Lucifer Season 7: Cast, Release Date, Trailer, News & Updates!

Lucifer Season 7

Welcome to our article on Lucifer season 7. And while we understand your desperate pleas for season renewal, here’s our hot take on whether it’s in the near future. 

We also talked about the possible spinoffs and fan theories, you name it!

So are you excited? If so, let’s dive in!

Is Lucifer Season 7 Going To happen?

Although Netflix has not officially agreed – but wait for a second, is this a deja vu? Because if you shake your brain a little, you will remember how Lucifer came to an end. Twice. 

Lucifer Season 7
  • First by its original production: Fox 
  • And then by Netflix,

Who heard fans’ wild cries and brought Lucifer back for two more seasons? But as expected, fans were not willing to let go. Again.

So even though Netflix officially announced Lucifer Season 5 as the season finale, they miraculously had a change of heart. Making season 6 the final FINALE. 

But of course, Lucifer stans are no rookies. They know what they want and how to get it. So they are back on their knees, all over again, hopelessly begging for a new season. 

But is it rational? If we consider the end of season 6.

Potential Cast Of Lucifer Season 7.

As of now, there is no official statement on the cast. However, we have the following suspicious list 

1.Tom EllisLucifer
2.Lauren GermanChloe Decker
3.Kevin AlejandroDan
5.D.B. Woodside Amenadiel
6.Aimee GarciaElla Lopez
7.Rachael HarrisDr. Linda Martin
8.Scarlet EstevezTrixie
9.Brianna HildebrandRory
10.Dennis HaysbertGod
11.Inbar LaviEve

Do We Have A Trailer And Release Date?

There is no official announcement about the lucifer season 7 trailer and release date. The way lucifer ended with the last episode of the 6th season after that, we can’t promise you that there will be next season. Also, before launching season six, Tom Ellis posted “the final season” image on his social media account.

lucifer Final Sason

At The End Of Lucifer Season 6

Lucifer finally discovers his true calling as a therapist. And all credit goes to his time-traveled daughter (Rory), as Lucifer accidentally helped her kidnapper realize his hell loop, which set Dan free from his self-inflicted guilt.

At The End Of Lucifer Season 6

Meanwhile, Amendadiel replaces Lucifer as God, whereas Lucifer is all set for hell to heal all the tortured souls. But can you tell at the expense of whose tortured departure? 

By his and Chloe’s, of course. And after sharing their last heartwrenching but passionate moments together, Chloe and Lucifer part ways. 

Years later, Chloe’s earth years have nearly ended. And in her final moments, we see Rory back at her side: resulting in an emotional heart-to-heart. But if you did not ball your eyes at their reunion, we bet you emptied the box of tissues for the next one. 

Because in the next scene, Amendadiel uses his God privileges to grant Chloe’s “home” beside Lucifer. 

Meanwhile, Dan is happily back with Charlotte, Ella finds her one true love in Carol, and Mazikeen weds Eve. And then there are Linda and Martin, celebrating their newly emerged wings. 

So as you can see, all characters are happy and have reached their respective arcs’ potential. And hence, renewing it for the new season doesn’t make much sense. 

UNLESS there are entirely new arcs? 

Spinoff? Arrowverse crossover? Fan theories?

As we have seen in the previous section, the character arcs’ have come full circle. And unless you want to wreck them 50 times and sew their wounds after every hit, the plot for season 7 is truly out of sight. However, don’t lose hope. 

But instead of praying for season 7, you can shift your energy towards something you can manifest. That is 

A Spinoff Series

Amendadial’s journey of ruling heaven

Amendadial's journey of ruling heaven

As we have discussed previously, most character arcs have come full circle. So the only sensible spinoff in sight is Amendadial and his newly found God’s title. It would be fun to follow through his journey and get answers to some of our questions like:

How does Amendadial handle the task? Does he have any regrets by chance? Is being God as stressful as Lucifer made it out? Too much to unpack.

Arrowverse crossover

If you have never heard of Arrowverse or its crossover with Lucifer, here’s a brief background: Arrowverse is a popular superhero series set in the DC universe. Moreover, Lucifer’s character origins from one of the characters from The Sandman. And much like the show, the comic version too portrayed Lucifer Morningstar as one of the strongest characters in the DC universe. And because of this, Tom Ellis (the actor who played Lucifer) was seen on the Crises on Infinite Earth as Lucifer Morningstar.

Although it was a brief cameo at first, there is potential for a possible extension.

Fan theories

What good of a show if there are no fan theories? In some cases, these theories are, in a way, easter eggs for the fans to catch on to. Whereas sometimes writers use it as an inspiration for dead-end arcs.

Here are some of the popular fan theories:

1. Season 6 being Lucifer’s vision: As we all know, at the beginning of season 6, Lucifer was seen handling God’s responsibility. And clearly, he was struggling miserably. 

Lucifer God's handling responsibility

So what if quitting the job was always at the back of his mind? And since the desire to do so was so strong, he had a vision of what was at stake. 

2. Hell Loop: One of the show’s central themes was the hell loop.  i.e. perpetual self-inflicted pain. And because of this, many fans believe that since Lucifer had his issues with abandonment and absentee father, he too unknowingly carried out the same cycle with Rory.  The only way to break the cycle is to stay by Rory at any cost.

3. Time difference between hell and earth: Since one second on earth is nearly one year in hell, Lucifer can quickly get done most of his work while Chloe and Rory are sleeping. So, it doesn’t necessarily need to “abandon” Rory, which ties back to the second point hell loop. 

Where to watch Lucifer Season 7

You can stream all seasons of lucifer on Netflix. However, If you are looking for some other streaming platforms, then you can watch the first three seasons on Fox.

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Conclusion: Lucifer Season 7

By looking at Lucifer and Netflix’s back-and-forth relationship, fans couldn’t help but anticipate the upcoming season. And some of their constant cries are: 

Will a season 7? If not, are there any possible spinoffs to be patient for? 

While we cannot give you a solid yes (unless Netflix confirms it), we have answered most of your queries and explored the room for potential releases in this article. 

And in return, all we need from you is to pray hard and play harder. Because if it weren’t for your overwhelming response, Lucifer probably wouldn’t have seen the day of light past season 3. 

So what are you waiting for? Flood their mail. Harass the makers (respectfully, of course). And if the odds are in your favor, you’ll have your season by the end of 2024.


Is Lucifer season 7 possible?

The show has not been renewed for season 7, making season 6 the series finale for now.

Why isn’t Lucifer coming back for season 7?

Lucifer is not returning because all the characters have reached their potential arc. So there is not much left for season 7 to cover.

Is Amendadial still an Angel?

Since Angels are an extension of God, and now that Amendadial has ascended to the position of God. Then no, technically, Amendadial is not an Angel anymore.

Will there be any spinoff series?

Although there are many discussions on both makers’ and viewers’ end, the official statement release is yet to confirm anything.

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