Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery – Before & After Pictures

Has Jennifer Aniston had Plastic Surgery? Jennifer Aniston has won hearts all over the world with her timeless sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 

However, she is also constantly under hot water for getting plastic surgery. And although Jennifer Aniston has denied the rumors multiple times, people cannot seem to believe it. 

So, in this article, we will uncover the truth about Jennifer Aniston’s Plastic Surgery! 

Here, we will discuss whether she had plastic surgery. If so, which kind? 

Further, we will talk about Jennifer Aniston’s surgeon’s views on her getting a breast augmentation. On that note, let’s begin!

Has Jennifer Aniston Gotten Plastic Surgery?

Jennifer Aniston

For someone who’s in their mid-fifties, it’s strange to have such a smooth and wrinkle-free face. So, people cannot help but speculate Jennifer Aniston to have some kind of plastic surgery. Moreover, her forehead looks like it has some needles injected into it. 

However, Jennifer Aniston has denied having any cosmetic surgery. Apparently, she has learned from her peers’ mistakes. 

According to Aniston, one may never know how old their features may look. 

So, trying to stop the natural aging process is a sign of a weak-hearted person. 

On top of that, her fiance has threatened her (jokingly, of course) to point a gun at her head in case she tries to undergo any kind of plastic surgery. 

Having said that, Jennifer Aniston has actually admitted to having Rhinoplasty and Laser Treatment. So let’s discuss those surgeries:-

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Do you recall one of those F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ flashbacks where Rachel Greene had a failed nose job? Well, people think that it’s inspired by a real-life scenario. 

Before Jennifer Aniston rose to popularity, she had done Rhinoplasty. However, it has failed and somehow given her a deviated septum. After a wait of 12 years, Aniston has finally gotten her deviated septum fixed. 

Nasal Deviated Septum Surgery doesn’t end up in any cosmetic alteration. And since her timing to do it was right after her divorce from a former partner, Bratt Pitt, people believe it’s nothing but Aniston’s insecurity getting the best of her. 

Therefore, she refined her nose and made it a bit smaller to further feel secure in her looks. 

Laser Treatment 

Laser Treatment

Jennifer Aniston has openly expressed in an interview about her Laser Treatment obsession. Further, she went on to discuss its procedure and how Laser treatment removes a few layers of dead skin to showcase the new one. 

It has a peeling effect, and for a week, you look like a “battered, burned victim.” However, soon it gets better. In fact, you start glowing!

Botox & Fillers

Botox & Fillers

Although Jennifer Aniston has denied injecting anything in her skin, fans cannot help but compare her before and after pictures. It clearly has way fewer wrinkles on her forehead, and at the corner of her eyes, her smile looks different too. 

All of these are symptoms of Bottox surgery! Botox injections are specialized for stopping the muscles from contracting and further evening out wrinkles or frown lines. 

Hence, giving Jennifer Aniston a much smoother face. Almost looking like she has frozen in time. If you observe, her eyes are a lot more open too. 

What Does The Surgeon Think About Jennifer Aniston’s Impending Breast Augmentation?

In one of the interviews, Jennifer Aniston denied having breast augmentation. In fact, according to her, it was just her gaining 10 pounds. And she is anyway content with the natural size of her breast. 

However, recently the rumor is back again, along with another rumor of Aniston considering a facelift. No matter how many times she has denied having surgeries, one slip of a tongue statement, “those lines are getting deeper,” is enough to raise people’s concern. 

In fact, Jennifer Aniston’s surgeon is concerned about her losing her natural charm. 

Even if botox and fillers are there to make one look more youthful, too much usage looks unpleasant too. Moreover, Aniston’s surgeon believes that currently, she looks fantastic and any kind of cosmetic surgery will make her look unnatural. 

Other than that, it won’t take much time before people start noticing it. 

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Conclusion: Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Aniston was always anti-plastic surgery. However, that didn’t stop her from getting non-surgical anti-aging treatments, including rhinoplasty, laser treatment, and fillers.

In fact, she has gotten rhinoplastic (nose job) twice. The first time she got it was before she rose to popularity. However, that was a failed nose job that gave her deviated septum. So, after twelve years, she got another nose job to get her septum fixed!

If you notice, her nose is a lot smaller and a bit sharper than before.

Other than that, Aniston also has gotten bottom, which explains her wrinkle-free face. 

On that note, we hope our article on Jennifer Aniston’s Plastic Surgery was helpful! Though, in case of any additional queries, reach out to us in the comment section below.

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