Drake Net Worth 2023: Bio, Career, Albums & More

Drake Net Worth

You must live under a rock if you haven’t heard of Drake. 

The Canadian rapper and singer have blessed the world with his famous hits like Hotline Bling, One Dance, God’s Plan, and more. 

With his popularity, he is estimated to have a net worth of $265 million!

However, it isn’t surprising to see Drake being one of the richest rappers with a massive net worth. 

But that’s not the only thing that makes Drake at the top. 

In this article, we are going to review Drake’s net worth, assets, income, and more. 

Drake Net Worth 2023 – A Glance At His Profile

Due to his vast popularity and excellent skills, Drake has built his profile significantly. 

Drake Net Worth

Here is a quick glimpse of Drake’s profile. 

NameAubrey Drake Graham
Birthdate24th October 1986
Networth$265 million
OccupationRapper, Singer, Actor
Birth PlaceToronto, Canada
Height1.83 m
ChildrenYes (One)
Relation StatusSingle

Biography of Drake

Aubrey Drake Graham, better known by his stage name Drake, is a well-known and prosperous superstar in America. Drake was born and raised in Toronto, Canada where he lived with his parents. Additionally, his father is from America and mother from Canada, which results in Drake having citizenship in both the US and Canada.

Drake was just five years old when his parents separated. And since his father moved to Memphis, Drake started living in Toronto with his mother.

Early Career of Drake

In 2001, Drake started his career with the television series Degrassi: The Next Generation.  Eventually, he became quite famous with the show, but his love for singing was always his top priority. Then he started releasing mixtapes in 2006 and kept doing it till 2009. 

Following the release of his three mixtapes, Drake was signed by Young Money Entertainment. Additionally, his debut album (Thank Me Later) was released in 2010.

The album charted number one on the Billboard 200. Moreover, his second and third albums: Take Care (2011) and Nothing Was The Same (2013) were incredibly successful as well. He went on to release three more albums and gained international fame. 

Further, he attended numerous tours and collaborated on several projects, including films and television shows.

Drake Net Worth: Monthly and Annual Income

Drake started his career as an actor back in 2000. Although he aspired to become an actor, his career took another turn when he started songwriting and singing in 2006. 

Besides his music career, he is also the owner of his clothing line and liquor brand. 

Additionally, he is also home to many big brands in the industry, including Nike as either a brand ambassador or advertiser. 

Drake is estimated to earn approximately $4 million monthly and approximately $50-$70 million annually. He earns through various sources of income, his music career remains a primary source. 

Furthermore, he also hosts concerts, appears on shows, and more which adds another income to his bank account. 

Drake Net Worth: Over The Years 

Drake has gained significant popularity throughout the years now.

From the initial years to 2023, Drake’s net worth has only seen steady upward growth, adding a few million each year. 

He is currently ranked as 4th richest rapper in the world!

We aren’t surprised to see this Hotline Bling rapper only seeing gains ever since he started his music career. 

Here is a quick overview of his earnings throughout the years. 

Drake’s Networth Throughout The YearsIncome
2017$260-$265 million
2018$150 million
2019$170 million
2020$200 million
2021$200-$220 million
2022$260 million
2023$265 million

Assets Owned By Drake 

With such a crazy net worth, it isn’t wrong to assume Drake is surrounded by luxuries and assets. 

Over the years, the Canadian rapper has established himself with his earnings and built himself a massive fortune of assets, private jets, cars, and more. 

Let’s see about the things that are known to belong to Drake!

Private Jets

While there is no official statement about the jet owned by Drake, a video shared in 2010 by the rapper himself revealed a Boeing 767 private jet. 

Assets Owned By Drake

The jet was painted with the name “Air Drake.” According to the video shared, Drake claimed the jet to be his, with no rentals or co-owners. 

The estimated cost of the jet is estimated to be around $50-$70 million. 

Real Estate 

Drake's Home

Drake’s first public purchase was a mansion in Hidden Hills, California, in 2012 worth $7.7 million. 

Drake shared a glimpse of how he stumbled across the mansion online while searching for apartments. 

Additionally, he also shared during the Rolling Stone interview how he had aimed to buy that house and set it as his desktop background as a motivation. 

Although the house was listed at $27 million, the rapper quickly acquired it for $7.7 million when the owner faced a financial crunch. 

While the property is said to have all the luxuries, including a massive swimming pool, basketball and volleyball court, movie theatres, and more, Drake didn’t put his property a full stop here. 

In 2015, he went ahead and acquired his neighboring property at $2.8 million. 

If this was surprising, he further expanded his property by acquiring his neighboring property at $4.5 million. 

Overall, the estimated amount of his private real estate is set to believe around $15 million. 

Furthermore, Drake also purchased two-acre land at $6.7 million in Toronto, where he decided to build his mansion. 

As per the latest report, Drake has also purchased a mansion belonging to Robbie William of 20 acres. While there is no revelation of the real amount, he spent behind the mansion, the LA Times sources revealed it to be “Mid $70 million.

It definitely looks like Drake loves to leave his legacy and build himself his own empire! 

Business Ventures And Deals

Drake has his own bourbon-based whiskey brand named “Virginia Black,” which is estimated to be running well. 

In addition, he has signed major business deals with bigger brands, such as Apple, Sprite, Nike, Burger King, and more. 

Lastly, he has his own music label, “OVO Sound.” 

Drake: Awards and Achievements 

Considering his impeccable success as a musician and artist, it is not surprising to know that he has been crowned with several awards and achievements. 

Assets Owned By Drake Drake Awards and Achievements  

Drake is one of the highest digital-selling artists in history in the US!

One of his significant achievements includes Drake sweeping 13 Billboard Music Awards in one night, beating Adele.

Let us summarize his top accomplishments below. 

Best Rap Album -Grammy Awards2013
Billboard Music Awards -Artist of The Decade2021
Top Artist -Billboard Music Awards2017, 2019, 2022
Best Rap Song- Grammy Awards2017, 2019
Best Melodic Rap Performance -Grammy Awards2017

These achievements are not the only awards he has gained. 

Over the years, his albums have also set numerous records, crowning him as the only 2nd artist in history to acquire the top five ranks in Billboard’s charts. 

Furthermore, he was also named the most streamed artist of the 2010s on Spotify. 

Drake’s Some Hits Albums

Here are the some hit album of drake as of now:

  1. Take Care (2011)
  2. Thank Me Later (2010)
  3. Nothing Was the Same (2013)
  4. So Far Gone(2009)
  5. Views (2016)
  6. More Life(2017)
  7. Honestly, Nevermind (2022)
  8. God’s Plan (2018)

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Final Thoughts– Darke Net Worth

The Canadian singer, songwriter, and rapper have indeed built himself immense fame and fortune throughout the years. 

Since his music is everywhere, questions about his earnings always leave fans around the world curious. 

If you were curious about the same, too, we hope this article gave you a complete overview of Drake’s net worth and earnings. 


Is Drake the richest rapper?

Currently, Drake is not the richest rapper in the industry. Jay Z remains the richest rapper with an estimated net worth of $1.5 billion. 

How much does Drake earn?

Drake’s income is yet not confirmed and remains a mystery, considering how successful he is. However, according to the reports, he wears the crown of approximately $260 million as of 2023. 

How Does Drake earn?

Drake earns through his tours, music career, and his business ventures. However, his mainstream source of income is his music career. 

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