11 Most Handsome Man In The World In 2023

Which ethnicity is the most handsome-st in your opinion? Do you think it’s British, American, or Korean? Well, today, we will discuss the most handsome man in the WORLD! 

Now, the top 11 handsome men I have listed are predominantly from England. (See, everybody has a thing for accents!) But along with that, you will also find men from South Korea, Australia, the United States, Iraq, etc. With that in mind, let’s get started!

Who’s The Most Handsome Man In The World?

BTS fame, Kim Taehyung, also known by his stage name, V, is the number one handsome man in the world! 

We are not the ones stating it -it’s the internet and the immense love of fans that give him the crown!

Kim Taehyung

The 27-year-old singer, composer, and actor is popular for his excellent vocals. Besides his famous singing career as a BTS member, he is also currently a brand ambassador for Celine. 

Top 10 Most Handsome Men (In Glance)

In the table below, I have mentioned the 11 Most Handsome Men and their countries of emergence. Moreover, I have also added their respective ages. 

Rank NameCountry / NationalityAge
1Kim TaehyungSouth Korea27
2Regé-Jean PageBritish – Zimbabween35
3Omar Borkan Al GalaIraq33
4David BeckhamEngland48
5Michael B. JordanUnited States36
6Harry StylesEngland29
7Chris HemsworthAustralia39
8Henry CavillEngland40
9Robert PattinsonEngland36
10Chris EvansUnited States41

11 Most Handsome Men In The World

In the list below, I have added 11 handsome men worldwide. In addition to that, I briefly added what makes them so attractive and some of their endeavors. That being said, let’s check them out!

1. Kim Taehyung (V)

As mentioned earlier, Kim Taehyung’s duality is the secret behind his attractiveness. It’s one thing to be born with quality genes, but how to further express your style is what counts. 

Kim Taehyung V

And Celine Boy has indeed understood the assignment. Many fans believe that if not a singer, then V would totally nail as a Model. And to back this up, there was a viral clip with V in a pink suit and confetti where he did a ramp walk in one of BTS’ concerts. 

Again, the duality! The way his playful expressions changed in microseconds as he began the walk. Man ate and left no crumbs for real!

2. Regé-Jean Page

Bridgerton fame, Regé-Jean Page, is an English actor who has appeared on a few BBC and ABC projects. However, the defining point in his career was when he portrayed Simon Basset in the Netflix historic project. 

Regé-Jean Page

The main reason behind his attractiveness is his energy, which is so effortlessly sensual! Plus, him being a secure masculine gives him browny points. (At least from my end!)

3. Omar Borkan Al Gala

The 33 years old Iraqi Model and Actor Omar Borkan Al Gala is yet another viral gem. 

Omar Borkan Al Gala

When his pictures hit the internet, the world went crazy! Some even speculated about him being Saudi Arabia’s King. However, those rumors are not true. 

4. David Beckham

Ex-Footballer David Beckham was born and raised in London, England. Further, he rose to popularity for his passing range, be it free kicks and crossing ability. And currently, he is the co-owner and President of Inter Miami CF. (Alexa, play London Boy by Taylor Swift!

David Beckham

Along with that, Beckham and his wife, Victoria, have done plenty of charity work.

5. Michael B. Jordan

2002’s The Wire was a breakthrough role for Michael B Jordan, where he portrayed Wallace. 

Michael B. Jordan

He further went on to star in many big projects and gained recognition, including Sexiest Man Alive, 100 Most Influential People, and so on. 

6. Harry Styles

Harry Styles rose to popularity with the biggest boyband in the world, One Direction. 

Harry Styles

Then too, he was most people’s favorite with his curly hair and cheeky smile, and oh, how can I forget his knock-knock jokes? It adds up his charm even more. 

7. Chris Hemsworth

Australian actor Christopher Hemsworth AM gained initial recognition by playing Kim Hyde. 

Chris Hemsworth

However, he further gained immense popularity by starring in popular projects like Thor: Love and Thunder, Snowhite and the Huntsman, Men in Black: International, etc. 

8. Henry Cavill

DC superhero Henry Cavill is the epitome of handsomeness. Sure he garnered popularity by playing Superman, but he further sustained it through his humble demeanor. 

Henry Cavill

If you don’t believe me, just hear the man speak! The British in him lures the gentleman sucker in me. 

9. Robert Pattinson

Your favorite INFP, Robert Pattinson, first gained recognition by portraying Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter’s fourth installment: Goblet of Fire. 

Robert Pattinson

And further kept upscaling on the world’s handsome charts with hit films like the Twilight series, Remember Me, The Batman, etc. 

10. Chris Evans

Marvel superhero, Chris Evans, is popular for his role as Captain America. This further instilled him as one of the world’s highest-earning actors. 

Chris Evans

Evans has starred in other popular projects such as Knives Out, Fantastic Four, etc. 

11. Ryan Reynolds

The list is incomplete without mentioning most of our crushes, Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds

This Canadian-American actor further experienced commercial success with the Deadpool series and was even ranked as the sexiest man alive. 

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The Final Verdict: Most Handsome Man In The World

I have mentioned a list of the top 11 most handsome men in the article above. Here, KIM TAEHYUNG from the biggest (K-Pop) boy band, BTS, takes up the number one position. 

On that note, the following are the 11 most handsome faces from different parts of the world:

  1. Kim Taehyung (BTS – V)
  2. Regé-Jean Page
  3. Omar Borkan Al Gala
  4. David Beckham
  5. Michael B. Jordan
  6. Harry Styles
  7. Chris Hemsworth
  8. Henry Cavill
  9. Robert Pattinson
  10. Chris Evans
  11. Ryan Reynolds


Who will be the most handsome man in the world in 2023?

As of 2023, Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS’) member V is the most handsome man in the world!

Who is the most handsome man according to the Golden Ratio?

According to Golden Ratio, 34-year-old Regé Jean-Page is the most handsome man. And the reason behind his immense popularity is Netflix’s Bridgerton, where he played Simon Bassett. 

Is V from BTS the most handsome?

V from BTS is indeed the most handsome man.

Which country has the most handsome men in the world?

British men supremacy! No doubt England has given us so many handsome faces, including Leonardo Dicaprio, Henry Cavill, Zayn Malik, Robert Pattinson, Joe Alwyn, etc. 

Who is the most handsome man in Korea?

Kim Taehyung, aka BTS’ V, is considered the most handsome man in Korea. 

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