Top 11 Richest Youtubers in the World (Updated 2023)

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Nowadays, YouTube has become a center of entertainment. Along with entertainment, YouTube serves as a perfect platform for mass communication as well. YouTube has provided an opportunity of earning money and fame through uploading videos. So here we are going to discuss those YouTubers who have taken advantage of this opportunity and become rich and popular. We have filtered the top eleven richest Youtubers in the world and have provided a little information about their worth etc. 

1. PewDiePie

The Youtuber belongs to Sweden and has achieved success in a very short span. He has been ranked on the list of highest-paid YouTubers by Forbes. His channel contains videos of video game commentary. There are approximately 111 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His channel has been on rank 3 for most subscribed channels and on rank 2 for the most watched channel in the world. 


2. Dude Perfect

After beginning the journey on YouTube in 2009, the Dude Perfect channel achieved a great milestone. There are over 58 million subscribers on the channel. The content of videos is basically related to contests, tricks, and shots. The net worth is estimated at about $30 million. 

Dude Perfect

3. DanTDM

There is no doubt in calling him one of the richest YouTubers in the world. His net worth is estimated at approximately $35 million. The channel has over 26 million subscribers. His channel is known for the best Minecraft videos. Along with being a YouTuber, he has written a novel also. If you keep interested in Minecraft videos, then his channel can prove perfect for you. 


4. Ryan Kaji

Ryan Kaji is a kid who created his channel on YouTube at a very early age. His channel is popular for having the best videos regarding unboxing toys, adventures of toys, and so on. His channel is one of the most famous channels in the world. His net worth is approximately $50 million. There are over 33 million subscribers on his channel named Ryan’s World. His YouTube videos have crossed Billions of views. Ryan involves himself in some philanthropy activities also. 

Ryan Kaji

5. Ninja

The Youtuber Ninja includes the content of major games and unique commentaries. The channel has numerous videos describing tricks and tips for enhancing gaming skills for the games like Fortnite or others. Live streaming of games is also uploaded on the channel. If you are looking to learn gaming skills then probably it’s the right channel for you to learn. Approximately $25 million would be his net worth. 

The Youtuber Ninja

6. Markiplier

He is a great comedian and YouTuber as well. His net worth is approximately $35 million and he is considered one of the wealthiest YouTubers in the world. He has delivered amazing content regarding video game series on his channel and received a number of views and positive responses as result. His channel has over 33 million subscribers. Markiplier is known for his charitable activities for the welfare of cancer sufferers and philanthropy also. 

Markiplier Youtuber

7. Logan Paul

His channel has more than 23 million subscribers. His net worth is approximately $25 million and his earnings in 2020 were about $16 million. Besides YouTube, he is involved in boxing as well. Logan Paul is considered one of the richest YouTubers in the world and his popularity is quite high. 

Logan Paul

8. Rhett and Link

Two friends create the channel. They are based in America and are popular as YouTubers. Along with YouTube, they are involved in business also. Their net worth is approximately $32 million. The name of their channel is Good Mythical Morning. Their channel has over 17 million subscribers. They are also two of the richest YouTubers in the world. 

Rhett and Link

9. Mr. Beast

Being the highest-paid YouTuber in the world in the year 2021 depicts his worth and fame itself. His net worth is estimated at over 54 million dollars. He creates content full of stunts, adventures, challenges, daring tasks, and so on. He is quite popular for his unique and creative content. His channel has over 107 million subscribers. Mr.Beast donates money for charitable activities usually. 

Mr. Beast

10. Vanoss Gaming 

Vanoss Gaming is considered one of the richest YouTubers in the world. The immense fame and money are the outputs of uploading amazing gaming videos on YouTube. His channel has over 26 million subscribers. He earned a lot of attention from users through streaming live sessions of a few games including PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. His net worth is estimated at approximately $25 million. Along with being a successful YouTuber, he is also a popular voice actor and music producer. 

Vanoss Gaming 

11. James Charles

James is one of the richest YouTubers in the world. He began uploading videos on YouTube in 2015 and has achieved great success. His videos are basically about fashion, makeup tutorials, and similar. His net worth is approximately $22 million, and he earned about $14 million in 2020. There are over 24 million subscribers on his channel. 

James Charles

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