Interstellar 2 – Release Date, Cast, And Updates

Interstellar 2

Interstellar is acknowledged as one of the best sci-fi out there! The execution of the wormhole, inhabitable planet, and fluctuating time left fans super intrigued! This is why they crave a similar experience and hope for Interstellar 2!

So, in this article, we have put your curious minds at rest and provided you with all the relevant information about the potential sequel of the blockbuster film: Interstellar. With that being said, let’s go through it!

Is Interstellar 2 Going To Happen? (Potential Release Date)

Christopher Nolan has neither confirmed nor canceled the idea of the sequel. 

Interstellar 2

However, while talking to Sky News, Matthew McConaughey (who played the lead character) was very open to the idea. All he is waiting for is a green light from the Director, who, unfortunately, is tight-lipped as of now!

Regardless, in case of any confirmation, we will update you! 

Until then, you can watch the movie again because we are sure you did not catch up on all the easter eggs Christopher Nolan had laid out for you!

Who Can You Expect? (Potential Cast)

The potential cast of Interstellar 2 truly depends on the story running wild at the back of Christopher Nolan’s mind. 

So, depending on whether he is picking up the story where he had left off in Interstellar or planning for a spin-off, the cast can vary. 

Regardless, if Interstellar 2 is coming, then we are hoping for the following cast to appear:

Sr. No.CharacterCast
1Joseph CooperMatthew MacCoughney
2Dr. Amelia Brand Anne Hathaway
3Murph CooperJessica Chastain
4Donald John Lithgow
5Prof. John BrandMichael Caine
 6RomillyDavid Gyasi
7Doyle Wes Bentley 
8Tom CooperCasey Affleck
9MannMatt Damon
10GettyTopher Grace
10LoisLeeah Cairns

What Can You Expect From Interstellar 2?

Again, we are emphasizing: Christopher Nolan has a reputation for stand-alone films. Because of this, we are not too sure about the arrival of Interstellar’s sequel. 

Hence, all we can do is discuss the plot that has been left open or not necessarily touched upon in the previous film. As you know, fans have eagle eyes and catch up on things (or arcs) that even the writer could not see or intend to put out as an easter egg.

With that being said, the following is one arc that eagle-eyed fans have spotted and hoping for the Director to fulfill their desperate yearning:

Cooper and Brand’s Reunion

Cooper and Brand's Reunion in Interstellar 2

Interstellar ended with Joseph Cooper’s much older daughter convincing him to return to his potential lover (Dr. Brand). Now, fans are curious and, to be honest, literally dying for a good romantic plot! 

They cannot help but want the unexplored spark to be channeled in a proper storyline.

Interstellar Explained Like You Are Five

Due to some plant infection, the entire human species suddenly started struggling with food drought: Joseph Cooper (an ex-NASA pilot) had no choice but to be a farmer. 

Then one fine day, Cooper observed an unusual activity in his daughter’s bedroom.

No, it was not your typical “oh, I spotted a boy in my daughter’s bedroom” unusualness. Instead, it had some gravitational aspect to it. 

Of course, since Mr. Cooper had some experience with spacey stuff, he dissected the GPS code and somehow reached a secret NASA place under Prof. Brand. 

He further explained to Cooper how despite NASA being officially canceled, they secretly kept working in hopes of finding a habitable planet so that the human species could be saved. 

So as per Prof. Brand’s instructions, Cooper and three more scientists (including Amelia) left to investigate three planets: To do so, they docked on a big Endurance spaceship. 

wormhole: the connection between two spacetimes

Further, they entered a mysterious wormhole and discovered the Aquaplanet, where they found a dead body. 

Then, another scientist from their team started drowning in a huge tide, and the water somehow filled up their spaceship. Because of this, Cooper and Amelia took longer than intended, and 23 years had passed when they returned to Earth. 

So naturally, everybody had aged organically, including Murph (Cooper’s daughter), who now worked as a scientist alongside Prof. Brand. 

Now, back on Earth, some weird politics is going on, as Prof. Brand has stopped working on his mission to save humanity. All this was discovered when he was on the verge of dying. Now, the only ray of hope for humankind is superman with no cape, aka. Cooper.

He is doing everything in his power to find clues to solve Brand’s gravity equation. Where Murph is helping him through their family house, Cooper is stuck in a 5D tesseract (which shows in-time moments from Murph’s bedroom). 

So both Murph and Cooper’s ghostly figures decode the information, and finally, they succeed. However, due to the time dilation, Cooper barely aged, whereas Murph is nearing death. 

Later, Murph asks him to meet Amelia, who is working on the mission planet and setting up habitable colonies for future humans. Finally, she breathed a sigh of relief when she succeeded.

Where Can You Watch Interstellar? 

You can stream Interstellar on Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube Premium, Hulu, The Sling TV, The Roku Channel, and Paramount+. 

However, if you do not have subscriptions for these platforms, then you can rent the film on the following platforms:

  • Redbox: $2.99
  • Apple TV: $3.99
  • Vudu: $3.99
  • Google Play Movies & TV: $2.99

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Conclusion: Is Interstellar 2 Going To Happen?

As we have mentioned several times before, Interstellar 2 will not happen! (At least till there is a solid confirmation from the creative team.) 

Regardless, in this article, we have covered everything you need to know about Interstellar 2! Whether the sequel is coming? If so, who can we expect, what potential plot lines, etc?

We hope our article on Interstellar 2 was helpful! However, if you have any more queries, please reach out to us in the comment section below!


Will there be Interstellar 2?

No, Interstellar 2 is not going to happen as of now.

What is Interstellar all about?

The main plot of Interstellar revolves around: Human species facing crises since Earth is suddenly inhabitable. So, an ex-NASA pilot and farmer (Cooper) Gather a group of experts to go search for another habitable planet.

Is Interstellar a trilogy?

No, Interstellar is not a trilogy more like it is a stand-alone film.

Why no Interstellar 2?

It is not set in stone that Interstellar 2 will not happen. However, since Christopher Nolan has maintained silence around the possible sequel, fans couldn’t help but lose hope.

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