14 Best Deepfake Apps & Websites In 2023

Best Deepfake Apps And Websites

Are you looking for some customized GIFs? Or a source that will replace your face on existing pictures and videos even. Well, in that case, our list of the best deepfake apps and websites will resolve your issue!

In this article, we have mentioned the 14 best deepfake apps and websites: along with their key features, device availability, price, etc. With that being said, let’s discuss it in much detail:-

Top 10 Deepfake Apps & Websites: In A Nutshell (2023)

In the following table, we have mentioned the top 10 best Deepfake Apps and Websites (along with their availability). With that being said, let’s check them out!

Sr.NoDeepfake App/WebsiteAvailability 
1.DeepFaceLabWindows and CentOS
2.DALL-E MiniAndroid
3.FaceAppAndroid and iOS
4.Lensa AIAndroid and iOS
5.MyHeritageAndroid and iOS
6.Deepfakes Web  Deepfakes Web
7.JiggyAndroid and iOS
9.Face Swap LiveiOS
10.WomboAndroid and iOS

14 Best Deepfake Apps And Websites

The list below shows the 14 Best Deepfake Apps and Websites with different quirks. 

While some may work in a traditional deepfake way, some names on the list let you record videos, upload stickers, etc. With that being said, let’s check them out!

1. DeepFaceLab


Primarily built for computer vision students and researchers, DeepFaceLab is a Windows software that creates deepfake videos. It accesses Human Image Synthesis and Machine Learning to replace your face in the image. 

However promising as it may sound, the user interface is a bit tricky. Because of this, you must refer to the documentation for seamless usage. Needless to say, you will also need a high-end GPU-functioning PC!

2. DALL- E Mini 

DALL-E Mini 

DALL-E Mini is an AI model inspired by DALL-E and helps create images through text prompts. 

Moreover, since DALL-E Mini has been trained and tested on internet images a zillion times, there is a possibility of drawing images of objects that do not exist yet. 

3. FaceApp


One of the prime reasons behind the popularization of Deepfake is FaceApp! All you have to do is upload a picture in the app, and after a few processing seconds, FaceApp shows how you will look when you are old. 

The necessary processing behind FaceApp is the AI generator that edits your pictures. Therefore, giving it a much more realistic look. You can try it out just for fun! Ask your friends to do the same, and then you can compare the results with years-old pictures. 

4. Lensa AI

Lensa AI

Unlike your typical Deepfake apps that replace your face on someone else’s body, Lensa AI creates portraits instead. Moreover, the app even went viral because of its photorealistic capability and device compatibility with both Android and iOS.

Other than that, Lensa also provides style varieties, such as Anime design, Superhero, etc. Generally, Lensa AI is free of cost for both iOS and Android. However, you can also subscribe to the premium package that provides you with a portrait. 

5. MyHeritage 


MyHeritage is another deep-fake app used mainly by influencers, animating your old pictures. All you have to do is upload your picture in the app and tap on animate. Further, processing takes a few seconds, and then your animated picture shows up. 

In addition, MyHeritage is also suitable for deepfake videos that go viral: if you remember the TikTok ghost filter trend a while back. Plus, the animated edit even looks realistic. 

6. Deepfakes Web

Deepfakes Web

Deepfakes Web catches your face data, and the web tool creates the Deepfakes videos. However, the process is tedious as it takes up to 5 hours. But only for the free version. 

If you are using the premium version, then Deepfakes Web generates your videos in one hour with split outputs. 

7. Jiggy 

Jiggy - Best Deepfake Apps And Websites 

If you want to create customized GIFs of yourself, then Jiggy will come in handy. All you have to do is upload your picture and the GIF of your choice in the Jiggy app. 

Moreover, it will replace the GIF subject with your face. Further, the final result will be animated so that you won’t be able to tell the difference between the original GIF and the customized one. 

8. Zao

 Zao - Best Deepfake Apps And Websites 

The Chinese-based Deepfake app went viral due to its face-swapping filter. To test the app, you can upload two different pictures, and it would swap their faces. 

Other than that, you can even try Zao by uploading any movie or TV show scenes, and it will create a Deepfake video. Moreover, you cannot tell the difference between the original clips and the fake ones. 

9. Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live - Best Deepfake Apps And Websites 

Face Swap Live doesn’t work in the traditional deepfake app way. Instead, you can swap faces with your friend, take pictures, upload stickers, record videos, etc. 

Moreover, it comes with face-warping interactions, 3D effects, and filters, and you can even upload it to your social media platforms directly. Other than that, Face Swap Live is free of cost in the Google Play store. However, you have to pay $0.99 at the Apple store. 

10. Wombo 

Wombo  - Best Deepfake Apps And Websites 

Wombo is an AI-based app that is used for creating lip-syncing deepfake videos. You can upload any picture in the app, and it transforms the face into a singing video. 

However, it doesn’t look realistic and has an animated touch. Regardless, you can choose any song from the 15 already given tracks and play it in the background.

11. FaceMagic

 FaceMagic - Best Deepfake Apps And Websites 

FaceMagic helps you change images, GIFs, or faces in any video clip. 

So, if you have clips where you are not looking that good, then all you need is another image that you would be swapping faces from. Moreover, FaceMagic also converts your picture into a dancing celebrity look-alike and swaps its gender even. 

12. Reface

Reface - Best Deepfake Apps And Websites 

As the name suggests, the Reface app replaces the face in the pictures, GIFs, or videos with yours. Moreover, the result is really apt as you cannot tell much difference between before and after. 

Other than that, Reface also provides a gender-swapping option. 

13. Anyface


Anyface makes your uploaded pictures lively! To access the application, all you need to do is upload a picture, and the pre-loaded phrases and filters further get your picture taken. 

Moreover, you don’t need additional editing skills, as the interface is pretty user-friendly!

14. Deep Art

Deep Art - Best Deepfake Apps And Websites 

The human brain inspires the algorithm of Deep Art, and it creates deepfake pictures that are based on ancient structures, paintings, art, etc. 

Moreover, the app is free of cost and has no privacy issues. That may be why it went viral! Very artistic!

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Conclusion: Best Deepfake Apps And Websites 

Each deepfake app and website mentioned above brings its unique feature to the table: Swapping faces, lip-syncing videos, creating images through text prompts, 3D effects, face-warping interactions, gender-swapping, etc. 

However, if you are overwhelmed by our list of the 14 best deepfake apps and websites, we have a few suggestions. You can either opt for DeepFaceLab, DALL-E Mini, or FaceApp. With that being said, we hope our article was helpful!


What is the best deepfake website?

DeepFaceLab is the best deepfake website. 

What app do people use to make deepfakes?

There are several apps that people use to make deepfakes, including FaceApp, Lensa AI, MyHeritage, etc.

Is deepfake illegal?

No, deepfake is not illegal.

How can I deepfake online for free?

There are several deepfake apps that are free of cost, including Lensa AI, Face Swap Live, etc

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