All The Queens Men Season 3: Everything You Need To Know

Ever since the show’s executive producer (Christian Keyes) has expressed his joy to keep continuing the journey with BET+, fans are more than eager to know when All The Queens Men Season 3 is releasing!

Well, that’s the purpose of this article. Here, I will discuss the release date of the upcoming Season, the potential cast, what you can expect, episode number, and so on. 

When Is All The Queens Men Season 3 Releasing?

As of 2023, there is no official release date announced yet. However, All The Queens Men Season 3 has a pattern of releasing new episodes each Wednesday in September. 

Therefore, if this pattern continues, then you can expect the upcoming Season to release sometime around September 2023. So, I hope that no unforeseen circumstances delay the date and that the release tradition of All The Queens Men continues. 

Is The Official Trailer Released Yet?

Unfortunately, the official trailer of All The Queens Men Season 3 is not out yet. 

But whenever that happens, rest assured, I will update the section. 

All The Queens Men Season 3
Source: Apne Netflix Official YouTube Channel

Who Is Starring In The Upcoming Season Of All The Queens Men?

All The Queens Men Season
Source: IMDb

Again, none of the cast members have been confirmed yet. But the following is the list of people that fans are speculating about starring in the upcoming Season:-

  • Eva Marcille, who portrayed Madam (Marilyn DeVille)
  • Marquita Goings, who portrayed Vanessa
  • Keith Carlos, who portrayed Midnight
  • Stephanie Charles, who portrayed London
  • Michael Bolwaire, who portrayed Doc
  • Zulay Henao, who portrayed Detective Hernandez
  • Racquel Palmer, who portrayed Babyface
  • Candace Maxwell, who portrayed Tamara
  • Dion Rome, who portrayed Christian
  • Jeremy Williams, who portrayed Amp
  • Skyh Alvester Black, who portrayed Blue
  • Tray Chaney, who portrayed DJ

What Can We Expect? (Potential Plot) 

The upcoming Season will likely pick up from the end of Season 2. So, you can expect the show to explore post Blue’s club explosion. And Christian and Madam are slowly digesting the fact that Blue is their blood family. 

Apart from this, there is still a huge question mark on the existence of their father. 

Then the story arc will also explore whether love is destined for the four strippers (Doc, Midnight, Amp, and Babyface) or whether trouble follows wherever they go. 

All The Queens Men Season
Source: The Roku Channel

And what about Madam? Will these four strippers remain loyal to her? Or will they end up creating a new enemy by betraying Madam? Other than that, there is huge speculation over the introduction of the new characters as well!

So, overall, fans are expecting the loose threads to get tied. Hopefully, the upcoming Season will give us the reason behind the Blue’s club explosion, the motive behind Madam’s father, the repercussions of El Fuego and Amp’s mistakes, and so on. 

How Many Episodes Will The Upcoming Season Consist Of?

If I draw the pattern between the last two seasons (with Season two released in two parts), then each release consists of 10 episodes. Hence, chances are the upcoming Season of All The Queens Men Season 3 will consist of 10 episodes as well! 

However, if Season 3 happens to be released in two parts, then in that case, the next Season will have 20 episodes. 

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Wrapping Up: Where Can I Watch All The Queens Men Season 3?

Just like the previous Seasons, you can watch All The Queens Men Season 3 on BET+. 

Additionally, the subscription to the said streaming platform is 9.99 USD per month and 99.99 USD per year! That being said, the release date of Season 3 is not confirmed yet. 

However, by looking at the pattern of past releases, you can expect the Season to arrive by September 2023. So, that’s it for my article on All The Queens Men Season 3! In case of any additional information, I will keep the page updated!


Will there be season 3 of All The Queen’s Men?

All The Queens Men will indeed have a Season 3. And you can expect the Season to release around September 2023. 

What was the last episode of All the Queen’s Men?

Never get too comfortable was the title of the final episode of All the Queen’s Men. 

How many seasons of All The Queen’s Men are out?

Currently, only two seasons are out, with a third one on its way. 

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