17 Best Movies To Watch On Netflix In 2023

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Nothing can give the pleasure of binge-watch. The pandemic makes the situation intense. Experiencing a movie in a theatre is cool, but lying on the couch and watching your favorite movie with your favorite snacks beside you, we die to have this moment. 

You are ready to spend your weekend in pajamas and snacks, but can you be prepared to spend the best weekend without having the movie list? Finding a perfect movie worth the time takes a lot of work. Time will pass, and you still need something to watch. 

You need not worry here; we have your back. In this article, we will share the best Netflix movies so take pen and paper to create your bucket list.

What Are the Best Genres on Netflix?

If you consume Netflix content, you probably know the best genres. According to survey reports, most global audiences love drama, horror, comedy, and thriller. Documentaries, anime, and sci-fi are the new favorite. We will share 3 movies of each genre, so stay tuned.


Movies under drama category:

1. Molly’s Game –

Molly's Game

This 2017’s movie is based on a young athlete’s story where you will encounter a complex woman character. The story is based on a real character, and the director Aaron Sorkin presents the story with intellectual dialogue. The narrative style of the movie will linger for a long.

2. Sweet Girl –

Sweet Girl

The movie was released in 2021 and directed by Brian Andrew Mandoza. The drama will circumscribe around a man who lost his wife and his unsolved problems. You might not find another unique story in this movie, but the action sequences will keep you hooked.

3. The Devil All The Time-

The Devil All The Time

The movie is based on a novel by Donald Ray of the same name. For people who like dark content, The Devil All The Time suits their match. The absence of light and the killers’ strategy will haunt you though it is not a horror story. However, the movie touches the sensitive topics like rape, murder, extremist religions, etc.


Movies under the comedy category:

4. Bridget Jone’s Diary- 

Bridget Jone’s Diary

This comedy movie is based on Helen Fielding’s novel, and you can find the sequel part of this movie also on Netflix. 

5. Dope-


If you want to consume some smart comedy, you must try this one. This comedy film is based on drug dealing and some modern-day’s adversity. 

6. The Nice Guys- 

The Nice Guys

The humor emerges from the missing girl and two awkwardly placed men union. You might get a fan of Shane Black’s sharp dialogue.


Movies under the Thrillers category:

7. The Grey Man-

The Grey Man

if you love to watch bloodshed and chilling thriller, you must watch this movie. The Grey Man is the story of a serial killer who murders people after taking contacts. 

8. Tau –


The movie will blow your mind when you watch the struggle of Julia, who finds herself caught in a high-tech jail. Will she be able to escape from jail? The movie will be your answer. 

9. The Vanished –

The Vanished

If you love to explore the dark chapters of the human mind, The Vanished is a must-watch. The story revolves around the quest to find the missing daughter of a couple, and the plot takes a strange twist when they find the dark mystery of the lake beside them.

10. Bird Box –

Bird Box

The movie counts as one of the best thrillers stored on Netflix. The movie starts with a man-made calamity; the whole town is the innocent victim. A pregnant lady tries to survive with a handful of people, and how she survives with the child and her journey will keep your eyes open all the time.


Movies under the horror category:

11. Things Heard & Seen –  

Things Heard & Seen

If you are a fan of psychological horror, this movie is just for you. The story is taken from the novel by Elizabeth Brundage, named All Things to seem To appear. A young couple moves into their new house, where they will find some dark truths about their past.

12. Umma-


The movie is based on the traditional beliefs of entering the evil spirit into a human body, but you will get to explore the traumatic past life stories. Sandra Oh takes the movie to the next level. 

13. Ouija- The Origin Of Evil-

Ouija- The Origin Of Evil

You probably won’t find anything extraordinary story in this movie, but the screenplay and the atmosphere will terrify you.  This might be one of the best horror movies you have ever watched.

Apart from all those genres, certain movies capture more than two genres, making it difficult to put them into one. So, check out some other Netflix Movie suggestions. 

14. Luckiest Girl Alive- 

Luckiest Girl Alive

Mila Kunis, starring in this movie, is newly released on Netflix, where she plays a role of a writer. Her tragic past, rich fiance, and career tension make the plot interesting. 

15. The Platform-

The Platform

The movie’s concept is a little different from others, where some people need to eat from a huge round table, but the plot twists when some of them die from the floor settings. 

16. Nocturnal Animal –

Nocturnal Animal

The movie is the second direction of Tom Ford, and he does an excellent job. Here the wife will discover the unimaginable connection between his husband’s new book and reality. You will enjoy the beautiful visuals in this movie.

17. Oxygen-


You can count this movie as a sci-fi movie where the woman finds herself in a cryogenic pod with no memory. As the name suggests, the movie revolves around the scarcity of Oxygen. 

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