15 Most Popular Roblox Games In 2023 (Gamer’s Choice)

Roblox is the best platform to discover fun and addictive games. While some are inclined towards scary games, others are into cat-and-mouse chases. (Kind of!) Regardless, if you are looking for some recommendations, then I have curated a list of the 15 most popular Roblox games.

So, without further ado, let’s get started:-

10 Most Popular Roblox Games In Nutshell (2023)

In the table below, I have added the top 10 popular games on Roblox. Along with that, I have also added devices that they are available on:-

RankGameAvailable On
1Adopt Me!iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Xbox One
2BrookhaveniOS, Android
3Tower of HellAndroid, Windows
4Blox FruitsiOS, iPad
5Meep CityAndroid
7Murder Mystery 2Android
8Royale HighAndroid, VR, XBox
9Welcome to BloxburgNot Available 
10Pet Simulator XAndroid

In the following list, I have mentioned the top 15 most popular Roblox games and have briefly explained the premise as well!

1. Adopt Me!

As the name suggests, the game is about adopting animals. So, right from the egg hatching to further raising them into a well-fed being is the motto of Adopt Me! 

Adopt Me
Source: Nerd Stash

The environment is quite friendly, where you will find plenty of houses, vehicles, and in-game trading. Additionally, almost all devices are compatible with the game. 

2. Brookhaven

We all have played GTA at some point in life, and Brookhaven gives similar vibes. 

Source: Pro Game Guide

You can either drive around, walk, or sit in the house as per your desire. And likewise, there will be plenty of people that you can interact with. 

3. Tower of Hell

Tower of Hell is one of the most difficult Games, where the player has to climb the tower. 

Tower of Hell
Source: American Kids Vid

It comes with several obstacles where you have to race to the peak of the tower, and the more you keep climbing, the more difficult it keeps getting. 

4. Blox Fruits

When all of Roblox’s best features get combined in one game, that’s when you get Blox Fruits. 

Blox Fruits...
Source: Twitter

At every level, your character keeps leveling up as it encounters difficult obstacles, sometimes, there is just one enemy, but other times, there is a pack. 

Regardless, you earn expensive rewards that further act like immunity or even a powerful accessory that advances your game strategy!

5. Meep City

Another multiplayer game where you explore the world while simultaneously managing your properties. And depending on your choice of business, you can run a pizza place, hospital, dance club, etc. 

Meep City..
Source: Common Sense Media

Whereas the rest of the players will visit your venture and further invest their in-game currencies to purchase things from your stall. 

6. Piggy

Inspired by Peppa Pig, Piggy is a scary Roblox game that most white kids seem to enjoy!

Source: Cookie Swirl C

It’s almost like Among Us, where the pig is a killer and searching for other players to attack them. At the same time, the rest of the players survived till they successfully exited the room. 

7. Murder Mystery 2

If you check out the display, you can easily guess Murder Mystery 2 to be a decade-old game. Like many classics, here, too, there are three teams, a killer, an innocent tribe, and a cop. 

Murder Mystery 2
Source: Roblox

Obviously, a cop’s job is to catch the killer. In contrast, the killer tries to kill as many innocents as possible. And then there is a tribe of innocents whose only goal is to survive till they are out of the danger zone.

8. Royale High

Another supernatural game where your character is a possessed high-schooler from a well-off family. Now, your goal is to keep your character on track by socializing more and having good grades.

Royale High
Source: Roblox

And the more character’s grades are good, the more in-game currency you will gain. Plus, with the help of this Robux, you can purchase different accessories for your character. 

9. Welcome to Bloxburg

Just as the name suggests, Welcome is a life simulation game wherein your character can rent a place, get a job, or even explore with friends. 

Welcome to Bloxburg
Source: Outschool

Moreover, the game’s build-mode feature is praise-worthy for real!

10. Pet Simulator X

Similar to Adopt Me, Pet Simulator X is (like you guessed) a pet collecting game. 

Pet Simulator X
Source: GoSuNoob.com

Here, you collect an additional 950 pets. And the more time you invest in exploring this game, the more you’re liable to not only upgrade your pets but also cultivate a completely new and innovative animal collection. 

11. Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime Fighting Simulator is a fighting game, but unlike other Roblox games, it’s not that severe and less graphic. There are regular updates with new items and features. 

Anime Fighting Simulator the Most Popular Roblox Games
Source: Roblox

Moreover, just like TV shows, Anime Fighting Simulator comes with seasons. And currently, it’s on season 6. 

12. Shindo Life

Shindo life basically promotes you to the hermit and further strengthens themselves more and more. So that when you do go out in the field to combat, you win. 

Shindo Life the Most Popular Roblox Games
Source: Roblox 

Additionally, you can also gain strength by combating and winning, but then 2x power is always best!

13. King Legacy

King Legacy is a pirate-based game that can be played as a single-player or multiplayer. If you are going for the latter, then know that you’ll have an advantage over the enemies, as your crew members will help you fight battles. 

King Legacy the Most Popular Roblox Games
Source: Twitter

However, on the flip side, whatever treasure you find, you will have to share it with your teammates. Having said that, you can explore the place in search of new equipment and further buy or sell those items in the black market!

14. Sonic Speed Simulator

If you have played Sonic Game, then the Speed Simulator version is nearly similar to that. Moreover, the game has constant updates, which further makes it a fan favorite at all times. 

Sonic Speed Simulator the Most Popular Roblox Games
Source: Roblox

15. Jailbreak

While playing Jailbreak, you can experience the best of both worlds: 

Jailbreak the Most Popular Roblox Games
Source: Roblox

Your character can either be a prisoner, who’s trying to escape, or you can be a cop that’s keeping everything intact. And if the prisoner escapes, then you have to get him back!

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Conclusion: Which Is The Most Popular Roblox Game?

The most popular Roblox game (as of June 2023) is Adopt Me!

Here, you look after the pets right from their eggs hatched to the day they can survive on their own. You see, the game is similar to the adoption concept; you pretty much adopt these pets and further raise them as if they are your own.

That being said, as the new games arrive or the season of this one ends, the list of the most popular game(s) will change. So, in that case, I will keep the page updated!


What is the one best game in Roblox?

Adopt Me is currently the best Roblox game. 

What are the 15 most popular games in Roblox?

The fifteen most popular games in Roblox as of 2023 are mentioned below:-
1. Adopt Me!
2. Brookhaven
3. Tower of Hell
4. Blox Fruits
5. Meep City
6. Piggy 
7. Murder Mystery 2
8. Royale High
9. Welcome To Bloxburg
10. Pet Simulator X
11. Anime Fighting Simulator
12. Shindo Life
13. King Legacy
14. Sonic Speed Simulator
15. Jailbreak

Is Roblox No one game?

Roblox is more of a gaming platform than a game. And yes, it’s indeed number one in the industry!

What is the most OG Roblox game?

Rocket Arena is the OG Roblox game which was released in 2006. 

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