My Hero Academia Filler Episodes to Skip or Watch (2023)

Filler, filler, FILLER! Like many other webs, I’m curious about these fillers too. Especially My Hero Academia Filler. Is it worth the watch? How many episodes does it contain? (In a meek voice), And can I skip it? 

Well, in this article, I will answer all your queries. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

My Hero Academia Filler In Nutshell (2023)

In the table below, I added six filler episodes from My Hero Academia and two half-fillers or canon episodes. 

I have also added their episodic title, in which season they belong, and finally, whether they are complete filler or half canon. With that in mind, let’s begin:-

Episode NumberEpisodic TitleMy Hero Academia SeasonFiller or Half Canon
13.5Hero NotebookAll Hands-On Deck! Class 1-A Filler
32Every One’s Internships  2Half Canon
39Game Start3Filler
58Save The Love With Love! 3Filler
64The Scoop On U.A. Class 1-A4Filler
79Smoldering Flames4Half Canon
89All Hands On Deck! Class 1-A 5Half Canon
104Long Time no See, Selkie5Filler

My Hero Academia Fillers (6 Full Fillers + 2 Half Canon)

In the list below, I have added 8 My Hero Academia Fillers, in which the first two episodes are half canon/ half fillers, whereas the last six episodes are full fillers. 

1. Hero Notebook

The second part of episode 13 is nearly a recap of the first season. So in this episode, you will find everything from Izuku’s first meeting the All Might to the Rescue Class of the First-A.

Hero Notebook
Source: IMDb

2. Every One’s Internships

Everyone in Class 1-A is trying their best to avail of internships. Thank goodness, no more fighting serial killers! Then there is Jeanist, who is helping Bakugo to be a much more presentable hero, which further helps in Bakugo’s character development. 

 Every One's Internships
Source: Surreal

Meanwhile, Uraka is learning Martial Arts from Gunhead, and if we were to talk about his character, then he is the epitome of Tsundre: soft from the inside but hard from the outside. Then there are plenty of other characters that are doing their own thing as well.

So overall, the episode represents everyone’s “internships.” 

3. Game Start

Game Start is Season 3’s first episode. It pretty much revolves around Class 1-A’s training camp, where they decide to have some fun beside the pool. And most of their time spent there resulted in reflecting on their respective life decisions. 

Game Start

4. Save The World With Love!

The episode starts with All Mighty reminiscing over his fond memories with David Shield. 

Save The World With Love!
Source: IMDb

Then there is Uraraka, Lida, Midoriya, Bakugo, Asui, Lida, and these people participated in secret missions or training sessions where they had to complete a few tasks around the crime scene. 

They sat and debated over the suspected murderer, bouncing around quite a few possibilities. And somehow, the more they discussed, the further it confused them. 

5. The Scoop On U.A. Class 1-A

Juko News is trying to cover an article on All Mighty’s retirement. And since they were one of the last publicans to cover that news, they needed something spicy. 

So, freelance reporter Taneo Takuda tries to put together that story. And they had a good time unfolding All Might’s fight, which was one against All. Moreover, they were trying to figure out who All Mighty possibly was. 

The Scoop On U.A. Class 1-A
Source: IMDb

Overall, that’s what Junko News is trying to do: Finding Scoop on U.A. Class 1 A.

6. Smoldering Flames

After immense efforts, Grand Torino’s team finally caught Kurogi, who’s from League of Villains. They further encountered a terrifying villain who was giant in size. Midoriya goes on to check on Miriyo after he and his batchmates are done with their work studies. 

Smoldering Flames
Source: IMDb

Meanwhile, Todoroki and Bakugo return to their Remedial course. 

7. All Hands-On Deck! Class 1-A 

Post the Endeavour fight, Class 1-A is further lined up for the Training Center exercise. And their training has gotten 3x times more difficult: First, they have to help out the helpless bystander, then defeat Tamaki and Neijre (who are villains), and also put out the fire.

All Hands-On Deck! Class 1-A 
Source: IMDb

8. Long Time No See, Selkie

This episode simply consists of Ryukyu Agency making an alliance with Selkie to stop the triggering of the Drug Racket further. 

Long Time No See, Selkie...
Source: IMDb

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Conclusion: Is My Hero Academia Fillers Worth The Watch?

Originally, My Hero Academia had only four fillers, including episodes 39, 58, 64, and 104. And rest of the episodes that I have mentioned above are actually half-canon. If you are wondering whether you should skip the filler episodes, then you totally can! 

It, anyway, doesn’t advance the main plot, plus there are fillers or half-canon episodes that only recap what has already been shown in the main episodes. So, I would recommend skipping the fillers. 


Does My Hero Academia have any fillers?

There are four complete filler episodes in My Hero Academia, along with a few half-fillers. 

What episodes of My Hero Academia can I skip?

You can skip episodes 39, 58, 64, 104, etc, since these are filler episodes. 

Is season 3, episode 1 of my hero filler?

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 1 is indeed a filler. 

Is the gentle criminal arc filler?

A gentle Criminal arc is not a filler. However, this arc doesn’t seem that big of a purpose which led people to think of it as a filler. 

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