Twisted Metal Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Not?

I have bittersweet news for those who have been anticipating Twisted Metal Season 2. Unfortunately, your favorite show has not received any renewal yet. 

However, there is a maximum possibility of receiving another season. And all thanks to Mackie, aka the show’s executive producer. Therefore, I have gathered all the necessary resources to give you confirmation on your desired queries. 

On that note, in this article, I will discuss Twisted Metal’s renewal, expected cast, streaming platform, and finally, what you can expect from the upcoming season. 

Is Twisted Metal Renewed For Season 2?

Unfortunately, Peacock has not renewed Twisted Metal Season 2 as of now. 

However, the show’s executive producer (Mackie) shared his ideas on the future of Twisted Metal. According to him, he would like another match with the clown mask and bet that he won’t be losing this time. 

Twisted Metal Season 2
Source: Syfy

Additionally, while talking to Deadline, Mackie revealed John Doe’s arc and how he needs to toughen up for the next season. And this simple statement confirms the arrival of the upcoming season. 

Speaking of which, I will keep this section updated whenever the official release date is announced. 

What Can You Expect From The Next Season?

Continuation of the previous point: You can most definitely be excited about Doe’s arc. Moreso because the show’s executive producer said that John will face plenty of challenges in the upcoming season.

Twisted Metal Season Next season
Source: TMC Assam

So, you can expect him to discard the milkman image and further embrace adulthood. 

Who Can You Expect In Twisted Metal Season 2?

Season 1 was an introductory phase for Twisted Metal’s characters. So, despite the show not receiving any renewal, you can expect the main characters to appear in the upcoming season. 

That being said, Anthony Mackie, aka. John Doe will most definitely join the season. On that note, the following is a list of expected characters:-

Sr. No.CharactersActors
1Amber RoseDiany Rodriguez
2John DoeAnthony Mackie
3Miranda WattsJamie Neumann
4PreacherJason Mantzoukas
5Bloody MaryChloe Fineman
6Axel Peter Macon
7Mr. GrimmsBob Ayres
8Sweet ToothSamoa Joe 
9Doll FaceTara Darby
10QuietStephanie Beatriz

Where Can You Watch Twisted Metal Season 2?

You can watch the upcoming season of Twisted Metal on the show’s home platform, Peacock. 

Twisted Metal Season
Source: NBC

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The Final Verdict

Based on a video game franchise, Twisted Metal has garnered a good amount of fanbase in the debut season itself. With ten episodes to its name, viewers eagerly await another season. 

That being said, there is no official announcement regarding the Twisted Metal Season 2 renewal as of now. However, considering the executive producer’s comments, season 2 is indeed on board. But when is still a question? 

Regardless, I will keep you updated whenever the show’s official streaming platform (Peacock) announces the release date. 


Will there be a season 2 of Twisted Metal?

Although makers have not confirmed the arrival of Twisted Metal Season 2 yet, you can indeed expect the season to release. 

How many seasons of Twisted Metal are there?

As of now, there is only one season of Twisted Metal. However, soon enough, you can expect another season to release too. 

Has Twisted Metal been renewed?

Unfortunately, Twisted Metal has not been renewed yet. However, considering some of the statements of the executive producer, it’s given that season 2 is on the cards. 

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