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Atila: Battle Angel star Rosa Salazar is a Canadian actress whose full name is Rosa Bianca Salazar. This Canadian actress was born on July 16, 1985, and she is 37 years old. After the most significant success of Alita: Battle Angel, Rosa gets the ultimate popularity. 

This talented actress has tried her acting skills in different genres; whether it is an action movie or a complicated drama, she has proved herself the best. She acted as characters in the FX anthology series American Horror Story: Murder House and the NBC drama Parenthood. 

In the movie Alita: Battle Angel, Rosa portrayed the role of Alita and appeared with special visual effects. She also starred in the Netflix movies The Kindergarten Teacher and Bird Box and The Divergent Series: Insurgent, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, and Maze Runner: The Death Cure. She grabbed the audience’s attention. 

So, Let’s dive into Rosa Salazar’s Movies And TV Shows:

22 Best Rosa Salazar Movies To Watch In 2023

Here is the complete list of the best Rosa Salazar Movies.

Sr.NoMovie NameIMDb Rating
1 Alita Battle Angel 7.3/10
3Nuclear Family7.1/10
4Plan B4.6/10
5Batman: Arkham originals8.2/10
6Hello Ladies7.4/10
8James Boy6.2/10
11Search Party7.7/10
12Night Owls6.2/10
13Maze runner: the death cure6.2/10
14Man seeking Woman7.8/10
16The Kindergarten Teacher6.7/10
17Good crazy7.7/10
18Pink skies ahead6.2/10
20Big Mouth7.9/10
22Wedding Season 6.3/10

Best 9 Tv Series of Rosa Salazar

Here is an overview of the Rosa Salazar TV Series

Sr.NoTV Series NameIMDb Rating
1Old Friend 7.9/10
2Law & Order, LA 6.7/10
3American Horror Stories6.2/10
5Stevie Tv6.4/10
6CollegeHumor Originals 7.6/10
7UCB Comedy Originals6.4/10
8Bane and Kate5.8/10
9Looper: Baldness Anxiety5/10

If you are a big fan of this talented actress, consider this list as your bucket list and start bing-watch.

Rosa Salazar Movie Career

In her early days, Salazar started her acting career and performance at the theatre during her school days, which speaks about her love and passion for acting. At age fifteen, Salazar decided to go further with acting and pursue an acting career; she moved to New York.

She started her career with YouTube videos, where she collaborated with College Humor in her early twenties.

Battle Angel star Rosa Salazar

Not only the acting, but Rosa was also brilliant with Doodles, and she used to make countless doodles. In 2009 Rosa stepped into Hollywood when she moved to Los Angeles, and her professional acting career started from there.

Rosa Salazar Movie Career

Salazar debuted in the slasher program American Horror Story. Especially the programs Parenthood and Murder House. However, this role did not bring Salazar into the limelight, but it gave her more opportunities.

She did not stay on TV for more days and moved into the Movies. She started with Divergent Trilogy, and her career moved further with other beautiful movies like the Maze Runner Series, where Salazar was in the supporting role.

All those roles were pretty typical to Rosa, and her real breakthrough started with Alita: Battle Angel. Though In 2003, the release date of Alita was announced; due to the sequel part of Avatar, the director got busy, and it took time to bring the movie into the theatre.

Rosa  real breakthrough

 After several years of discussion, Rodriguez became director, and the movie was formally scheduled to begin filming in 2016. Salazar was chosen to play the lead role in the film the same year as this. The majority of Alita: Battle Angel’s scenes were generated using CGI. Hence much of the filming took place indoors.

Rosa Salazar Details in Nutshell

Birth NameRosa Bianca Salazar
Date of BirthJuly 16, 1985
Age37 Yrs
Zodiac signCancer
ProfessionFilm actress, Director, Voice Actress, Writer

Rosa loves to keep her life private, so it becomes difficult to know more about her. However, we have gathered some of her detail and will discuss that.

No marriage rumors have been seen recently about this actress. Still, she was in a relationship with Adam Pally. He was her Night owl co-star, whom she called her work Husband.

Rosa Salazar Details 

Salazar likes to keep close-cropped haircuts and has a highly relaxed style. She recently admitted to Instyle magazine that she would live her entire life in American Apparel pants.

At a theatre in Maryland, She worked as a concessions coordinator in her first position. She jumps from shoveling popcorn to being the show’s star.

She previously told Ross Carey that she initially turned to act to release her energies. Salazar and her family think she is a very hyper person. Even worse, she claimed she was the type of child you would put on the table so you could watch her dance and refer to her as the hyper child.

After deciding to use her overactive personality for something constructive, Salazar ultimately decided to act.


1. Early Career: Salazar began her acting career with small roles in television shows like “Law & Order: LA” and “American Horror Story: Murder House” in 2011. She also appeared in the movie “The Divergent Series: Insurgent” in 2015.

2. Breakthrough Role: In 2018, Salazar achieved significant recognition for her portrayal of the lead character Alita in the science fiction film “Alita: Battle Angel.” Directed by Robert Rodriguez and produced by James Cameron, the film showcased Salazar’s talent and helped establish her as a rising star.

3. Television Work: Apart from her film roles, Salazar has also appeared in notable television series. In 2014, she had a recurring role in the NBC series “Parenthood.” Additionally, she played the character Maria in the acclaimed Netflix series “Maniac” (2018) alongside Jonah Hill and Emma Stone.

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Conclusion: Rosa Salazar Movies

As we have seen in the list of Rosa Salazar Movies, After that we can say that she is really talented actress who has appeared in a number of movies throughout her career. She proves her ability as an actress in Night Owls to her main role in Alita battle angel.

Tell us how your experience was after watching these movies. If you have any quire, let us know in the comment section box below.


How old is rosa salazar?

Rosa Salazar is 37 years old.

Is Rosa Salazar in a relationship with anyone?

No, She is not in a relationship with anyone. However, she was previously in a relationship.

What is the full name of Rosa Salazar?

Rosa Bianca Salazar, that’s the full name of her.

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