Seal Team Season 7: Everything You Need To Know

Paramount+ announced the renewal of Seal Team Season 7 sometime in January 2023, but the filming has been on a halt due to some unforeseen circumstances. Of course, the cast has been behind writers to resume the writing and kickstart the show. 

So, if you, too, are eager about the upcoming season and want to know about its release date, recurring cast, potential plot, and so on, then keep reading!

When Is Seal Team Season 7 Releasing?

There is no confirmed release date for Seal Team Season 7 as of now. 

And that is understandable since the show’s filming has not resumed yet. But the same pattern was observed during Season 6, and yet it was released during Fall. So, you can expect it to release around September 2023 or Early 2024 on Paramount+.

Seal Team Season 7

Is The Official Trailer Out Yet?

Unfortunately, the official trailer is not out yet. 

But whenever that happens, I will keep the page updated!

Seal Team Season 7 Official Trial

Are There Any Recurring Characters? (Potential Cast)

Most of the characters will be recurring in the upcoming season, except Max Theriot. And that’s because his character Clay died in the previous season. Now, you might be wondering, does that end Stella’s arc too?

Seal Team Season Potential Cast

Well, Alana Tal’s character is established enough for her story arc to continue despite losing a spouse. In fact, if we get to see on-screen grieving, then that would add more depth to her character. (In my opinion.)

That being said, the following is the potential cast:-

Name Portrayed As 
David BoreanazJason Hayes
Neil Brown Jr.Ray Perry
A. J. BuckleySonny Quinn
Raffi BarsoumianOmar Hamza
Toni TrucksLisa Davis
Judd Lormand Eric Blackburn
Parisa Fakhri Naima Perry
Justin Melnick Brock

What Can We Expect From Seal Team Season 7?

Seal Team Season 7 will pick up from where Season 6 has ended: So you can expect to see what goes down with the Bravo Team after their failed mission in Iran. How will Ray, Jason, and the rest of the team be rescued from the danger that they are in?

Additionally, there will be more difficulties for the team to face before they escape.

Then you will get a glimpse into the intimate lives of the characters like Jason and Natalie and Sonny’s journey of fatherhood with Hannah Oliver. And lastly, Lisa’s CIA officer aspiration. 

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Conclusion: Is Seal Team Coming Back in 2023?

The Seal Team is indeed coming back in 2023. You can expect Season 7 to release sometime around September 2023 or early 2024 on Paramount+. 

So, that’s it for my article on Seal Team! As of now, we have mentioned all the information we could gather about the it . However, if we get more insider news and information, we will ensure to keep your content updated. So, make sure you stay tuned!


Is there a SEAL Team season 7?

It is indeed coming, and you can expect it to be released around September 2023.

Where can you watch Seal Team Season 7?

You can watch Seal Team Season 7 on Paramount+.

Who is leaving the SEAL Team cast?

Max Thieriot, who portrayed the character of Clay, will be leaving the Seal Team cast.

How many seasons of the SEAL Team are there?

As of now, Seal Team has seven seasons. 

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