How To Make Money With ChatGPT: [11 Easy Ways]

Humans are big on procrastination, so they always look for an easy income. And with the Introduction of AI writing tools, it is possible to make money with ChatGPT.

The most you can do is enter the necessary prompts, which will cut down the energy and hours it takes to do the manual work. Instead, you will get the desired outcome within minutes. Additionally, you will also get paid for it. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

If you are wondering, “How to make money with Chat GPT?” we have got you covered!

In this article, we have listed all the possible ways to make money with ChatGPT without breaking a sweat. 

So, let’s get into the details and help you grab your bag!

11 Simple Ways To Make Money With Chat GPT

When they say an AI language could possibly replace humans, they are likely aware of the power Chat GPT and alternatives hold. Moreover, for the task you do in three hours, Chat GPT can do it within 3 minutes. Plus, hands down better than most newbies. 

Hence, if you are starting out too and looking for ways to earn money through Chat GPT, then the following is a list of 11 simple methods to do so:-

1. Writing Content

The average paycheck of a freelance content writer is $1K per week. So, think about how much time and energy you can save if you generate content from Chat GPT. 

You only need to ask the platform to generate an outline around the keyword. 

Writing Content

You can also add additional inputs, such as scraping the data from the first few competitors or even adding manual sections. Once satisfied with the outline, you can ask the platform to start generating the article. 

Additionally, you can instruct the chatbot regarding the tone of your article as well. 

2. Generating Video Ideas 

YouTube is one of the best platforms to earn money from. While most influencers are super pumped at the beginning, they run out of ideas after some time. In that case, you can ask Chat GPT to generate some ideas as per your niche. 

 Generating Video Ideas 

And that’s how you will always have fun ideas to shoot your videos for. 

3. Write e-Books and Self Publish

You can prompt any story idea with additional instructions like the main leads’ background and names; basically, give pointers on how you want the story to unfold. Once you have prompted a proper outline, wait and see whether you like the result. 

 Write e-Books and Self Publish

If not, you can give additional prompts and do the work as you desire. 

4. Unclaimed Money

If you are a US resident, unclaimed money through Chat GPT is simple. Just head to the platform, and enter your basic information. You can further command the bot to give you unclaimed money.

Unclaimed Money

5. Build A Service, Application, or Website

Chat GPT is more than just generating poetry or emails. In fact, you can prompt the platform to code an idea. And by doing so, you may create a service, website, or application. 

Build A Service, Application, or Website

However, make sure you precisely convey your idea. Moreso because the level of complexity is the key to executing your idea properly. 

6. Affiliate Marketing

Although you are well-versed in affiliate marketing, Chat GPT can always track your target audience. Moreover, the platform can also plan out the best marketing strategy scraping the tips from the most successful marketers out there. 

Affiliate Marketing

7. Data Analyst

Recently, Chat GPT introduced a Code Interpreter feature. Through this feature, you can upload the files to the platform, and these files itself end up visualizing the data. 

Data Analyst

Having even basic knowledge of numbers would help you earn a good chunk of money through Chat GPT. 

8. Social Media Management

By using Chat GPT, you can create compelling content to boost your social media. 

In fact, plenty of influencers earn money through social media, and you can turn to Chat GPT for generating content ideas. 

Social Media Management

Additionally, you can become someone else’s social media manager while Chat GPT does all the important work. 

9. Email Writing

Most HR departments have a hefty amount of emails to share with candidates. 

Email Writing

So, if you apply for the position, you can easily curate precise emails within minutes and simultaneously earn a good chunk of money. While you may not get paid a lot, this can be a good side hustle. 

10. Blogging

Writing blogs requires thorough research and then wording in your words. And since these blogs are entirely for solving the user’s intent, you cannot risk them. However, once you have a proper grip on Chat GPT to input precise prompts, you can easily generate money. 


All you need to do is publish these blogs and get your revenue from advertisements. 

11. Sharing Wisdom / Online Tutorials

There are plenty of educational platforms on which you can share your wisdom: It can be academic-related or just everyday life hacks. You can ask various questions to Chat GPT and solve your queries first and then go ahead and share it with the world. 

Sharing Wisdom / Online Tutorials

Additionally, when you gain enough traffic on your platforms, you can start generating revenue. 

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The Final Verdict

Chat GPT is more than just completing your school or office work by turning up emails, codes, etc. Now, Chat GPT also provides tons of easy ways to earn money. 

While I have mentioned detailed methods in the article above, to sum it up, Content Creation, Unclaiming Money, and Building Websites are some of the easy ways to earn money. So, that’s it for my article on How to make money with Chat GPT. 

In case of any additional information, I will keep the article updated. 

FAQs: How To Make Money With ChatGPT

Can I use ChatGPT to make money?

You can indeed use Chat GPT to earn money. Some of the methods include content creation, selling memes, creating an AI chatbot, etc. 

How do you get paid on ChatGPT?

Chat GPT doesn’t directly pay you. Instead, you can use Chat GPT to earn money through other mediums like AI Art Generation, Building software, making music, and so on. 

What is ChatGPT used for?

Chat GPT is primarily a text-based chatbot that delivers responses as per the prompts you have generated. However, the data is limited to 2021, so if you ask the platform about the latest information, you will not receive an accurate response.

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