Good Omens Season 3: Release Date, Cast And Update

Season 2 of Good Omens has just been released, and viewers are already excited and anticipating Good Omens Season 3.

Additionally,  the hooking cliffhanger that season 2 made us think about definitely needs an answer which can only be solved if season 3 ever releases. Many rumors are being spread in the Good Omens fandom based on this fact. 

Plus, there’s real hype around the speculated cast of the next seasons, along with the anticipated plot.

So, let’s find out what the Good Omens Season 3 has in store for us!

Will there be a Good Omens Season 3?

With the Season 2 of the previously loved divine show Good Omens being released on July 28, 2023, viewers are already anticipating the following season. 

Good Omens Season 3
Source: IMDb

And to tell you honestly, there may be a season 3 of the show with the high demand and the number of people watching it.

Plus, there’s a cliffhanger at the end of season 2 that needs to be solved.

What Is the release date of Good Omens Season 3?

While looking at the time it took the Good Omens team to release season 2 of the show after season 1, we can’t predict the release date of Good Omens.

It took about 4 years to release the second season after the first season and 2 years to announce the second season. Hence, we can’t do the math based on these facts.

Moreover, bringing the cast of the show together is not a small task, and have to keep up with their dates to shoot for the next season.

What will the cast of Good Omens Season 3 be?

The two people you will definitely see if season 3 happens are David Tennant and Michael Sheen as the main cast.  Plus, Jon Hamm, who plays Gabriel, will also be there for sure.

cast of Good Omens Season 3
Source– IMDb

Furthermore, there’s a high possibility of us seeing the other cast members like Nina Sosanya, Miranda Richardson, who are seen in season 2.

What Can you expect in the Good Omens Season 3?

As we all saw in the Good Omens Season 2, there’s a clear idea of what needs to be solved in the next season. Aziraphale was supposed to take Gabriel’s spot as heaven’s leader. 

Good Omens
Source – IMDb

Meanwhile, Crowley is continuing his work on Earth while hoping for affection from the friend to who he has confessed his feelings. 

However, the watchable plot of the series will be seeing the stunning pair getting back together in season 3.

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Wrapping Up!

We can’t give a confirmed release date and announcement of the Good Omens Season 3. However, we have given a few names which you might be seeing in season 3.

However, as you saw at the end of season 2, you are more likely to get a Good Omens Season 3 in the upcoming years.

So, this was all from my side on this topic, but in case of any new updates, I will keep you updated.


Where can you watch the latest season of Good Omens?

The latest season of Good Omens is available to watch on Amazon Prime along with the first season. It is the only platform where you can stream the series.

When was the first season of Good Omens released?

The first season of Good Omens was released on May 31, 2019, in the USA on Amazon Prime. The show was an instant hit and is still watched by the Good Omens fandom frequently.

Is it true that Crowley and Aziraphale are dating?

 Even though it is not mentioned officially in the show, Gaiman confirmed that both of them are in love. We’ll see more of their relationship in season 3.

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