizing Chat GPT became the norm for simple tasks. 

Now, imagine when you’re dependable on a platform, and it crashes out of nowhere, especially in the middle of an important exam that you had studied for. 

Well, in that case, I can imagine how many “is Chat GPT down?” or “how long will chatGPT be down?” or “has chatGPT Crashed?” Google has received it. So, to make Google’s job a bit simple, this article will discuss four step-by-step solutions to resolve your glitch. On that note, let’s get started:-

Is Chat GPT Not Working?

As of October 2023, Chat GPT is working just fine. 

However, in the last 24 hours, several reports were filed against it, the website, and the app as well. While some people complained about the network error, others had problems with not being able to send the prompts. 

Thankfully, the issue is resolved now. But by any chance, if you are still struggling to access the platform, then follow the steps below to register your complaint:-

1: Head to your web browser and further type. Is it down for everyone or just me?

Is Chat GPT Down

2: Scroll down and click on the issue that resonates with you the most.

Problem with chatgpt

Step 3: Finally, they will note your response and further resolve the issue you are facing.

resolve the issue you are facing

Five Solutions To Get Your Chat GPT To Start Working

There are several other remote reasons (apart from the server being down) why it could be crashing: Maybe your internet connection is not stable enough, or maybe there is too much unclear cache stored in the app. 

Regardless, you can simply resolve the impending issue by implementing the solutions given below.

Solution 1: Restart Your Mobile Device

To restart your mobile device, follow the steps mentioned below:-

1: On your mobile device long, press the power button.

2: Now click on restart.

click on restart

And voila! Your Chat GPT app would likely stop crashing now. 

Solution 2: Clear The Junk From The Website

To clear the junk from the website, follow the steps mentioned below:-

1: Open a new tab on your web browser.

2: At the top-right corner, you will see three vertical dots.

three vertical dots

3: After clicking on those three dots, you will see the settings option. 

settings option

4: At the top left corner, click on Privacy and Security.

Privacy and Security

5: Now, click on the clear browsing data.

clear browsing data

6: Finally, make sure your time range is selected as all time. And further, click on clear data. 

time range is selected as all time

Solution 3: Disable Excessive Extensions

To disable the Chat GPT extension, follow the steps mentioned below:-

1: Open a new tab on your web browser.

2: At the top-right corner, you will see three vertical dots.

see three vertical dots

3: After clicking on those three dots, you will see the settings option. 

see the settings

4: At the bottom left corner, click on extensions. 

click on extensions

5: Finally, you can start disabling each extension.

can start disabling each extension

Solution 4: Update Your Chat GPT App

To update your App, follow the steps mentioned below:-

1: Go to your Google Play Store. 

2: You will see a blank space at the top of your screen.

3: Type Chat GPT in the search bar.

4:  Finally, tap on the update button that’s located on the right side. 

Solution 5: Go For Chat GPT Alternatives

If all the above-mentioned solutions are not working for you, simply opt for Chat GPT alternatives. To make your process easier, the following are some of the best ones:-

  1. Microsoft Bing
  2. Google Bard
  3. Jasper Chat
  4. Perplexity AI

Why is ChatGPT down?

The message “ ChatGPT is at capacity right now” Is shown when the chatbot receives many requests, which overcomes its capacity. There are many reasons behind it, but the most common is the high traffic or volume of website visitors. Downtime in service may result from the loaded servers.  

When ChatGPT is unavailable, it might happen because of a network problem or error like the chatbot 1020 error code. However, the server load is usually to blame for the issues.

The ChatGPT Error generating response notices these problems:

  • Server issue with chatGPT 
  • Internet connection issues 
  • Chrome Addons/ extensions 
  • Cookies & site cache are not cleaned 

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As of August 2023, Chat GPT is not down. However, there were quite a few reports filed against the platform in the span of the last 24 hours. You can check the stability of the internet connection to access the platform better. 

If your internet is not the issue, then: Restart your mobile device, Clear The Junk from the website, Disable Excessive Extensions, Update Your App, etc. 

Note that I have already provided the step-by-step guides for each of the methods. So, simply scroll up to refer to that. 

If none of the methods are working for you, you can switch to any Its alternatives, such as Google Bard, Microsft Bing, and so on. 


Is there a problem in ChatGPT today?

Currently, Chat GPT is not showing any issues. People indeed registered their complaints in the last 24 hours of 14th June 2023. However, the problem is resolved now. 

Is ChatGPT closed?

Chat GPT was indeed shut down to resolve the bug. But since the issue got resolved, Chat GPT is open again. 

Who owns ChatGPT?

Chat GPT is developed and owned by Open AI. 

Who created ChatGPT?

The AI chatbot Chat GPT is created by Open AI.

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