Wednesday Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot & Updates

Wednesday Season 2

The year 2022 was a banger for Netflix! First Stranger Things and now Tim Burton’s Wednesday! After breaking all the streaming records, fans couldn’t help but be curious about Wednesday Season 2!

So, in this article, we will talk about the renewal of Wednesday Season 2, the potential release date, the streaming platform, the recurring cast and Lady Gaga’s potential cameo. (Wide eyes!) With that in mind, let’s deep dive:

Is Wednesday Renewed For Season 2?

YES! After the tumultuous wait of 1 Month and 19 days, Netflix has finally confirmed Wednesday Season 2! 

Twit of Wednesday Addams

On official Twitter account, Wednesday Addams team posted a tweet with ‘More torture is coming. Lucky you’ the description, followed by a statement that a global phenomenon is returning for a second season. This suggests that fans of the show won’t have to wait any further for season 2.

Wednesday Season 2

However, before Netflix blessed us with this good news, they were cruel enough to torture us. Meaning: Netflix had Tweeted one more video with a bunch of question marks, where Wednesday Addams aggressively typed on the typewriter – The End. 

Regardless, we are happy that it’s not the show’s end!

Do We Have A Release Date?

Unfortunately, we do not have an exact release date as of now. However, please keep checking our page! We will update you as soon as we discover anything. 

Till then, you can binge Wednesday and be mesmerised by Jenna Ortega’s performance! Her still gaze, relaxed face, and contrast to Enid Sinclair’s chirpy self will keep you intrigued. 

The character Wednesday Addams clearly skyrocketed Jenna Ortega’s popularity and Net Worth. Hopefully, we will see a darker twist to her character in the upcoming season. Speaking of which, let’s discuss what we can expect in the upcoming season.

What Can You Expect In The New Season?

Jenna Ortega is hoping for this season (let alone her character) to be much darker. Moreover, she wants her character to follow an anti-hero theme. 

Ortega thinks, sure, her character is saving the school and all that, but deep down, her character is being competitive with the monster: How can that monster do certain things? Can Ortega’s character do it as well? Is it possible for next season? 

Given the circumstances, it’s likely possible. In the previous season, Wednesday discovered the monster who terrorised their school (Nevermore) was none other than her lover. 

Sure, he was under the trance of (Wednesday’s other favourite person) Ms Thorhill, and chances are, we might get a redemption arc. Or at least a little background on what has led to Tyler’s sudden evil turn. But regardless, we are hoping for Wednesday’s brief evil moments under the manipulation of her favourite people.

Another anticipated plot is Wednesday’s mystery blackmailer: and how the cryptic stalker-ish photos boiled Wednesday’s blood. Season 2 may shed some light on who the blackmailer is and why they are targeting Wednesday Addams.

The ominous presence (the cult group) of Morning Songs might also explore the main villain’s status. The show’s creators also talked about consistently writing a script while having at least 3-4 seasons in mind. 

Moreover, none of the pre-planned character arcs is set in stone. So if any character starts popping up out of nowhere, then there is enough flexibility to grow the character further. 

Let’s say the creators stumble upon exciting fan theories, which would surely influence the plot! Does that mean this is a subtle hint for fan theory invitations? Well, you are smart enough to pick up on that!

Can We Expect The Old Cast To Return?

Of course! Jenna Ortega is for sure reprising her role as Wednesday Addams! 

Other than that, we can expect the right-hand monster (Victor Dorabantu), Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci), and Morticia Addams (Catherine Zeta-Zones). There might be a new entry or a random filler character (from season 1) who will play Wednesday’s blackmailer. 

Wednesday Season 2 Cast

Apart from these fixed casts, fans are suspecting the following members as well:

Sr.NoCharacter NameActor/Actress
1Wednesday AddamsJenna Ortega
2Morticia AddamsChristina Hendricks
3Gomez AddamsLuis Guzmán
4Pugsley AddamsIsaac Ordonez
5Uncle FesterFred Armise
6Grandma AddamsCatherine O’Hara
7LurchTerry Crews
8ThingTBD (voice)
9Cousin IttTBD (voice)
10Principal Larissa WeemsGwendoline Christie
11Sheriff GalpinJamie McShane
12Xavier ThorpePercy Hynes White
13Tyler GalpinHunter Doohan
14Emma MyersEnid Sinclair
15Bianca BarclayJoy Sunday

Now that we have discussed the realistic cast, let’s address some fantasies.

Is Lady Gaga Casted For Season Two?

Fans are hoping for Lady Gaga to do a cameo. (We know, right!) 

All because of the viral remixes of Gaga’s Bloody Mary and Wednesday’s iconic dance break. To make it even more exciting, Lady Gaga recreated the dance break and shared it on her social media.

Lady Gaga Casted For Season Two

According to Jenna Ortega, if Lady Gaga were to (hopefully) be cast in the new season, she could play some character like Miss. Thornhill. Jenna further expressed how cool it would be to have two monsters who get each other! 

So let’s cross our fingers and put it out in the universe! If we pray hard, then maybe… Gaga might cameo. At least for two minutes. 

Where Can You Stream Wednesday?

You can stream Wednesday on Netflix. 

However, if you don’t have a Netflix subscription, you can also head to Roku! Just keep in mind Roku is not accessible in some countries.

So if you live in the following regions, then only you can access Roku for free:

  • Canada
  • United States
  • France
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Latin America

Wednesday: In a Nutshell

Wednesday is an American TV show based on a character with supernatural abilities called Wednesday Addams. She was rusticated from her school for throwing piranhas in the school’s pool as revenge. 

Wednesday Addams Family

All because some boys from the water polo team bullied her brother (Pugsley). 

Regardless, Wednesday’s parents (Morticia and Gomez) enrolled her at Nevermore Academy, a private high school dealing with outcasts with monstrous tendencies. However, they did not leave her astray and sent the hand thing to keep an eye on her.

Because of Wednesday’s rebellious nature and emotionless personality, it restricted her from getting along with new schoolmates. Therefore, she also faced conflicts with her school principal, Larrisa Weems. 

Later in the series, Wednesday discovers that just like her mother, she also has some psychic abilities. These psychic abilities further help her in dissecting mystery murder.

  • Rating: 8.2/10 (IMDb) and 72% (Rotten Tomatoes).
  • Created by: Alfred Gough and Miles Miller
  • Directed by: Tim Burton
  • Release Date: November 23, 2022
  • Genre: Fantasy, Coming-Of-The-Age, Comedy-Horror, etc.
  • Original Network: Netflix

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Conclusion: Wednesday Season 2

Since the Netflix premiere on Wednesday, the show has broken all streaming records! Some fans may say that it reminds them of Harry Potter. However, we cannot deny that the show has its own charm. 

Because of this, fans eagerly wait for Season 2 and are curious about all the details. Hence, this article has put your curiosity at rest and talked about everything you need to know about Wednesday Season 2!

From questions like, “Is Wednesday renewed for Season 2,” to the potential release date, cast, streaming platform, etc. We have discussed everything! 

We hope our article was helpful! In case of any additional queries, please contact us in the comment section below. We will revert as soon as possible.


Is there season 2 on Wednesday?

Yes, Netflix’s Wednesday is now renewed for Season 2.

Is Wednesday season 2 out on Netflix?

Wednesday Season 2 is not out on Netflix, as it is still in the making.

Has Wednesday been Cancelled?

No, Wednesday is not cancelled. Moreover, the show is now renewed for Season 2.

How many seasons does Wednesday have?

Currently, Wednesday is only renewed for season 2. However, the show makers expressed about approaching any script (Wednesday) with 3-4 seasons in mind at the very least.

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