Vagabond Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Update

This manga-inspired Netflix K-drama received international success with 8.3 IMDb ratings. Additionally, viewers cannot help but wonder about Vagabond Season 2 renewal now. 

In fact, as per various sources, the production of Vagabond Season 2 has already secretly begun. But then again, there is no official statement backing up this information. 

Hence, in this article, I have gathered all the necessary information: 

Here, I will discuss the Season 2 renewal, release date, expected cast list, trailer, streaming platform, ratings, synopsis, and expected plot lines. On that note, let’s get started!

Is Vagabond Season 2 Renewed? (Release Date)

Unfortunately, Vagabond Season 2 has not been officially renewed yet. Regardless, considering how the previous season ended, it’s obvious that Season 2 will be there. 

In that case, you can expect the season to be released sometime in 2024

Vagabond season 2
Source: Gadget Freaks

Plus, one of the staff members had confirmed, “It was planned and produced with the second season in mind. However, season two has not been confirmed, and we are reviewing the schedules of the actors, writers, and directors.”

Additionally, just like the previous season, Season 2 might include 16 episodes. 

Is The Official Trailer Out Yet?

Unfortunately, the official trailer of Vagabond Season 2 is not out yet. And rightfully so, since there is no official announcement regarding the renewal of Season 2. 

Vagabond Season 2 Official Trailer
Source: Interviewer PR

However, I will update this section whenever the Trailer for Season 2 is out. 

What Can You Expect From The Upcoming Season Of Vagabond?

Since Vagabond Season 2 ended on a note of Go Haeri falling for Cha Dalgun, the upcoming season would likely pick up from the same point. 

Additionally, we will get more glimpses into their love story, and you will also get an explanation of the plane crash. 

Vagabond Season 2: Expected Cast

The first season had a set of entertaining characters. So, chances are most of them would recur in the upcoming season too. Plus, there might be some addition of new cast members as well. Therefore, brace yourself for that as well! 

Vagabond Season  Cast
Source: Tuko News

On that note, the following is a table of the expected cast list:-

Sr. No. CharactersCast
1Lee Seung-gi Cha Dal-gun
2Moon Sung-KeunHong Soon-Jo
3Shin Sung-rok Gi Tae-Jung
4Bae Suzy Go Hae-RI
5Kim Jong-soo An Ki-dong
6Baek Yoon-SikJung Kook-Pyo
7Kim Min-jongYoon Han-ki
8Choi Kwang-il Park Man-young
9Moon Woo-JinCha Hoon

Where Can You Watch Vagabond Season 2? (Streaming Platforms)

You can stream Vagabond Season 2 on its home platform, Netflix. 

vagabond Streaming Platforms
Source: YouTube

What Happened In Vagabond so far? (Synopsis)

An underrated stuntman (Lee Seung-gi) has to focus on his job plus take care of his nephew (Moon Woo-Jin) simultaneously. 

For the most part, they have a lovely relationship. However, Woo-Jin argues with his uncle right before his field trip to Morrocco. And just before the airplane takes off, Seung-gi shares Woo-JIn a video clip, encouraging him to follow his dream and master Taekwondo.

However, the plane crashes. 

Vagabond: IMDb & Rotten Tomato Rating

Most critics have given the show a fairly positive response. Where Vagabond’s IMDb rating is 8.3, its rotten tomato rating is 89%

Source: Yidio

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Conclusion: Is It Worth The Watch?

Vagabond Season 2 is indeed worth the watch! However, keep in mind there is no official confirmation of its renewal as of now. And considering the end of the previous season, there are quite a few loose ties that need proper closure. 

Therefore, if the show renews, then you can expect Season 2 to release sometime in 2024. Additionally, it will contain 16 episodes and will be available on Netflix. 

So, that’s it for my article on Vagabond Season 2. In case of any additional information, I will keep the page updated!


Will there be Vagabond season 2?

Although there is no official confirmation on Vagabond Season 2, the series is far from over. 
Some of the plot points from the previous season looked unfinished, and hence, the theory that Vagabond has resumed the production of Season 2 seems all the more believable. 

Is Vagabond a cliffhanger?

Vagabond indeed ended on a major cliffhanger. And this is why me and many other viewers are dead set on Season 2, which apparently would solve all these loose ends. 

Who is the actress in Vagabond?

Bae Suzy is the main actress of Vagabond who is portraying the character of Go Hae-RI.

How did Vagabond end?

In the climax of Vagabond, we see Lee Seung-gi seeing off his nephew (Woo-Jin) at the airport. However, there seems to be an argument between the two. 
Regardless, before the plane takes off, the former sends Woojin a video clip which has a message for Woojin to accomplish his dream. Unfortunately, the plane crashes right after. 

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