Top 15 Sexiest Men In The World 2023 (Updated List)

There are no specific measures to establish a list of the Sexiest Men In The World. Hence, We chose the Sexiest men mentioned in this article based on their talent, manner, and how they carry themselves.

This list comprises men from multiple genres and industries, like music, sports, and acting. 

Right from the football Goat David Beckham to a young artist like Harry Styles, these men hold a special place in ladies’ hearts.

So, in this article, let’s get to know the Sexiest Men in the world a bit more!

Top 10 Sexiest Men In The World: Overview

Here is a table representing the top 10 Sexiest men in our list of 20 who are winning hearts with their stunning looks and immense talent.

Sr. No.Sexiest Men In The WorldAgeNationality
1. David Beckham48 YearsBritish
2.Brad Pitt59 YearsAmerican
3. Chris Hemsworth39 YearsAustralian
4.Jamie Dornan41 YearsBritish
5. Idris Elba50 YearsBritish, Sierra Leonean
6. Hugh Jackman54 YearsAustralian
7.Keanu Reeves58 YearsCanadian
8.Jason Momoa43 YearsAmerican
9. Jared Leto51 YearsAmerican
10.Johnny Depp59 YearsAmerican

Here is a list of all our alpha males who are an obvious selection to be included in the Sexiest Men In The World list.

1. David Beckham (48 Years)

This British footballer and the international crush of both women and men is not only a legend on the field but also ranks at the top among the Sexiest men in the world list. He is also a dad to four kids and a great husband to fashion designer Victoria Beckham. He was also voted as the Sexiest Man on The Planet.

David Beckham
Source– Instagram

Nationality: British

2. Brad Pitt (59 Years)

One of the most beloved Hollywood stars in the world is Brad Pitt. He gained worldwide acclaim for his role in Thelma & Louise in 1991, which gave him his big break. This appealing actor and producer is a two-time Golden Globe and Academy Award winner. He gained worldwide acclaim for his role in Thelma & Louise in 1991, which gave him his big break. 

Brad Pitt
Source– Instagram

Nationality: American

3. Chris Hemsworth (39 Years)

This Australian hottie has established a reputation as one of the world’s Sexiest men. However, he gained most of his notoriety for playing Thor in The Avengers. He has appeared on Australian television since his initial appearances in Home and Away in the early 2000s. He is currently among the best-compensated actors in the business.

Chris Hemsworth
Source– Instagram

Nationality: Australian

4. Jamie Dornan (41 Years)

The actor is famous for his intriguing role in the Fifty Shades movie series and has had ladies hooked on his looks ever since. How he played the role of Christian Grey was enough to make him enlist as one of the Sexiest men in the world. Notably, he has modeled for brands like Calvin Klein and has acted in movies like The Fall and Marie Antoinette.

Jamie Dornan
Source– Instagram

Nationality: British

5. Idris Elba (50 Years)

This hot British actor is best known for his notable role as John Luther in the film Luther and as Heimdall in the Thor Movies series. Despite having intriguing looks, he has great acting skills, and his hotness is just the cherry on top. The actor has won four Golden Globe Awards and has been nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards five times.

Idris Elba
Source– Instagram

Nationality: British- Sierra Leonean

6. Hugh Jackman (54 Years)

Hugh Jackman, a dashing hottie, is the trifecta personified. This Australian actor/performer has appeared as an actor, singer, and dancer in movies like Wolverine, The Greatest Showman, and Les Misérables. This hot and skilled actor has also been to Oklahoma! Plays on the West End, where he won the Olivier Award for Best Actor.

Hugh Jackman
Source– Instagram

Nationality: Australian

7. Keanu Reeves (58 Years)

The legendary John Wick, aka Keanu Reeves, has been holding the Sexiest guy titles since the 1980s. Moreover, his roles in blockbuster movies such as The Matrix movie series, Speed, and Point Break made him among the best action heroes of Hollywood.

Keanu Reeves
Source– Instagram

Nationality: Canadian

8. Jason Momoa (43 Years)

Khal Drogo, played by the hot actor Jason Momoa, has a successful acting career. Plus, he has acted in great movies like DC’s Aquaman and one of the recent Fast and Furious Franchises. He also holds great pride in being a Hawaiian guy and follows his culture publicly.

Jason Momoa
Source– Instagram

Nationality: American

9. Jared Leto (51 Years)

Jared Leto is one of the talented actors who has played the legendary character of Joker and has recently joined the superhero force of DC. He also has an active band where he works on his music alongside his acting career. He has also modeled for big brands like Gucci and many others. 

 Jared Leto
Source – Instagram

Nationality: American

10. Johnny Depp (59 Years)

Since his initial appearance as Officer Tom Hanson in the 1980s television series 21 Jump Street and his following roles in Edward Scissorhands in 1990, this incredibly attractive man has been winning hearts. He later went on to play characters like Captain Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, and Sweeney Todd, demonstrating his versatility.

 Johnny Depp
Source– Instagram

Nationality: American

11. Ryan Reynolds (46 Years)

Everyone’s favorite superhero, Deadpool, aka Ryan Reynolds, is not only the funniest actor in Hollywood but also one of the Sexiest men in the world. He has given many blockbuster movies like Free Guy and Red Notice and the hilarious superhero movie series Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds..
Source– Instagram

Nationality: Canadian)

12. Bradley Cooper (48 Years)

This multitalented heartthrob has done everything in the entertainment field. From singing and dancing to acting, he has tried his hands at everything. The actor started his acting career with a comedy movie, Wet Hot American Summer, and has won many notable awards. Some of them include eight academy awards and two golden globes.

Bradley Cooper
Source– Instagram

Nationality: American

13. Can Yaman (33 Years)

The Turkish television fandom cannot ignore this man even if they decide as he has grabbed ladies’ attention. He went viral with his romantic-comedy series, Erkenci Kus, which is loved by fans all over the world. Additionally, he has stepped into entrepreneurship alongside his acting career by launching a perfume brand called Can Yaman Mania.

 Can Yaman
Source– Instagram

Nationality: Turkish

14. Sebastian Stan (40 Years)

The infamous Bucky Barnes from Marvel’s The Winter Soldier, aka Sebastian Stan, is famous for his good looks and acting skills. This Romanian actor started his acting career with Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and is known for other movies like We Have Always Lived In The Castle and Endings, Beginnings.

Sebastian Stan
Source– Instagram

Nationality: American-Romanian

15. Chris Evans (41 Years)

When making a list of the Sexiest men in the world, Chris Evans is a name that you will always find on the list. This Captain American has given many hit movies over the years in all genres. Some of his notable projects include Fantastic Four, Not Another Teen Movie, Knives Out, and many others.

 Chris Evans
Source– Instagram

Nationality: American

16. Maluma (29 Years)

The Latin music industry’s shining star, Maluma, aka Juan Luis Londono Arias, is one of the Sexiest males on earth. How this singer cum pop star carries himself portrays his masculine yet glamorous personality. Nonetheless, apart from his looks, the singer has an immense talent for creating unique reggaeton Latin music with his angelic voice.

Source – Instagram

Nationality: Colombian

17. John Krasinski (43 Years)

Everyone’s Favorite Jim Halpert from The Office, aka John Krasinski, is one of the most attractive actors and the Husband of British actress Emily Blunt. He has directed three episodes of The Office and other projects like The Hollar and The Quiet Place starring Emily Blunt and himself.

John Krasinski
Source– Instagram

Nationality: American

18. Sendhil Ramamurthy (49 Years)

You may have seen this Indian-origin hottie in several American TV Series like The Flash, Beauty and the Beast, Heroes, and recently in the Netflix original series, Never Have I Ever. He was born in Chicago and further raised in Texas, which led him to become one of Hollywood’s Sexiest hunks. 

Sendhil Ramamurthy
Source– Instagram

Nationality: American

19. Jacob Elordi (25 Years)

The Kissing Booth movie series was a breakthrough for Jacob Elordi, who can easily play a role of a schoolboy and a grown-up adult at the same time. The actor is also famous for duality skills as he played both a dark-side character in projects like Euphoria and Deep Water and a fun and light-hearted bubbly guy in The Kissing Booth.

 Jacob Elordi
Source– Instagram

Nationality: Australian

20. Harry Styles (29 Years)

Many things make Harry Styles worthy of being called one of the Sexiest men in the world. His feminine dressing style and his unapologetic attitude make him even more attractive. However, he grabbed everyone’s attention with his swoon-worthy voice when he started with the band One Direction. He has also given many notable music albums to the industry.

 Harry Styles
Source– Instagram

Nationality: British-English

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Wrapping Up!

This was all about the Sexiest men in the world, who have also been ruling the entertainment industry like true artists.

Based on their physical appeal, charismatic looks, and professional achievement, the men in this article are all thought to be among the highly influential men.

Beauty, of course, is not everything, and a truly attractive man is also intelligent and well-mannered. 

Therefore, all the alpha males above share these characteristics, which makes them among the Sexiest men in the world.


Who are the top 3 Sexiest young male celebrities in 2023?

As per the craze in the fandom, the top 3 Sexiest young male celebrities are Timothee Chalamet, Rege-Jean Page, and Tom Holland.

Who holds the title of the most handsome in the world right now?

K-pop Boy Band BTS’s V, aka Kim Taehyung, holds the title of the most handsome man in the world.

Who is said to be the biggest teenage heartthrob?

Singer and a former member of the band One Direction, Zayn Malik, is still the biggest teenage heartthrob worldwide.

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