Manifest Season 5: Is It Canceled For Next Season?

If you are here, manifesting Manifest Season 5 after watching the cliffhanger in the last episode, then you are at the right place to get answers.

Just like you and me, fans around the world were devastated that they would never find out what actually happened to the passengers of Flight 828 when NBC dropped Manifest after three seasons.

Manifest Season 5

Netflix, which happily got involved and pulled it off, however, surprisingly restored the show for a fourth season. On November 4. Fans are now anxious to learn if the Manifest receives a fifth season 

So, let’s get you the answers that every Manifest fan desperately seeks.

Will there be a Manifest Season 5?

To answer the question bluntly, no,  season 5 of Netflix’s revived series Manifest will not be released as it has been canceled.

Moreover, the program was only resurrected for one additional season when Netflix revived it after NBC had canceled it.

Manifest Season 5..

Also, don’t be sad just yet. Season 4 of Manifest is still in the process of releasing the second part of the season on June 2, 2023, which includes the remaining ten episodes of the 20 episodes.

We can speculate that it will be available on Netflix in the first half of 2023, considering Netflix’s previous release schedule.

Why is Season 5 of the Manifest series getting canceled?

In case you missed it, NBC initially broadcast the first three seasons of Manifest before dramatically canceling it and leaving fans with a massive cliffhanger.

But the show’s popularity shot through the roof after it was added to Netflix, and the streaming giant ultimately decided to renew it for the final and fourth seasons.


The decision by Netflix to just extend the show for a fourth season is somewhat puzzling, given that the first three seasons of the show were quite well-liked when they were introduced on Netflix.

Given how well-liked the first three seasons of the show were when they appeared on Netflix, In addition to the fact that the series’ writers had originally planned for six seasons, Netflix did not provide a thorough justification for their choice, only to give it one more season.

Moreover, ten of twenty On November 4, 2022, Netflix made the first half portion of season 4’s episodes accessible to users.

So, given that it is the longest of any Manifest season, shouldn’t we just be thankful for what we have?

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Wrapping Up!

All of us fans are sad as Manifest Season 5 will not be coming back, even if you try to manifest it from the bottom of your hearts.

We know that NBC declared a total of six seasons; however, Netflix declared that it would only renew it for season 4 as the last season.

Also, there’s no harm in keeping the hopes up and we never know what the future holds.


Is Manifest based on a real-life event?

It’s not a true story; Manifest is a supernatural TV show about a jet that shows up after going lost for five and a half years.

Does a second version of Manifest exist?

No, there can only be one version specified for a manifest file.

Why exactly did Netflix save Manifest?

To keep the program going, Netflix intervened and decided to renew it for a fourth and final season. But as Parrot Analytics found, Netflix’s choice to air the program may have been influenced by the show’s fan base.

Who is responsible for Manifest’s callings?

The identity of the force driving the Callings was finally established via significant revelations in Manifest season 4, part 1. All of the events involving the passengers of Flight 828 in the series have been caused by a divine mind or God.

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