Billions Season 7: Everything We Know So Far (2023)

Billions Season 7

Ever since Billions Season 6 ended, fans have been speculating about how Billions Season 7 will unfold.

Plus, many rumors and news were circulating about the show’s renewal for the seventh and last seasons. 

To put an end to this raffle, we gathered some relevant information about season 7 of Billions.  

We have covered everything about the release date, star cast, and the forthcoming spin-offs of the show.

Sit back and take a look at all the hot tea we have to share with you. 

What is the release date of Billions season 7?

It was announced by the official sources of the show that “Billions” was renewed for a seventh season the previous year, in the middle of Season 6. 

Billions Season 7

Showtime then made arrangements for whether Season 7 would air earlier this year. 

The sources mentioned that “Billions” Season 7 will have a total of 12 episodes. However, it doesn’t have a fixed date of release until 2023. 

The Writers Guild of America strike has temporarily halted and disrupted current production for the forthcoming season so that those plans could alter. 

Moreover, we are uncertain how far along the series production is, so based on the duration that the strike lasts, Season 7 could be delayed into the following year.

Will Season 7 be the last season of Billions?

Dan Soder, who plays Dudley Mafee on Billions, revealed at the time of his appearance on NBC Sports Chicago’s Football Night in Chicago that Season 7 will be the show’s final season. 

Billions Season 7 last season

Given where the last season ended and a key character’s forthcoming return, it seems like the show is stepping up to provide a memorable conclusion.

Fans of “Billions” are undoubtedly eager to return to the ongoing story, regardless of the length of the wait, given the upcoming season may be the show’s final one.

What is the plot in Billions season 7?

In their bickering game, Chuck Rhoades and Mike Prince suffered a significant loss at the end of Season 6 of Billions.

For Prince, this meant losing $3.5 billion without taxes cryptocurrency in order to avoid going to jail and maintain his bid for the presidency. 

In addition, suddenly, Rhoades’ wrists were the only ones with handcuffs. His false warrant attempt to catch Prince using those shady cryptocurrency funds failed. Or so we believed. 

Further, Chuck Rhoades, Currently a free man and is helping the defense lawyer Dave Mahar, portrayed by Sakina Jaffrey, to find Prince, who is working secretly.

The Plot hinted by Showtime for Season 7 matches the end of last season undoubtedly.

There have been rumors of shifting loyalty, betrayals, and forced loyalty, all of which are consistent with the current positions of Rhoades, Prince, and the other parties they belong to. 

However, the reference made by Showtime shows foes becoming allies, which might also be connected to the entry of an old enemy of Rhoades.

Quite appropriately, Damian Lewis announced on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”: “Axe is back,” bringing his Bobby Axelrod persona back. 

He will be seen in half of Season 7’s episodes, as highlighted by Showtime, indicating that he will likely have a key role in the plot this season.

The Star cast of Billions season 7.

We already have the biggest surprise comeback of Damian Lewis as Bobby Axelrod, as opposed to keeping it a secret. 

Since Lewis hasn’t appeared on the show since Season 5, renewing his character’s relationship with Chuck Rhoades and Mike Prince, played by Paul Giamatti and Corey Stoll, would be fitting for a number of Season 7’s enduring scenes.

Billions Season 7 last season- Star cast

Season 7 will see most of the previous season’s actors return, including Lewis, Giamatti, and Stoll. 

This also features David Costabile playing Mike “Wags” Wagner, Sakina Jaffrey playing Daevisha Mahar, Toney Goins playing Philip Charyn, and Maggie Siff playing Wendy Rhoades. 

The remaining members of the returning cast include Condola Rashad, Daniel Breaker, Dan Soder, Asia Kate Dillon, Jeffrey DeMunn, and Jeffrey DeMunn.

Is Showtime Original Series Billions set for a spin-off series?

Although there is not enough information available regarding the spinoff series of the Showtime Original series, the Billions spinoff series is officially declared to be in development by the makers of the show.

Recently, Showtime declared that their flagship series, Billions, would become a franchise with up to four spinoffs. 

Additional episodes will feature the financial drama Millions, which centers on Manhattan’s thirtysomethings, and the epic conflict between the world’s two richest people in Trillions. 

The two series that will air in London and Miami are also planned. 

The former will delve deeply into cryptocurrency and the private aircraft sector, whereas the one that follows is anticipated to focus on the UK’s high finance scene.  

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Wrapping Up!

While wrapping it up, let’s celebrate that this highly loved series will be renewed as Billions Season 7 sometime in 2023 or 2024, depending on the circumstances.

You will also see many old and favorite characters you missed in this waiting period. Also, you can trust the makers to bring many twists and turns towards the end of the season and the show.

So, until the official date of Billions Season 7 is revealed, let’s hold our seats and patiently wait for the best to come.


Where can you watch all seasons of Billions?

You can watch Billions’ seasons, including the forthcoming seventh season, on the streaming service platform SHOWTIME.

Will we be able to see Axe in season 7?

Emmy winner Damian Lewis, who previously left the program at the end of season 5, will return as fan-beloved Bobby “Axe” Axelrod for the forthcoming seventh season of Billions, according to a statement from Showtime.

Is Billions a show worth seeing?

A hit is Billions. Showtime requires a hit like this. However, no one watching it should deceive themselves into believing it to be a significant, insightful drama. The drama Billions has lofty goals and characters that are so challenging to understand that it almost challenges you.

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