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If you love the movie Alita: Battle Angel, you are probably an action movie lover. The movie industry is full of different kinds of movies in the same genre, which makes us more confused. Whenever we think to binge-watch a movie, it gives us frustration because we can not choose a single one. 

We understand your problem, and we have your back too. Here we will discuss some of the great movies like Alita: Battle Angel. If you are keen to know them, just scroll through the article.

List Of 10+ Movies Like Alita Battle Angel 

The Alita Battle Angel film is an American film including elements of sci-fi, action, cyberpunk, and robots. Therefore, we are going to share some films like Alita Battle Angel. If you have loved Alita Battle Angel, here is a list of some similar films that you might like.

1. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children:

This film is the perfect combination of drama and action. The drama overpowers the first half, while the other half is full of unbelievable action. The characters and story are involved. If you love the technical genre, then this movie will suit you. 

2. Cyborg:


Cyborg is a Sci-fi movie. The movie includes some shots of martial arts also. An amazing story, including the concept of the lethal disease Plague and the amazing city of New York, is the base of this movie. There is a sprinkle of love story also in the script. 

3. Black Magic M66 

Black Magic M66

Black Magic M66 has involved the sci-fi and anime genre. If you love watching any genre, then you will like this movie. Besides anime and sci-fi, the movie includes a balanced combination of action, suspense, and drama. 

4. RoboCop:


This film has an action thriller story. The story revolves around a human cop who converts into a cyborg. The movie has good specialization in terms of presentation, characters, and atmosphere. The movie’s story is not very deep and dramatic, but overall this movie is a good choice to watch. 

5. Ex Machina 

Ex Machina

What would be the reaction of Androids if they had thinking power like humans? This is exactly the base of this film. We probably all have used Android at some point in our life. The movie is highly based on androids and humans. The movie includes an outstanding concept of men and machines. 

6. Dredd:


This movie has action and sci-fi themes. The story revolves around a harsh world. The movie has included the concepts of law, crimes, poverty, and civilization. The movie can satiate your hunger for watching a perfect violent action movie. 

7. Akira:


This movie is believed to be a masterpiece of anime and sci-fi movies. The movie is good at visuals and narration. The movie revolves around an experiment on guinea pigs and government officials. The movie resembles Alita because of the similar atmosphere. 

8. Total Recall:

Total Recall 

This movie is good at energy, acting, and visuals. It is said that this movie never gets old. People love to watch the movie repeatedly because of its unique concept and amazing visuals. 

9. Ghost in the shell:

Ghost in the shell

The film is based on the sci-fi and cyberpunk genres. The movie includes animation and a crime story of cyber terrorists. If you have loved watching Alita, then you will also love this film. 

10. Neo Tokyo:

Neo Tokyo

This is another movie with great cyberpunk and sci-fi elements. Animation and philosophical concepts are also included in the movie. You can consider the movie to satiate the craving for anthology and cyberpunk movies. 

Here we have shared about 10 movies like Alita: Battle Angel. You can watch all those movies one by one. We hope this article will help you to make up your mind to go with a single decision.

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