How Many Songs Does BTS Have? 2013 To 2023 (In Order)

BTS has seen a significant rise in its career over the years. Active from 2013 to 2023, they have released various hits. If you think Butter and Dynamite are their only hits, you must be living under a rock! So, how many songs does BTS have?

It might be surprising, but BTS has over 235+ songs, including their albums, reissues, mini-albums, soundtracks, and more. 

From ‘no more dream’ to ‘take two,’ the seven pop icons have released multiple genres. R&B, EDM, pop, etc., are some of the genres, and with the diversity in their music, you are bound to find the song that you can groove to!

Let’s break down the group’s exceptional discography and explore their music below! 

BTS Song List: 2013 -2023

Bangtan Sonyeondan, also popularly known as BTS, has released multiple records since they debuted. Since their solo releases were out, 2023 has been a rollercoaster ride for their fans (particularly ARMY). 

From 2 Cool 4 Skool to Proof, let’s unwrap each song below!

Top 17 BTS Song List -Group Songs

In this list, we will take a look at all the songs BTS has released as a group. 

1. 2 Cool 4 Skool: 2013

2 Cool 4 Skool 2013
Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

BTS’ first album, 2 Cool 4 Skool, was released in 2013 that had a total of 7 songs. The debut album introduced each member with a touch of 90’s hip-hop. The lead single, “no more dream,” was BTS’ debut song, along with a cool music video!

  • Intro: 2 2 Cool 4 Skool 
  • We Are Bulletproof Pt 2
  • Skit: Circle Room Talk
  • No More Dream
  •  Interlude
  • Like
  • Outro: Circle Room Cypher

2. O!RUL8 2? (Oh! Are You Late Too?): 2013

ORUL8 2 (Oh! Are You Late Too) 2013
Image Source: Weverse Shop

Released in the same year as their debut, the second album contains 10 songs. The theme brings teenagers in the current era into the limelight and puts weight on the importance of finding your path before it gets too late. 

  • Intro: O!RUL8 2?
  • N.O
  • We On
  • Skit: R U Happy Now?
  • If I Ruled The World
  • Coffee
  • BTS Cypher Pt. 1
  • Attack On Bangtan 
  • Paldogangsan
  • Outro: Luv in Skool

3. Skool Luv Affair: 2014

Skool Luv Affair
Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

Following their sequence on teenagers, Skool Luv Affair sheds a spotlight on teenage love, joy, and happiness. Boy In Luv received immense love from fans, as BTS portrayed the innocent love as a teenager that many can resonate with. 

  • Intro: Skool Luv Affair
  • Boy In Luv
  • Kit: Soulmate
  • Where You From
  • Just One Day
  • Tomorrow
  • BTS Cypher Pt. 2: Triptych
  • Spine Breaker
  • Jump
  • Outro: Propose 
  • Miss Right
  • Like -Slow Jam Remix

4. Dark & Wild: 2014

Dark & Wild
Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

After one year into their career, BTS’ first-ever full-length album Dark & Wild, was received with love and tremendous support by the fans. With 14 songs, the theme covers the dark side of love and life. With the popularity of their album, Suga made sure to sing Cypher Pt. 3 on his D-Day World Tour

  • Intro: What Am I To You?
  • Danger
  • War of Hormone
  • Hip Hop Phile
  • Let Me Know
  • Rain
  • BTS Cypher Pt.3: Killer
  • Interlude: What Are You Doing Now
  • Could You Turn Off Your Cell Phone
  • Embarrassed 
  • 24/7=Heaven
  • Look Here
  • So 4 more
  • Outro: Do You Think It Makes Sense?

5. The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt 1: 2015

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt 1
Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

The mini-album containing 9 songs, discusses the yearning for love. More precisely, BTS shares how it feels to experience a fading love. Fans gave immense love to the concept behind the album, and the ‘Dope’ music video became the first video by BTS to hit 100 million. 

  • Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life
  • I Need U
  • Hold Me Tight
  • Skit: Expectation!
  • Dope
  • Boyz With Fun
  • Converse High
  • Moving On
  • Outro: Love Is Not Over

6. The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt 2: 2015

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt 2
Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

Following the sequel of part 1, part 2 also shares the same story. The 2nd part also received plenty of spotlight than part 1. Some of the songs were still a part of the setlist when BTS performed for the last time as a group in 2022 -Yet To Come in Busan. 

  • Intro: Nevermind
  • Run
  • Whalien 52
  • Ma City
  • Silver Spoon
  • Skit: One Night in a Strange City
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Outro: House of Cards

7. The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever: 2016

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life
Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

After both mini-albums welcomed huge success for the group, BTS re-released their first special album by clubbing both versions together, along with bonus songs. 

  • Butterfly (Prologue Mix)
  • Fire
  • Epilogue: Young Forever
  • Save Me
  • Love Is Not Over (Full-length Edition)
  • House of Cards (Full-length Edition)

8. Wings: 2016

Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

Taking their career a step forward, Wings literally opened the wings of success for BTS in the mainstream industry! The album revolves around the theme of breaking out of shells and flying free. Additionally, Wings also had solo songs from the members. 

  • Intro: Boy Meets Evil
  • Blood Sweat & Tears
  • Begin
  • Lie
  • Stigma 
  • First Love
  • Reflection
  • MAMA
  • Awake
  • Lost
  • BTS Cypher 4
  • AM I Wrong
  • 21st Century Girl
  • 2! 3!
  • Interlude: Wings

9. You Never Walk Alone: 2017

You Never Walk Alone
Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

Another special album, You Never Walk Alone was re-released by Wings, along with two bonus songs –Spring Day and Not Today. Both songs have been significant hits for BTS and also remain highly loved by fans. 

  • Spring Day 
  • Not Today
  • A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone

10. Love Yourself承: Her (2017)

Love Yourself承
Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

The very beginning of the Love Yourself series, ‘Her’ was BTS entering a completely new side into their career. Until the LY series, the albums revolved around darker themes. However, with the new era, BTS entered into the brighter side which also gave birth to their rise in the West and chart-breaking hits. 

  • Intro: Serendipity 
  • DNA
  • Best Of Me
  • Dimple 
  • Pied Piper
  • Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech
  • Mic Drop
  • Go Go
  • Outro: Her

11. Love Yourself轉 ‘Tear’ (2018)

Love Yourself轉 Tear’
Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

The ‘Tear’ emphasizes self-love, where BTS talks about how important it is to love yourself first before you love someone else. The album also gave rise to one of the biggest hits -Fake Love! 

  • Intro: Singularity 
  • The Truth Untold
  • 134340
  • Paradise
  • Love Maze
  • Magic Shop
  • Airplane Pt.2
  • Anpanman
  • So What
  • Outro: Tear 

12. Love Yourself結 ‘Answer’ (2018)

Love Yourself結 ‘Answer’
Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

Clubbing the two albums together, ‘Answer’ brought the end to the Love Yourself Series. Besides the already-released songs from the two albums, BTS also added new songs and remixes. The trilogy discusses self-love, growth, authenticity, and acknowledgment of oneself. Lastly, one of the biggest hits -IDOL was also from this album. 

  • Euphoria
  • Trivia 起 : Just Dance
  • Trivia 承 :Love
  • Trivia 轉 :See Saw
  • Epiphany 
  • I’m Fine
  • IDOL
  • Answer: Love Myself

13. Map Of The Soul: Persona (2019) 

Map Of The Soul Persona
Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

Another mini album with 7 songs, Persona was yet another smash hit. Some of the record-breaking songs from the album include Boy With Luv (with Halsey) and Mikrokosmos. 

  • Intro: Persona
  • Boy With Luv
  • Mikrokosmos
  • Make It Right
  • HOME
  • Jamais Vu
  • Dionysus

14. Map Of The Soul: 7 (2020)

Map Of The Soul 7
Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

A follow-up of their Persona album, Map Of the Soul: 7 was released in 2020. The boys also announced a tour, but due to the COVID outbreak, the shows were canceled. 

  • Intro: Persona
  • Boy With Luv
  • Make It Right
  • Jamais Vu
  • Dionysus
  • Interlude: Shadow
  • Black Swan 
  • Filter
  • My Time
  • Louder Than Bombs
  • ON
  • UGH!
  • 00:00 (Zero O’Clock)
  • Inner Child
  • Friends
  • Moon
  • Respect
  • We Are Bulletproof: the Eternal 
  • Outro: Ego

15. BE (2020)

Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

Released in the 2nd half of the year, BE is another hit album that received global recognition. Additionally, the Grammy-nominated song -Dynamite is also from the same album. The album was multi-genre, including pop, ballad, etc. 

  • Life Goes On
  • Fly To My Room
  • Blue & Grey
  • Skit
  • Telepathy 
  • Dis-ease
  • Stay
  • Dynamite

16. Butter 

Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

Butter and Permission to Dance were BTS’s English hits that also gained wide popularity and love. 


Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

Proof was an analogy album by BTS that has a record of 9 years in the industry. To celebrate their 9-year anniversary, Bangtan Boys paid tribute to their fans with their top hits in the physical album. 

Besides their top hits of 9 years, the album also contained three new songs –Born Singer (re-recorded), Yet to Come, Run BTS. 

Moreover, the physical CD also had demo versions of their old songs, including Spring Day, Boy With Luv, Epiphany, etc. 

BTS Japanese Song List 

Besides Korean songs, BTS also has plenty of Japanese songs. Over the years, they have re-recorded and released their songs as Japanese versions, especially for fans. In fact, the Love Yourself series was released as “Face Yourself” with Japanese re-recordings and additional songs. 

Some of their Japanese songs include: 

  • Your Eyes Tell
  • Crystal Snow
  • Don’t Leave Me
  • Let Go
  • Film Out

Note: This is not the entire list of all the Japanese songs of BTS. 

BTS Members’ Solo Song List 

Besides their songs as a group, BTS members have also released their individual songs and projects from 2013 -2023. 

1. RM (Mixtape)

RM, a.k.a Kim Namjoon, released two mixtapes and one solo album in 2023. In the recent Weverse Live, RM also spoiled he is going to release ‘new music’ soon before heading to the military. 

RM (2015) 

  • Voice
  • Monster
  • Do You 
  • God Rap
  • I Believe 
  • Life
  • Awakening 
  • Joke
  • Rush 
  • Drifting
  • Throw Away 

Mono (2018) 

  • Moonchild
  • Tokyo 
  • Seoul 
  • Badbye
  • Forever Rain
  • Everythingoes
  • Uhgood

Indigo (2023)

  • Yun
  • Wildflower
  • Still Life
  • No. 2
  • Change pt.2
  • Lonely
  • All Day
  • Forg_tful
  • Closer 
  • Hectic

2. J-Hope 

The sunshine of the group, J-Hope, a.k.a Jung Hoseok, has released his solo mixtape and was the first member to release a full-length solo album after announcing a break from group activities. 

Hope World (Mixtape) 

  • Airplane
  • Hope World
  • Base Line
  • Day Dream
  • P.O.P
  • Blue Side (Outro)

Jack In The Box (2023)

  • Future
  • Music Box: Reflection
  • Pandora’s Box
  • STOP
  • More
  • Intro
  • Safety Zone
  • Arson 
  • = (equal sign)
  • What If..

3. Suga 

Suga has also released his solo songs under his rapper name -Agust D. He has always been open about his struggles with mental health and past memories. His mixtapes shared his story, along with helping you see the bright side. 

His solo album, D-Day, brought the end of his trilogy with his previous mixtapes. 

Agust D

  • Intro: DT sugA
  • Agust D
  • Give it to me
  • Skit
  • 724148
  • 140503 at dawn
  • The Last 
  • Tony Montana
  • Interlude: Dream, Reality
  • So Far Away 


  • Moonlight
  • Daechwita
  • What do you think?
  • Strange 
  • 28
  • Burn it
  • People
  • Honsool
  • Interlude: Set me free
  • Dear My Friend


  • D-Day
  • Haegeum
  • HUH?!
  • SDL
  • People pt. 2
  • Polar Night
  • Interlude: Dawn
  • Snooze 
  • Life Goes On

4. Jin

Jin has released his solo music previously on Soundcloud. Besides, before leaving for his military enlistment, Jin left a gift for AMRMYs with the release of “The Astronaut.” He also performed the same with Coldplay on their tour in Argentina. 

  • Yours
  • The Astronaut 
  • Abbys 

5. V 

V, also known as Kim Taehyung, has released multiple solo songs. His deep voice never fails to mesmerize fans and swoon their hearts. Recently, V announced his solo album ‘Layover’ with the release of “rainy days” and “love me again.”

  • Winter Bear
  • Scenery 
  • Sweet Night
  • Christmas Tree


  • Love Me Again
  • Rainy Days

6. Jungkook 

The youngest of the group, Jungkook has been the talk of the town, especially after the release of his solo hit -Seven. 

The pop star has collaborated with Charlie and was also invited as a guest performer in FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022 and performed his song -Dreamers. 

His solo album is yet to be announced. 

  • Stay alive 
  • My You
  • Still With You
  • Dreamers 
  • Seven 

7. Jimin 

Jimin has never failed to captivate the hearts of fans with his charming voice. He released his solo album -Face along with collaboration with other artists. 

  • Promise 
  • With You
  • Christmas Love

Face (2023)

  • Face-off
  • Interlude: Dive
  • Like Crazy
  • Alone
  • Set Me Free Pt 2 
  • Like Crazy (English)

BTS Song List: Collaborations & Others

BTS has a long list of collaborations and other songs they have released. In 10 years of their careers, BTS has released collaborations within themselves, other artists, and even brand promotion songs. 

Here are some of their songs. 

  • It’s Definitely You
  • SnowFlower (V)
  • Bicycle (RM)
  • DDaeng (RM, Suga, & J-Hope)
  • 4 O’Clock (RM & V)
  • I Know (RM & Jungkook)
  • SuperTuna 
  • Left and Right (Jungkook & Charlie Puth)
  • Angel pt 1 (Jimin for Fast & Furious Title Track)
  • Angel pt 2 (Jimin for Fast & Furious Title Track)
  • Make it Right (With Luv)
  • Who (With Luv)
  • Savage Love (Remix)
  • Waste It On Me (ft. Steve Aoki)
  • Chicken Noodle Soup (J-Hope & Becky G)
  • My Universe (with Coldplay)
  • Suga’s interlude (Suga & Halsey)
  • Bad Decisions (Benny Blanco x BTS x Snoop Dogg)
  • Vibe (Jimin & Taehyang)
  • Don’t Ever Say Love Me (Code & RM)
  • Lilith (Halsey & Suga)
  • Smoke Sprite (RM & So!YoON!)
  • Sexy Nukim (Ft RM)
  • So Far Away (Jin, Jungkook & Suga)
  • J-Hope -1 Verse
  • Monterlude -RM
  • Adult Child (RM, Jin & suga)
  • Dream Money (Suga)
  • Take Two 

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Now that we have come to the end of our list, now you probably know how many songs BTS have! 

To summarize, BTS has 235+ songs, including individual projects, collaborations, and more. 

While Jungkook and V are still left to release their solo projects, we will keep this list updated based on their new release. 

Until then, keep streaming your favorite tracks by BTS!

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