Treason Season 2 — Release Date, Plot, And News

Treason Season 2

Following the success of the British Spy drama: Treason, fans are curious about Season 2. 

Treason season 1 left us all wondering how season 2 will unfold!

So, in this article, we will talk about: Is Treason Season 2 is going to happen and the rest of your queries surrounding it. We have tried gathering as much information as possible about Treason season 2, and we can’t wait until you know about it too!

With that in mind, let’s begin.

Is Treason Renewed For Season 2?

Unfortunately, the Netflix TV series Treason is not renewed for Season 2.

Treason Renewed For Season 2

According to Louise Hooper and Sarah O’Gorman (the directors), Treason was meant to be a mini-series. So, the five episodes perfectly encapsulate the plot, leaving no room for further installments.

However, we can still hope for a spinoff. Right? 

Treason: In A Nutshell

Treason is a British (mini) Spy Drama starring Charlie Cox, who played the role of an MI-6 Agent. All hell broke when Deputy MI-6’s boss suddenly died, or shall we say, was murdered? 

Treason Season 2

The more the deputy’s closeness with the Russian spy came to light, the more his bright future was at risk. You can watch the series on Netflix. It has been streaming since 26th December 2022.

  • Genres: Action. Drama. Thriller.
  • Tags: Spy. Mini series. Mystery. Murder. 
  • Who can watch: 15+
  • Sex and Nudity: Nothing of that sort.
  • Profanity: Just a few cuss words. Nothing too bad.

IMDb Rating: Treason 

The overall IMDb rating for Treason is 6.2. 

Treason IMDb Rating

However, the episodic ratings are mentioned below:

  • Episode 1: 6.9
  • Episode 2: 6.8
  • Episode 3: 7.2
  • Episode 4: 7.3
  • Episode 5: 7.2

CAST: Who Was In Treason? 

Here is the cast list of who was in Treason:

Charlie CoxAdam Lawrence
Oona ChaplinMaddy Lawrence
Tracy IfeachorDede Alexander
Ciarán HindsSir Martin Angelis
Olga KurylenkoKara
Danila Kozlovsky Lord Anton Melnikov
Samuel LeakeyCallum Lawrence
Beau Gadsdon Ella Lawrence
Simon LenaganRobert Kirby
Alex KingstonAudrey Gratz
Avital LvovaIrina Belova
Adam JamesPatrick Hamilton 

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Conclusion: Is Treason Season 2 going to happen?

The Treason mini-series (consisting of 5 episodes of around 45 minutes each) have wrapped the plot completely. So no, Treason Season is not going to happen.

In fact, the directors have even commented about having no plans for Season 2. 

More likely, even if they wanted to (post the Treason success), there is no scope for furthering the plot. The only way they can further the “franchise” is if they pick up a completely new plot.

But until we hear anything officially, let’s calm our excited hearts. 

Maybe you can go back and binge the series again and try to find new clues. Then you can drop in your favorite loopholes or fan theories in the comment section below. We will discuss it all!

Having said that, we hope our article was helpful! If you have any additional queries, you can write to us in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


How many episodes of Treason are there?

The mini-series Treason is a total of 5 episodes. 

Is there a season 2 for Treason?

No, there is no Season 2 for Treason.

Where can I watch Season 2?

Unfortunately, Season 2 is not going to happen. However, you can watch Treason on Netflix. The whole series was uploaded on Netflix on 26th December 2022.

Who created the Treason mini-series?

Matt Charman has created the Treason mini-series.

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