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There are movies that really inspire people in many ways, and some movies give a complete binge-watching experience to fans of action and fictional movies. For this case to be justified, we have categorized some of the best and most watched 20th Century Fox Movies that are worth watching. According to the reports, the overall net worth of the movies is truly deserving for the casting team with an immensely amazing performance and acting talent. 

Have a look at some jaw-dropping movies of the 20th century that are sure to increase your excitement levels. 

1. Avatar:


A movie that builds hearts strong and naturally makes a place in fans’ eyes. This movie will be trending on social media platforms due to its upcoming sequel.  In this long-awaited film sequel, which took place around 15 years later, Jake Sully appears as a captain and Neytiri as just a high priestess. The plot emphasizes a great deal on the obstacles parents endure, which gives this fantastic sci-fi realm a relatable dash of reality. 

2. Avatar – Way of Water:

Avatar-  Way of Water

A hypothetical film that preaches pantheism and has a significant focus on religion. He moves forward and heads towards the moon, showcasing and considering the situation, and right then, Pandora finds himself being divided between carrying out his rules, regulations, and instructions. Later on, after handling all the obstacles and defending the place finally, it was considered his home.

3. Ice Age:

Ice Age

“Ice Age” is visually appealing and entertaining as a tale. The film is based on a great ice epoch when creatures relocated southward. The movie made sequels and was the most anticipated film when it was released, thanks to its exceptional casting team delivering the most spectacular and astounding performance on air. When Sid and Manny accidentally cross a young, vulnerable, real infant, they resolve to guard it and deliver it to its parents in a very smooth and imaginative manner.

4. Deadpool:


Wade is wheeled into a filthy laboratory on a gurney, which houses a project. Wade till it kills him or awakens his latent. The movie mainly focuses on the hero of the powers. He has the ability to bring any remarkable qualities Wade may want to have a spotlight, as well as heal his cancer. After a few days of torment, he recovers from his cancer and genetic abilities but is hideously deformed. The net worth of this movie went up to the bar very unexpectedly, and people started admiring the casting team, which as a result, made the movie a real victory.

5. Anastasia:


Parents should be aware that Anatasia is a wonderfully romantic, joyful cartoon fairy tale about a lengthy princess and her mission to seek her family and appropriate position in history, but it contains scenes in which the villainous Rasputin attempts to murder the young heroine. As a result, Anastasia & her help mates are frequently in peril. Will she save herself and her companions?

6. Home Alone:

Home Alone

Home Alone has captured the hearts of millions of fans. Essentially, it’s the narrative of Kevin, an 8-year-old mischievous child who feels completely ignored by his vast extended family. He misses his mother and even his bully sibling. Likewise, a pair of inept robbers attempted to annoy Kevin inversely. This film is fascinating and extremely natural. The casting team did an excellent job, and it’s worth watching to see if Kevins survives the thieves or who wins the dash-and-dump race.

7. Alita Battle Angel:

Alita Battle Angel

This movie is known for its science fiction genre. The casting team did a remarkable performance which made the movie stand out from the rest. Alita Battle Angel got fame and TRP in less than a few days with its supernatural story that highlights values that are worth watching. It’s a message for parents to value their kids. This movie seems to be developed in a way that’s attractive and catchy. The movie also teaches you the attributes to instill in your children, including loyalty, selflessness, inner strength, courage, and perseverance.

8. Alien:


This thriving, meandering horror film tells a frightening narrative based on nightmares. After a hazardous touchdown, three crew members exit the spacecraft to explore the moon’s surface. At the same time, they come across a hive population of an unknown monster. This film is worth seeing for its cast and how they brought characters to life on screen, which appears entirely natural. Alien films have become noticeably more intricate since then. With some of the most impressive visual effects ever seen on the big screen, it’s an absolute must-see.

9. West Side Story:

West Side Story

The story starts in 1957 in a west-side community. It is really intriguing and tremendously exciting to see the movie premiere on the big screen with a warm reaction, as the casting characters did an excellent job portraying their characters, and there is no doubt that this is genuinely a 20th-century fox movie at its best. The plot continues as though the two main characters are supposed to be enemies, but their world is turned on its head once they fall out of love with one another.

10. Fantastic Four:

Fantastic Four

A film that focuses solely on the superhero and his abilities, as well as his squad. Essentially, the picturesque plot is imaginary and built on an action genre punch. This is the fourth major big-screen attempt to tell Reed’s story. The film begins on an unusual note, with 11-year-old Reed Richards with his friend Ben Grimm meeting in personal strength and creating an unpleasant rumbling and shattering a backboard; it is fascinating to see how the video progresses frame by frame. So, whether you enjoy action movies or young people that are dramatic, this is the film for you.

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These movies are worth giving your time and watching and indeed are a fantastic investment of your energy. Fans who love watching action movies or sci fictional television series can surely give it a try. Each movie mentioned above includes various genres, and the casting team did a deserving job.

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