Tower of God Season 2: Release Date, Official Trailer & Update

Webtoon writers really have a knack for captivity, as most Anime or even TV shows, for that matter, have emerged from there. In fact, Tower of God was the first webtoon to receive an English translation. (Thank you, international fans).

That being said, fans are excitedly waiting for Tower of God Season 2 and what the Season has in store for us. Therefore, this article will discuss everything you need to know: The release date, official trailer, potential cast, etc. So on that note, let’s get started!

When is the Tower of God Releasing? (Crunchyroll)

Although there is no definite release date for Tower of God, you can expect the Anime to release between July and September of 2023. 

Tower of God Season 2

However, once Crunchyroll announces the official release date, I will update the page. 

Is The Official Trailer Out Yet?

Crunchyroll has released the official trailer of Tower of God on their YouTube Channel. It explores Bam and Rachel’s dangerous trek that has led them through the Tower. 

What Does The Tower of God Encompass?

If one describes the Tower of God, then they describe it by saying once you reach the top, you will gain everything. Anything that exists within the realm of this world, it is yours. 

The Tower of God Encompass

Do you want to become a God? You can be one. 

The Tower of Gods revolves around Rachel, a girl who wants to see the stars, and hence, she climbs this Tower. And then there is Bam, the boy who didn’t want or need anything but her. 

Now if you are curious about Season 2, then you should know that the Tower of God was originally a Webtoon. And after writing nine volumes, the author took a break. Fortunately, after one year, the Tower of God was resumed. 

So, the upcoming Season will focus more on Bam and his adventures.

Tower of God Season 2: Potential Cast & Crew

Just like the release date, the official cast of Tower of God Season 2 has not been released yet. All we can do is speculate. So, in the following table, I have mentioned the potential cast and crew for the upcoming Season. Let’s check them out:-

Sr. No.CharacterVoice Actor
1Rak WraithraiserMatthew David Rudd
2BamJohnny Yong Bosch
3Anaak JahadCherami Leigh
4ShibisuScott Whyte
5Khun Aguero AgnesChris Hackney
6RachelValerie Rose Lohman
7Lero RoTrent Mills
8HeadonHôchû Ôtsuka
9Evan Edroch
Kazuyuki Okitsu
Takuya Eguchi
11Endorsi Jahad
Jeannie Tirado
Toshinari Fukamachi
13SerenaCristina Valenzuela
14Yuri JahadKira Buckland
15Evan EdrochKyle McCarley
16Kenjirô TsudaLero-Ro

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Tower of God Season 2 is not canceled! In fact, at 2022’s Crunchyroll Expo event, makers announced that season 2 was under production. But then again, the official release date is not available. 

However, you can expect the upcoming Season to come out by July to September 2023.

And you can stream it on Crunchyroll for free. So, that’s it for my article on Tower of God Season 2. In case of any new information, I will keep the page updated!


Is there season 2 for Tower of God?

There is indeed a Season 2 for Tower of God. And the announcement was made during the 2022’s expo event. 

Is Tower of God getting a season 3?

Nothing is certain yet. However, if Tower of God did get a third season, then it would explore Bam gathering help to go save Ha Jisun. And to do so, he needs to defeat Kallavan first. 

Why did Rachel betray Baam?

Rachel betrayed Baam because she wasn’t allowed to enter the Tower. Therefore, she made a pact with Headon.

Is Bam in Tower of God season 2?

Tower of God would indeed feature Bam and his insane adventures. 

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