Peacock Student Discount 2023: Is There Any Offer Available?

If you are looking for a Peacock Student Discount, then let us tell you that it doesn’t offer any student discount. 

However, some miraculous platforms let you enjoy free access to all the premium plans of Peacock TV.

Just by linking the platforms like Spectrum TV and Xfinity with your Peacock TV account, you can get the premium plan for free.

Peacock Student Discount

Furthermore, we have a detailed explanation of how exactly you get the discount with a proper procedure. 

So, keep your popcorn ready because things are going to get exciting once you scroll down.

Is Peacock TV Offering Student Discount In 2023?

To answer this question, NO, Peacock Tv does not offer a Student discount as of yet. However, other platforms offer discounts on Peacock TV plans as a third party. 

Peacock offers multiple subscription plans, including a free plan, which you choose at your convenience.

The free plan offers a huge library of movies and Tv series to anyone with access to the Peacock TV platform.

Unfortunately, there’s no Student Discount available on Peacock TV.

How To Get The Peacock Student Discount?

As previously mentioned, Peacock TV is not offering any student discounts, but there are third-party platforms that offer Peacock TV student discounts.

One of these platforms is called Student Beans. This Platform has many discounts 

and a vast student loyalty network worldwide.

Peacock home screen

With the help of this program, students all around the world can get a 20% discount on Peacock TV

However, to enjoy this discount, you must have a valid Student ID card verified by the Peacock TV platform.

Once you are verified as a student user, you can get your 20% student discount which will be applicable to your next subscription transaction.

Is Peacock TV offering a Free Trial Code?

Like many other OTT platforms, Peacock TV offers a free trial before subscribing to the Platform.

This helps users with trust issues to try out the Platform first and see if it suits their taste. This free trial offers all the benefits, the same as the premium version.

To avail of this free trial, you must open the Peacock TV website, sign in, and choose a plan to get the free trial started. 

What are Other Ways to Get a Free Peacock TV Subscription?

Wondering if are there any other ways to enjoy a free Peacock TV subscription? No worries! We have you covered with this one as well.

Peacock Plan

So, here are some platforms where you can use the Peacock TV subscription for free:

1. Spectrum Tv:

The Spectrum TV platform offers a free premium Peacock TV subscription for 90 days without any extra cost. 

spectrum tv

To get this offer, follow the below steps:

1: Open the website with this URL-

2: Sign up for a Peacock TV account with your correct credentials.

3: Sign up for a Spectrum TV account.

4: Link your Peacock TV and Spectrum TV account to each other.

5: Select the Premium Access option when you see it.

2. Xfinity

If you are an Xfinity user, you can get to enjoy a free Peacock TV subscription for as long as you want.

Well, this indeed is good news for students and people who can’t afford the premium version of Peacock TV.


With the help of this Platform, you can access all the content available on the Peacock TV platform for free.

Here’s what you have to do in order to avail of this offer:

1: Sign up with your Peacock TV account.

2: Link the Xfinity account and Peacock TV account to each other to avail of the Xfinity offer on Peacock TV.

3: Enjoy the premium access on your Peacock TV account.

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Final Verdict

Peacock TV has no official student discount available for its student viewers.

However, linking your Peacock TV account with platforms like Spectrum TV and Xfinity allows you to enjoy free access to their premium subscription.

Lastly, remember that all it takes is a few steps to get this service and enjoy the premium version of your Peacock TV without paying a penny.


Is there any way to get a discount at a lower price officially?

By subscribing to the annual plan, you can get the Peacock TV subscription at lot cheaper price than a sum of monthly subscription transactions.

Does Peacock TV offer any other discount?

Currently, Peacock TV is offering a 17% discount on the annual subscription plans.

Does Amazon Prime offer Peacock TV service on their Platform?

Peacock TV platform is not tied-up with any other streaming platform, including Amazon Prime.

Is Peacock lower than its competitors like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video?

Peacock TV is charging about $4.99, which is a lot lower than the other streaming platforms.

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