15+ Best Facebook Alternatives for 2023 (Top Rated)

Facebook alternatives

Facebook has been in our lives for over a decade. However, you might be interested in checkout some cool Facebook alternatives. 

These alternative platforms provide the utmost data privacy and aesthetic user interface. So, you no longer need to be stuck with Facebook’s outdated version and questionable privacy policies.

In this article, you will find an overview of 14 Facebook alternatives that surpass Facebook in many ways, especially in providing you with effective privacy and innovative user interface.

So, if you want to find your new social networking companion as a Facebook Alternative, let’s dive into the details. 

Top 10 Facebook Alternatives: In A Nutshell (2023)

Nonetheless, youngsters are always looking for things that are in trend, and according to them, Facebook is not in trend anymore.

So, we have listed 15 Facebook Alternatives, which are the best in business and provide more than what Facebook does.

Plus, if you want to know which alternatives from the best ones top the list, you can refer to the table given below.

Sr. No.AlternativeBest For
1.Instagram.Best For A Friends And Community Social Media Platform
2.Twitter.Best For News-Oriented Social Media Platform
3.Reddit.Best For Making Groups Similar To Facebook
4. LinkedIn.Best For A Professional Social Media Platform Cum Job Portal
5.Vero.Best For A Cool And New Era Facebook Alternative
6.WT.Social.Best For Less Toxic Social Media Experience
7.Ello.Best for Creators and Artists
8.MeWeBest for Innovation oriented youngsters
9.MastodonBest for Tech Savy people
10.MindsBest for content creators

1. Instagram


If you want to stay on top of the trend, Instagram is the right platform for you!

Instagram focuses more on photos, and videos oriented posts, making it easily accessible. Also, its user interface is similar to Facebook’s and not hard to use.

Instagram has become a great platform for influencing others in your followers by blogging and sharing useful information.

2. Twitter


Twitter has proven to be the best news provider and other social media features. 

It has a huge number of users globally who are opinionated and have their own voices to be heard.

Moreover, the platform has been home to many controversies involving many public figures and celebrities. 

So, if you want to see the current hot topic, you should definitely stick to Twitter.

3. Reddit


If you are not using Reddit, you must be living under a rock!

You can find literally any topic on Reddit that is either being discussed or posted. 

Also, it has the same Group feature as Facebook, which makes it a Facebook alternative. There you can find all kinds of communities regarding any niche or label.
Reddit focuses more on trendy discussions happening on different forums but is as easy to easy as Facebook is.

4. LinkedIn


If you like staying in touch with the corporate world, LinkedIn is the place where you should be. Also, LinkedIn is said to be one of the safest platforms to be ever made. 

You will not find any kind of bullying or sexual or verbal harassment on LinkedIn as it mainly focuses on Professional development.

Not only as a social media platform but LinkedIn functions as a Job Portal for job seekers and fresher students.

5. Vero


This platform is the coolest social network I have ever come across. 

Even though Vero requires membership charges at the time of signing up, it has the most stylish user interface.

That stylish design and a chronological timeline make the membership charges worth it. 

Also, you can easily find your friends and family by synchronizing your contacts just like Facebook.

6. WT. Social

WT. Social

The WT.The social platform has been said to be a less toxic social network in the industry. The reason behind it is it has an absolute advertising and manipulation-free format.

WT.Social lets you choose your topics of interest and shows your posts related to those topics hassle-free. 

This platform was founded by Jimmy Wales, who also co-founded the well-known platform Wikipedia.

7. MeWe


If you are an innovation-oriented youngster, then MeWe is the right platform for your needs. 

MeWe was created with innovation-based technology and with a high level of privacy. 

Though it is similar to Facebook and other social media platforms, it lets you enjoy your time without ads and manipulative algorithms. 
This platform follows a motto: “YOUR PRIVATE LIFE IS #Not4Sale”.

8. Ello


The creators’ Network, Ello, is basically a platform made for creators such as artists, publishers, popular brands, and their devoted fan following.

Creative agencies use this platform to share their work or personal projects. 

Whereas artists use it to showcase their art, be it music, edited videos, videography, photography, paintings, etc.

The only drawback to this platform is that it’s an invite-only platform that needs permission if you want to join.

9. Mastodon

Mastodon - Facebook Alternatives

To use a platform as an exact alternative to Twitter, Mastodon is a similarly functioning social network.

Anyone can host their own server and has control over their own data. However, these servers should be listed under the Mastodon Server Covenant agreement.

Though when posting a message on Mastodon, it has a 500-character word limit to be followed.

Over 4.4 Million users enjoy their time on Mastodon by voicing their opinion in their messages.

10. Minds

Minds - Facebook Alternatives

With over 2.5 Million users worldwide, multiple communities are active on this platform.

Mind is a free social networking space to use and is dominated by communities of all kinds.

Also, to top it off, no kind of targeted ads are displayed on Minds. Plus, if you are a fan of cryptocurrency, Mind members get to use ‘Mind Tokens’ to boost their content.

11. Diaspora

Diaspora - Facebook Alternatives

As one of the oldest and most reliable alternatives to Facebook, Steem It has proved to be a very useful platform for server hosts.

It is known for its high privacy level and an ad-free or tracking-free user experience. 

Also, in order to use it, you have to store their data on one of the pods there, and they can start communicating with other users.

Though you need to ensure that your Pod owner is trustworthy and that you can share your data without any worries.

12. NextDoor

NextDoor - Facebook Alternatives

Nextdoor is a mobile application-based social networking platform that can be used on Android as well as on iOS.

To explain Nextdoor in one sentence, it is a platform where you can hire people for minimal jobs like dog walking or carpentry, make friends with local people, and buy & sell stuff under one roof.

Also, this platform helps you keep tabs on local criminal activities and information about your neighborhood’s natural calamities.

Basically, Nextdoor works as a community platform for neighborhoods to be in touch with neighbors.

13. Telegram

Telegram - Facebook Alternatives

It has proved to be a rapidly growing messaging app, which easily can replace Facebook messenger. 

Also, it has over 500 Million users who are actively downloading videos, files, and images in high-definition quality. 

It has become a main source of communication for many users and is absolutely free of charge.

Like Facebook, you can easily have a group voice call and make your own public channel to share anything you desire.

14. Steem It

Steem It - Facebook Alternatives

Can you imagine earning rewards from just posting blogs? 

If you haven’t, then try using Steem It as an alternative to Facebook. Over 1.2 million users have tried their hands on it.

Mainly, it has assured its users of the utmost privacy and security with their personal data.

Plus,  people who are content creators, high technology, and associated with cryptocurrency are the target audience for this platform.

15. Clubhouse

Clubhouse- Facebook alternative

The Popular social network Clubhouse is like a combination of Messenger and podcast. The app grabs the customer’s attention through its unique and advanced features and is based on audio.

The remarkable feature of the Clubhouse is that it allows you to start a text chat with Clubhouse users individually or in a group. While Facebook primarily uses text and graphics, Clubhouse allows interaction between users. You can create chat rooms, manage discussions, or host talk events to concentrate on particular debate topics. If allowed, You can raise your virtual hands to speak into your microphone. Initially, the Clubhouse was an invite-only platform, but now anyone can join. The Clubhouse app is for users who love audio chats.

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Conclusion: Facebook Alternatives

If you have been tired of using Facebook for over a decade, you can always find an alternative!

The platforms on our list have the same features as Facebook, and they also come with some extra innovative features.

So, to conclude, we recommend going for Instagram or Twitter if you enjoy Facebook but still want something with a youthful touch. 

Whereas, go for Vero or Ello if you are creative, love aesthetics, and are artistic.

Lastly, if you liked this article and found it insightful, let us know your feedback in the comments below.



What is Facebook’s biggest drawback?

According to a study, Facebook is facing problems with providing innovation, Youth positive interface, and Trust to the user.

Why does Facebook feel Outdated?

Facebook has stopped giving the fun vibe, according to the youth, who are more social media geeks than people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. 

How many people use other social media platforms along with Facebook.com?

According to a study, about 72% of people use other social media platforms along with facebook.com.

Which platform is dominating the users after Facebook?

Youtube is the most dominating platform after Facebook.

Which seems to be the rapidly growing social network?

According to social networking statistics, TikTok seems to be a rapidly growing social network at the moment.

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