13 Best Home Theatre Setup In 2023 (Budget Friendly)

If you hate visiting theatres or are just too tired after work to head out, then having your Best Home Theatre Setup is ideal at times. In that case, this article discusses the 13 best components, including the television screen, sound system, receiver, and so much more. 

So, rest assured these components will take your movie-watching experience to another level. You can invite loved ones to your own private theatre, where snacks and drinks are literally free of cost! See the perks of building your own setup. 

13 Best Home Theatre Setup In Nutshell (2023)

I have mentioned some of the best components for your Home Theatre setup in the list below. In addition, I have also added their device type, price, and link to purchase the product. 

ComponentDevice TypePrice
BenQ HT2050A Movie ProjectorProjector$700
Yamaha RX-V6AAV Receiver$600
Klipsch Reference Cinema Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 SystemSpeaker$354
Silver Ticket STR Series (White Material, 100″)Screen$200
TCL 5-Series Google TV (model S546)TV$662 
Sanus VMPL50A-B1TV Mount$138
Panasonic DP-UB420Blue-Ray Player$225
Google Chromecast with Google TVStreaming Media Player$49.48
SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote ControlUniversal Remote$49.99
Antennas Direct ClearStream FlexTV Antenna$58
Amazon’s Basic HDMI CableHDMI Cable$8
Monoprice 2747 12-gaugeBest Speaker Wire$41
Tripp Lite Protect It 12-Outlet Surge Protector TLP1208TELTVSurge Wire
(Home Theatre Protection)

I have given the best components to ensemble your Home Theatre Set Up in the list below. 

Additionally, I have also added each of their brief overviews to help you understand more about the product.

1. Projector

Although having a television set is always ideal, sometimes having an immersive movie experience is only done by the projector. You don’t even need a screen; a white wall is enough, and there you go! Perfect home theatre experience. 

Source – Amazon

2. AV Receiver 

An AV receiver is the most essential component in the home theatre setup. It is made by combining the Processor and Amplifier. 

AV Receiver
Source – Amazon

Additionally, other input factors, such as audio and video components, Blue-Ray, Streaming Media Player, etc., are further channeled through the receiver and down your speakers. And Yamaha RX-V6A delivers more than what you can ask for!

3. Speaker

Having a triple speaker set for a home theatre experience is always recommendable. The right, left, and center speakers give you a whole Theatre experience with the echoing sound. 

Source – Amazon

Additionally, the Klipsch Reference Cinema Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 System easily connects with the Receiver, plus its strong bass makes you feel that you are literally inside the film. 

4. Screen

Source – Amazon

The ideal screen for your home Theatre is the one that reflects just the right amount of light back from your projector and also enhances the film’s contrast and the black lights. The Silver Ticket STR Series’ 16:9 White Screen is nearly similar to that HDTV.

5. TV

Most People have good smart TVs in their living room. However, if you are looking for a television for your Home Theatre setup, go for the TCL 5-Series Google TV (model S546). In fact, the image quality is stunning with high resolution with a thin and attractive model. 

Source – Amazon

6. TV Mount

You wouldn’t be placing that down now that you have seen the flat TV we recommended. Not only will it take more space, but also wouldn’t look professional. Instead, hanging it by the wall on your eye level will give your Home Theatre a much cleaner look. 

TV Mount
Source – Amazon

All you need is a firm TV mount that holds your television set perfectly in place. And Sanus VMPL50A-B1 is the best match for you!

7. Blue-Ray

For people who like collecting CDs, having Blue-Ray in your Home Theatre set up is a must! All you need to is put your CD into the device and turn on whatever movie or album you are interested in. 

Source – Amazon

8. Streaming Media Player

Streaming Media Players are devices you can connect to your smart TV or Home Theatre. By doing so, you can stream content like music, sports, movies, etc., through this platform. 

Streaming Media Player
Source -Walmart

9. Universal Remote

As the name suggests, the Universal Remote is used on almost all television sets, irrespective of their brands. Having one piece for your Home Theatre is essential. 

Universal Remote
Source – Amazon

10. TV Antenna

A television antenna is generally placed at the top of your roof. And it helps in broadcasting the TV channels with the help of the receiver. Therefore, your Home Theatre setup is incomplete without a TV Antenna. 

TV Antenna
Source – Amazon

11. HDMI Cable

Another useful appliance in your setup is the HDMI cable, aka. High Definition Multimedia Interface Cable. It compresses audio or video data from a display controller to a video projector or monitor. 

HDMI Cable
Source – Amazon

12. Best Speaker Wire

With the help of a Speaker wire, you can connect your loudspeakers to the audio amplifier. And by doing so, you can enhance the sound quality of your Home Theatre even more. 

 Best Speaker Wire
Source – Amazon

13. Home Theatre Protection

Lastly, having surge wire to protect your home theatre appliances is necessary. It protects your devices from damage in case of any short circuit due to voltage spikes. 

Home Theatre Protection
Source – Amazon

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The Final Verdict!

Not everybody enjoys public theatres, kids are crying, long bathroom queues, and, let’s not forget, the overpriced snacks. Instead, how great it would be to build your own best home theatre set up. 

You heard it right! The article above composes all the essential appliances for home theatre. We have chosen budget-friendly yet good-quality products. So, that’s it for my article. I hope it was helpful! However, in case of any additional information, I will keep you updated!


What do I need for a good home theater setup?

The four basic things that you need for a Home Theatre setup are a display screen, sound system, projector, and home theatre seating.
If you are confused about which components you should opt for, then I have made a detailed guide for your reference. Check it out in the article above. 

What is the best setup for home theater speakers?

Positioning your left and right speakers 45 to 60 degrees from your listening position is ideal. Moreover, the centered speaker should be placed on or above your television screen. 

What is most important for a Home Theatre?

The receiver is the most crucial component of Home Theatre as it’s the central hub. Additionally, many Receivers will have their own speakers. 

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