1899 Season 2 – It Is Not Renewed for Another Season?

Will 1899 Be Renewed For Season 2

If there’s one thing that the foreign series 1899 has proven, it’s that the creative bounds for shows can be pushed even further! With the show being able to switch languages while exploring the mysterious setting it’s based on, it’s no wonder why so many are clamoring for a Season 2! With the show already climbing up to be one of the Top 10 Most-Watched shows on Netflix, there’s more to look out for in its next season.

However, people still wonder if the show was renewed for a new season. Has the production team started filming already? Will we see the same cast of characters, or will there be some new characters to be added to the mix? These questions are filling the community’s mind, but we have some ideas, thanks to rumors from different sources!

Major Update — 1899 Season Has Been Canceled

Please note that according to the latest official on 2nd January 2023 announcement, Netflix show 1899 will not return for the second season.

Though the reason behind the cancellation of season 2 is not yet been revealed. But some justifications say it could be because of the failure to clock in its viewership numbers consistently.

(We have updated this article as per the latest news. Still, you can check some facts and predictions below that we made out of curiosity.)

Has Season 2 of 1899 Been Confirmed Before?

Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar officially announced that “1899 will not return for the second season” on Instagram. 1899 was renewed for a new season. However, we have to consider that it was just released last November 17. With it being too early to call any details, we’re hoping to see Netflix continue the story of this series and the many twists and turns that it could take. 

The whole show works on the premise that the ship where the story takes place is an illusion, along with the passengers on board. However, the show’s main draw is how the cast of characters slowly discover that fact for themselves and how they react. By the end of the first season, the world of the show expands further into an ending that no one would’ve seen coming.

Are There Characters Coming Back For Season 2?


There’s no official news about who’s coming back for the second season of 1899. Because of that, we can’t get you an official list of characters and actors, but we can look at the ending of Season 1 to speculate. We’re going to see Emily Beecham once again as Maura Henriette Franklin. Others that may return for the next season include:

  • Aneurin Barnard – Daniel Solace
  • Miguel Bernardeau – Ángel
  • Andreas Pietschmann – Eyk Larsen
  • José Pimentão – Ramiro
  • Gabby Wong – Yuk Je
  • Isabella Wei – Ling Yi
  • Yann Gael – Jérôme
  • Jonas Bloquet – Lucien
  • Mathilde Ollivier – Clémence
  • Rosalie Craig – Virginia
  • Clara Rosager – Tove
  • Maciej Musial – Olek
  • Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen – Krester
  • Alexandre Willaume – Anker
  • Maria Erwolter – Iben
  • Tino Mewes – Sebastian

Any Expected Release Date For Season 2 Or For A Trailer?

With the show just released on November 17, there’s no definite period when Season 2 will be announced. However, we’re probably looking at a wait of around 1 or 2 years, depending on how production goes. Season 1 was known to have taken around half a year to film, with the show being released around a year later.

The trailer is probably in a similar situation as the rest of the show, meaning we shouldn’t expect anything for a good while. We’ll keep you posted if any announcements are made, so stay tuned!


Although many fans anticipated the 2nd season of 1899, It’s been canceled. Many fans of the series are sad about the announcement as they eagerly awaited the arrival of 1899 season 2. We can hope for some positive news in the future and wait for the directors to complete the series’ story.

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Why Did Netflix cancel 1899 Season 2?

One of the main reasons for canceling this show was it failed to clock in its viewership numbers constantly. Despite being a famous show, it did not compete with other Netflix non-English show as All of us are dead, the Marked Heart, etc.

Why Nexflix’s fans Fury after canceling 1899?

It was a Netflix non-English famous show. This show had a solid fan base. This show had fans from every corner of the world. 
Due to this, fans were furious after canceling this show.

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