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Amazon prime video was launched in the year 2006, and it has gained immense recognition and has gained around 175 million subscribers. Prime Video has been a saviour for many people across the globe, who are extremely happy with prime video’s services and offers. Today let us discuss everything that we need to know before we subscribe to prime video.

Amazon Prime Video

Does Amazon Prime Video Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, prime video does offer a 30-day free trial for its viewers. The 30-day free trial is quite an attraction for a new audience who would want to go through the trial period before subscribing to it. During the trial period, the viewers get access to all movies, T.V shows and much more. One can enjoy the trial period and make decisions accordingly if they are interested to continue with the paid plans for unlimited and ad-free entertainment. Prime video is one of the rare platforms which offers a month of free trial after Netflix cancelled their 30-day trial. It is always good to have a trial period before we invest any amount of money in a certain platform.

What Does Prime Video Offer?

It has something for everyone to watch. It offers a wide range of content like TV shows, Amazon originals, movies and much more. It has live streaming of sports for people who are interested in watching matches and other different sports. It has Hollywood classics and thrillers like Zodiac, and You Were Never Really Here alongside many comedy genres and most loved Bollywood movies and songs too.

Prime Video has its own Original movies too which are exclusively available on prime video like Hunters, Tales from the Loop and many more. Some of the famous releases are The Lord Of the Rings, The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, Fleabag and much more.

Note: It differs from country to country, and what content is available for which country. To understand what all content is available in your country, signup for the 30-day free trial to know in detail.

How To Sign Up For Prime Video Free Trial?

Follow these simple steps to sign up for 30 days free trial of prime video:

Sign Up For Prime Video
  • Go to the official page of prime video
  • Click on Try Prime
  • Sign in to your existing Amazon account
  • Follow the instructions shown on your screen and continue with the process

Note; Information required at your end will be your email address or phone number with before the trial period ends to save any cost deduction, if you are happy with your subscription then you don’t have to think about ending it before the trial period ends. It’s only for those viewers who don’t wish to continue while they are in their trial period.

Amazon Prime Video Subscription Plans

Amazon Prime Video offers three types of plans for its subscribers:

  • The first plan is for Rs 179 monthly
  • The second plan is Rs 459 Quarterly
  • Last and the third plan is Prime video offers which cost Rs 1,499 yearly.

Conclusion: Amazon Prime Video

I would conclude on a side note that if you are looking for a platform where you wish to to understand the platform better and to make the best choice according to your experience during the trial period. I have not seen any other streaming platform to offer such a long duration of trial for its viewers. So head on to their sign-up page and check out an ocean of streaming entertainment and the latest releases.

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