15 Beautiful Black Actresses In The World In 2023

Even though Gen Z is considered the accepting generation, people still have a deep-rooted repulse for black skin tones. For some reason, ancestors have fed us that people with dark skin tones are below the ones with white ones. 

Therefore, whitewashing has somehow become so common, especially among Asians. 

However, despite all this, you will see some black celebrities redirecting the world’s perception of beauty with utmost grace. And that’s how the culture of fake tanning became so popular in the west! 

On that note, here’s our list of the top ten beautiful black women:-

Beautiful Black Actresses In 2023 – Overview

In the following table, we have listed the top 10 beautiful Black women and have also added their age, nationality, etc. That being said, let’s skim through them. 

1.Halle Berry56American
2.Gabrielle Union50American
3.Kerry Washington46American
4.Keke Palmer29American
5.Rosario Dawson43American
6.Sanaa Lathan51American
7.Sharon Leal50American
8.Tyra Banks49American
9.Natalie Emmanuel34British-Domician
10.Zoe Kravitz34American

15 Beautiful Black Actresses In 2023

We have mentioned the fifteen most beautiful Black women below! So, let’s go through them one by one:-

1. Halle Berry

Halle Berry - Beautiful Black Actresses

After participating in several modeling competitions, Halle Berry got her first acting break in 1992’s Boomerang, where she starred alongside Eddie Murphy. 

Further, she went on to star in several high-budget films and was established as one of the 2000s’ highest-paid actresses. Other than that, she has been divorced thrice and has two children. 

2. Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Monique Union-Wade began her acting career by appearing in several supporting roles in famous films and TV shows. 

Further, she got her big break in a cheerleading-centric teen film called Bring it on. Since then, she has starred in several successful rom-coms. But other than her acting projects, Gabrielle has written two memoirs and two children’s books. 

3. Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington gained worldwide recognition by portraying the famous “crisis management” character (Olivia Pope) in the series, Scandal. She has received several awards for her performances in other projects too. 

In fact, in 2018, she was ranked as the eighth highest-paid actress by Forbes. 

4. Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer

Lauren Keyena is best known for starring in Madea’s Family Reunion, The Longshot, Turnt Up with the Taylors, etc. Moreover, for the later project, she received a Primetime Emmy. 

Other than that, Keke Palmer is also a Talk Show host and Musician who has released three EPs between the years 2016 to 2020. 

5. Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson made her movie debut in 1995 with an independent drama called Kids. Further, she starred in several hit films, including Men in Black 2, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, etc. 

Along with that, she has given voice to Warner Bros, Disney, Marvel, and more. 

6. Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa Lathan

Sanna Lathan gained popularity by starring in movies like Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, and The Best Man. Moreover, she has voiced popular characters like Donna Tubbs and Catwoman in The Cleveland Show and Harley Quinn, respectively. 

Other than that, Lathan made her directorial debut with 2022’s On The Come Up film. 

7. Sharon Leal

Sharon Leal- Beautiful Black Actresses

Sharon Leal is best known for portraying roles in the Why did I get married movie series, Dreamgirls, Addicted, Amateur, Guiding Lights, etc. 

Other than that, Sharon Leal starred in Supergirl in seasons 2, 3, 4, and 5. 

8. Tyra Bank

Tyra Banks- Beautiful Black Actresses

Tyra Banks began modeling at the age of 15 by featuring on covers of Sportsillustrated Swimsuit Issue, GQ, and even walking for Victoria’s Secret. 

In fact, she is one of the highest-earning models in the world. After that, she starred in several popular shows, including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the Gossip Girl series, Love & Basketball, etc. 

9. Natalie Emmanuel

Natalie Emmanuel- Beautiful Black Actresses

Former Theatre actress Natalie Emmanuel rose to popularity by portraying Missandei in HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones. 

After that, she portrayed several supporting roles in films like Fast & Furious series, Army of Thieves, and Maze Runner: The Death Cure. Moreover, she has also acted in Musical Theatre for The Lion King. 

10. Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz- Beautiful Black Actresses

American model, singer, and actress Zoe Kravitz made her film debut with 2007’s No Reservations. However, her breakthrough performance was in the superhero film called X-Men: First Class, where she portrayed Angel Salvodore. 

It further opened the door for many blockbuster projects, including Big Little Lies, Spiderman: Into the Verse, Batman, High Infidelity, and more. 

Moreover, she has campaigned for high-end fashion houses like Balenciaga, Vera Wang, Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, etc.

11. Pam Grier

Pam Grier- Beautiful Black Actresses

According to Quentin Tarantino, Pam Grier is the 70s first action actress. 

She gained popularity by starring in films like The Big Doll House, Foxy Brown, The Big Cage, Coffy, etc. Moreover, Grier’s role in Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales For Every Child was immensely praised. 

Other than that, she has earned tons of awards for her contributions, including the Golden Globe Award, Satellite Awards, Emmys, and more.

12. Lynn Whitfield

Lynn Whitfield - Beautiful Black Actresses

American actress Lynn Whitfield began her career by doing theatre and TV and slowly transitioned to supporting roles in films. Whitfield got her first big breakthrough: The Josephine Baker Story, where she played the lead character. 

Since then, she has appeared in several lead roles: A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Madea’s Family Reunion, and Greenleaf, and received awards for her performances. 

13. Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash- Beautiful Black Actresses

Stacy Dash gained recognition by starring in 1995’s Clueless. After that, she also starred in films and TV series like Renaissance Man, View From The Start, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, etc. 

Other than that, she has also been featured in a few music videos, including All Falls Down (by Kanye West) and Emotional (by Carl Thomas). 

14. Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson- Beautiful Black Actresses

Michael Jackson’s daughter Janet Jackson is popular for her innovative and sexual records whose lyrics capture social issues. 

Along with that, she broke all the racial and gender barriers. Other than that, she has acted in several film and TV projects, including The Jacksons, A New Kind of Family, Good Times, Fame, etc. 

15. Robin Givens

Robin Givens - Beautiful Black Actresses

American multi-star Robin Givens got her first break in 1986’s Head of the Class by portraying Darlene Merriman. 

Further, she starred in several lead roles in films or TV shows, including The Women of Brewster Place, Forgive or Forget, Sparks, etc. Other than that, Robin Givens has won ShoWest Convention Award (USA) in the category “Female Star of Tomorrow.”

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Conclusion: Beautiful Black Actresses (2023)

In the article above, we have mentioned the top 10 beautiful black women, where Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union, and Kerry Union are in the top three.

However, we have picked up these names from the latest data, so if tomorrow there are other viral or emerging stars, then the list will definitely shuffle. 

In that case, we will update our article. But till then, we hope our article on beautiful black women was helpful!


Who is the most beautiful Black actress under 30?

Keke Palmer is the most beautiful Black actress under 30.

Who was the beautiful Black actress in the 70s?

Diana Sands, Vonetta McGee, and Rosalind Cash are some of the most beautiful black actresses of the 70s. 

Who are some of the most beautiful young black actresses?

Diana Sands, Vonetta McGee, and Rosalind Cash are some of the most beautiful black actresses of the 70s. 

Who are some of the most beautiful young black actresses?

Zendaya is the most beautiful young black actress.

Who is the only black Best Actress to win an Oscar?

Halle Berry is the only Black actress to win an Oscar.

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