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Son of Mexican-American parents, Rodriguez was born in San Antonio, Texas. His father, Cecilio G. Rodriguez, is a salesman, and his mother, Rebecca (née Villegas), is a nurse. When his father purchased one of the earliest VCRs equipped with a camera when he was eleven years old, he developed an interest in movies. Not only this, Robert is a full professional package, from being a camera technician, artist, and cinematographer to skipping up into VFX coordinator, supervisor as well as cinematographer; he didn’t take a break, and ultimately he made it to videographer, and sound publisher too.

Robert Rodriguez

The actor wasn’t aware that discovering his love of cartooning and being a cartoonist would soon take his heart.  In addition to writing, Rodriguez also directs and produces his movies. He also worked on a famous comic. The student newspaper, The Daily Texan, published the comic for three years.

Later on, Rodriguez shifted his dreams toward the College of Communication at the University of Arizona. After his studies, he came up on the big screen with his outstanding performance in movies. The movies like Sin City and Once Upon a Time in México have both been cut and shot by Rodriguez. After his constant hard work and outstanding performance, he won the hearts of many, and he currently has a total wealth that is not less than almost $50 million per annum approximately, which is good on the go.

Movies of Rodriguez

Rodriguez, a college student, created the Bedhead short film, which won several awards. He started working on his first feature picture after gaining enough recognition to take his filmmaking profession more seriously, which required a lot of sweat, blood, and tears, as well as actual physical research. Rodriguez’s 1992 movie El Mariachi catapulted Rodriguez onto the Hollywood radar and ushered in the start of a prolonged, lucrative, eclectic, and deeply personal directing career.

Here are a few mind-blowing and over-the-top movies of Hollywood that make Robert stand out of the crowd today.

RankMoviesIMDB Rating
1.Once Upon a Time in Mexico6.3/10
2.Planet Terror7.1/10
3.El Mariachi 6.8/10
4.From Dusk till Dawn 7.2/10
5.Machete 6.6/10

Top 5 Robert Rodriguez Movies To Watch In 2023

Here are the top five movies directed by Robert Rodriguez. Let’s go through them one by one:

1. Once Upon a Time in Mexico-

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

 Rodriguez overburdens a sequel with the material once more. Rodriguez strives for a plot and imagery that “go straight to the top” throughout this movie, its legendarily named conclusion to his Mariachi trilogy, including both aspects of its conspiracy drama film “everybody in power is corrupt” escapades as well as in aspects of its desire to be seen as a grand, mythological ending.

El Mariachi and his production team do receive satisfying, fittingly mythic resolutions. Still, in order to arrive there, we have had to glimpse Mendes’ character change for no obvious cause. Depp’s character, an abhorrent, talk-a-holic scumbag I don’t find redeemable in any way, receives a sizable, “legendary” set piece in which he is bamboozled and must rely on a youngster to navigate a shootout (cool? Maybe. utterly unrelated to the “arc” of the character? Absolutely).

This movie is distinctly Rodriguez, and the sincerity of his vision nevertheless makes it worth seeing. Just be aware that the amusement will come and go in fits and spurts.

2. Planet Terror –

Planet Terror

Even apart from its wonderful context, Rodriguez’s Planet Terror is still one of his most purely cinematic masterpieces. For as many artistic flourishes, monstrously excellent work zombie effects, and outright jokes as he can fit into this horror-comedy, Rodriguez is undoubtedly letting his imagination run wild.

However, at its core—and the reason for its ongoing success—is a story concerned with toxic masculinity, micro and macro-level attitudes of entitlement, and the eventual reclaiming of feminine sovereignty against such patriarchal forces.

3. El Mariachi –

El Mariachi

A dramatic cinematographic debut that continues to be as fascinating, significant, jaw-dropping, and exhilarating as when it was officially published. Every frame of the documentary evokes a notion of life, need, and untamed want, making it a little less like a “cinema” and rather like an offshoot of his body. With all his skills and immense talent, every minor component of his motion set pieces is lensed—with snappy focus, stylized delight, and technical actions and decisions that astonish each time.

4. From Dusk till Dawn- 

From Dusk till Dawn

Perhaps one of the best bait-and-switch movies ever made, possibly the best Rodriguez/Tarantino collaboration to date, and perhaps the most effective fusion of Rodriguez’s  “patient Hollywood” cinematography approaches. From Dusk to Dawn is an exhilarating trip; it is a flawless example of genre-blending cinema that radiates confidence even as it intentionally and jaggedly zigs and zags in unpredictable ways.

5. Machete – 


Machete is unquestionably the ideal Robert Rodriguez movie, and it is the ideal movie for the calendar year. It maintains its origin object’s sense of goofiness and performative classic horror aesthetics but adds to it a democratic provocative, vital, and inevitably inspiring narrative. It was co-directed by fairly frequent Rodriguez publisher Ethan Maniquis.

You Should Try This 6 Best Robert Rodriguez Movies

Here we have listed top hits movies which are released after 2001

Sr. NoMovies NameRelease DateIMDb Rating
1The FacultyDecember 25, 19986.5
2Spy Kids March 30, 20015.5
3Sin CityApril 1, 20058.0
4Spy KidsAugust 19, 20113.5
5Sin City: A Dame to Kill ForAugust 19, 20113.5
6Alita: Battle AngelFebruary 14, 20197.3

Networth of Rodriguez 

With his unconventional style of filmmaking, Robert Rodriguez became well-known; the actor’s estimated Net worth is $60 Million. Among the most remarkable paths to becoming a director was followed by Robert Rodriguez, who used money raised from surrendering to medical testing to journey to Mexico to film the cult masterpiece El Mariachi. In the documentary, hitmen mistake an unfortunate mariachi for a criminal. Rodriguez originally planned to sell the film as a straight-to-video feature when he created it when he was just 23 years old and only had $7,000 to his name. 

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We hope that the movies of Robert Rodriguez you will be watching in your free time Robert Overall, Rodriguez’s movies are known for their unique style, innovative storytelling, and unforgettable visuals. Whether you’re a fan of action movies, sci-fi adventures, or quirky comedies, there is sure to be a Rodriguez film that you will love. What is your opinion on this? Let us know in the comment section box below.

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