Upload Season 3 (Everything We Know So Far)

Amazon’s original series, Upload, is back with its third Season. With so much going around, you might be curious about how season 3 will unfold, when it will be released, and more!

Hence, in this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about it. 

We will cover Upload Season 3 potential release date, cast, trailer, what to expect, etc. So on that note, let’s dive deep into it!

Is The Upload Season 3 On The Horizon?

The Upload Season 3 is indeed on the horizon. And the valid source is none other than Robbie Amell. 

He uploaded a picture on Instagram with his co-actor, Andy Allo, and that’s how the main leads confirmed the arrival of the upcoming Season. 

Upload Season 3

However, there’s no confirmation on the official release date as of now. 

Regardless, if I take a wild guess, then you can expect Upload Season 3 to release by October 2023. That’s because the filming of Season 2 was over by April 2021, and the Season was released by March 2022. 

Therefore, since the filming of Upload Season 3 was over in November 2022, it will likely be available on Amazon Prime per our mathematical prediction. 

Is The Official Trailer For Upload Season 3 Out Yet?

The official trailer for Upload Season 3 is not out yet. However, I’ll update my page as soon as it does come out!

What Can We Expect From The Upcoming Season? (Potential Plot)

Season Two ended on a cliffhanger, as we discovered plenty of things. 

For starters, Nathan is not an original Nathan but a tech-created copy. And the original Nathan is (fortunately) still alive and hiding from his murders. Yes, Nathan had not met with an accident. Instead, it was a fool-proof murder. 

The Official Trailer For Upload Season 3

So, that’s where the upcoming Season will pick up from. 

With the help of Ingrid’s instructions, Nathan is downloaded into the cloned body. However, it’s highly unlikely for Nathan to survive for a long time; as in the previous Season, we have seen how Nathan’s soul was not approving of his cloned body. 

However short the time span is, Nathan and Nora are determined to stop the secret technology, Freyond. Along with that, Season 3 will also explore how the characters find ways to save Nathan’s original body. 

Cast & Crew For The Upcoming Season

The golden trio (Robbie, Andy, and Alegra) will definitely reprise their roles in Upload Season 3. Moreover, there is speculation that Kevin Bigley and Owen Daniels will return as well. 

Cast of Upload

The following is the expected cast list for the upcoming Season:-

Sr.No Name Character Name 
1.Robbie AmellNathan Brown
2.Andy AlloNora Antony
3.Allegra EdwardsIngrid Kannerman
4.Zainab Johnson Aleesha
5.Kevin BigleyLuke
6.Josh BandayIvan
7.Jordan Johnson-HindsJamie
8.Chris WilliamsDave Antony
9.Jessica TuckViv
10.William B. DavisDavid Choak
11Chloe ColemanNevaeh
12.Andy ThomsonLionel Winters

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The Final Verdict: Upload Season 3

The main lead of Upload TV series (Robbie Amell) uploaded a picture on Instagram confirming the return of the show’s third Season. 

However, there is no confirmation of the release date. Regardless, after doing my little Math, I have come to the conclusion that the upcoming Season will likely be released by October 2023. And you can watch it on its home platform, Amazon Prime. 

So that’s about it! In case of any latest information, I will keep the page updated. 


Will there be Upload Season 3?

Upload Season 3 is indeed going to happen. And though the official release date is not announced yet, you can still expect the Season to come out by October 2023. 

Where is Upload Season 3 filmed?

Upload Season 3 is filmed in three prime locations: Vancouver, Canada, and British Columbia. 

Why was Season 2 of Upload only seven episodes?

The main reason why Season 2 has only seven episodes is solely because of Covid-19. According to the lead actor, the time it took them to film ten episodes in Season 2 is the same time it took them to film seven episodes.  

Why did Nathan freeze in Upload?

Nathan’s second freeze is instigated because of his freaking out, thinking that Ingrid, his ex-girlfriend, has died. All because her cloned version was helping him out.

How many seasons of Upload are there?

As of now, Upload has two Seasons. And Season three is currently under filming. 

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