Top 20 Richest Countries In The World (Updated 2023)

Richest Country In The World

If you were under the impression that America is the richest country in the world, then you are wrong! Moreover, you will be surprised by our top three picks. Regardless, in this article, we will go through the world’s top 20 (current) richest countries!

However, the data is constantly changing! So, keep tabs on our page as we update it in case of new information. With that in mind, let’s dive deep!

Top 10 Richest Country In The World

In the following table, we have skimmed through the Top 10 Richest Country In The World. Along with that, we have also mentioned their official language and GDP per Capita. 

RankCountryGDP per CapitaLanguage
1Monaco234,315.46 USDFrench
2Liechtenstein157,754.95 USD German
3Luxembourg133,590.15 USDLuxembourgish FrenchGerman
4Ireland100,172.08 USDIrish
5Switzerland 91,991.60 USDFrenchItalianRomansh German
6Norway89,154.28 USDNorwegian Sami
7United States70,248.68 USD English-Spanish
8Iceland68,727.64 USDIcelandish
9Australia60,443.11 USDEnglish
10Denmark68,007.76 USDDanish

20 Richest Country In The World In 2023

Let’s go through the Top 20 Richest Country In The World one by one:-

1. Monaco 

Monaco Richest Country In The World

Monaco is considered the second smallest state in the world, yet it is currently the richest!  The French-speaking country has over 36,686 population, 8.596 gross domestic product and 234,315.46 USD GDP per Capita.

2. Liechtenstein 


The German-speaking country, Liechtenstein, is mainly known for its medieval castles, villages, and alpine landscapes linked by a network of trials. Other than that, the country’s population is 39,039, with 157,754.95 USD GDP per Capita. 

3. Luxembourg 


Luxembourg is the capital of several small European nations. Moreover, it has a 133,590.15 USD GDP per Capita with 0.64 Million population.  Other than that, Luxembourgish, French, and German are the official languages spoken there. 

4. Ireland 


Ireland is an island in the (north) Atlantic Ocean which was separated from Great Britain. With that being said, currently, its GDP per Capita is 100,172.08 USD with over 5.033 Million population.  Other than that, the country’s official language is Irish. 

5. Switzerland 


Situated in central Europe, Switzerland is home to many high peaks of Apls, lakes, and villages. Moreover, it has a population of over 8.073 Million. 

Other than that, Switzerland has 91,991.60 USD GDP per Capita and four official languages, including French, Italian, Romansh, German, etc. 

6. Norway

Norway - Richest Country In The World

Norway is popularly known as the Scandinavian country, whose capital city (Oslo) is a city of museums and Green spaces. Besides that, Norway has a population of 5.4 Million, 89,154.28 USD GDP per Capita, and Norwegian is their official language. 

7. United States

United States - Richest Country In The World

Composed of a total of 50 states, the United States of America is primarily situated in North America. Moreover, the population of the whole territory is over 331.9 Million, with 70,248.68 USD GDP per Capita. 

Other than that, predominantly, their native language is English.  However, the remaining 13.2% population speaks Spanish. 

8. Iceland

Iceland - Richest Country In The World

Iceland is mainly known for its dramatic volcanic activities and 68,727.64 USD GPD per Capita.  Moreover, most of the country’s population (a total of 372,520) lives in its capital city, Reykjavik. Other than that, the Island’s official language is Icelandic.

9. Australia 

Australia  - Richest Country In The World

Australia is the sixth-largest nation worldwide, with 2.968 Million meter square and a population of 25.69 Million.  Other than that, this English-speaking country has 60,443.11 USD GPD per Capita. 

10. Denmark

Denmark - Richest Country In The World

Denmark has encompassed a few islands, including Jutland, Peninsula, and a few other islands. Moreover, the total population of this Danish-speaking region is 5.856 Million. 

Other than that, Denmark has nearly 68,007.76 USD GPD per Capita. 

11. Canada

Canada - Richest Country In The World

Situated in North America, Canada has three extended territories and ten provinces which cover a total of 3.855 square meters with over 38.25 Million population. 

Other than that, Canada’s GDP per Capita is 51,987.94 USD.  Moreover, its official languages are English and French

12. Germany 


Germany is considered the second-most populated region, with over 83.2 Million population.  Moreover, this German-speaking country is officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany. Other than that, its GDP per Capita is 51,203.55 USD.

13. United Kingdom 

United Kingdom 

The United Kingdom is popularly known as an island nation which is composed of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Moreover, it is situated in North-Western Europe with a population of 67.33 Million. 

Other than that, their official languages are English and British Sign Langauge, with 46,510.28 USD GDP per Capita. 

14. France


France is situated in Western Europe, and its Capital city (Paris) is famous for its Art Museums, Fashion houses, and how can we forget the Eiffel Tower? 

Other than that, the total population of this French-speaking country is 67.75 Million.  Moreover, its GDP per Capita is 43,658.98 USD.

15. Japan


Japan is another island country which is famous for Cherry Blossoms and Anime. Other than that, the GPD per Capita for this Japanese-speaking country is 39,312.66 USD.  Moreover, the total population of the region is 125.7 Million. 

16. Italy


Italy has made a significant impact on western culture. Moreover, its capital city (Rome) is a landmark for ancient ruins and art and is home to Vaticans. 

Other than that, the Italian-speaking nation has a population of 59.11 Million with 35,657.50 USD GDP per Capita. 

17. South Korea 

South Korea

South Korea’s popularity has grown worldwide due to Kdrama and K-pop (or shall we say BTS?) Regardless, their population (51.74 Million) lately is increasing more and more due to the Tourists’ prolonged visits. 

Hence, increasing the GDP per Capita to 34,997.78 USD.  Other than that, their official language is Korean.

18. Spain 


Spain is the second-largest country and fourth-most populated one in the European Union, with 47.42 Million population.  Having said that, the GDP per Capita of this Spanish-speaking country is 30,103.51 USD. 

19. China 


China is the most populated country in the world, with a population of 1.412 Billion and 12,556.33 USD GDP per Capita.  Moreover, the country’s official language(s) is Mandarin, Mongolian, Uygur, Tibetan, etc.  

20. Russia 


Russia is the largest country in the world with 6,601, 670-meter square and a 1.434 Billion population.  Besides that, this Russian-speaking country has a 12,194.78 USD GDP per Capita, extending to Eastern Europe and Northern Asia.

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Conclusion: Which Is The Richest Country In The World?

Monaco is currently the richest country in the world, with 234,315.46 USD GDP per Capita.  However, the statistics are constantly changing. So make sure you keep checking our page for updated information.

Regardless, after the French-speaking region, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg closely follow on number 2 and number 3 positions with 157,754.95 USD and 133,590.15 USD GDP per Capita, respectively.

Having said that, we hope our article was helpful! And as mentioned earlier, we will keep our page updated in case of new information!


What is the richest country in the world without GDP?

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is the richest country in the world without GDP.

What is the richest country in the world without debt?

Brunei has the lowest debt rate, with 3.2%

What is the richest country in the world to live in?

Luxembourg is the richest country in the world to live in. 

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